Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Yes, it's that time of the week again - I'm linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday!

Without further ado, here are my top ten turn-offs while reading:

1. Dodgy cover art. If the cover features a half naked dude whose head had been cut off the top of the cover or people making out? NOPE. Even if it's part of a series that I love, I still won't pick it up. (New adult titles are especially guilty here)
2. Unnecessary love triangles. Sometimes they work fabulously (see: Twelfth Night), but they're increasingly prevalent in YA books in particular, and a lot of the time there's no good reason for them to exist.
I'm looking at you, Twishite. Source.
3. Stupidly short chapters. *cough* James Patterson *cough*. It makes it really hard to say "Okay, I'll read one more chapter and then turn the light out" when each chapter is two pages long.
4. Boys with crooked smiles. If I read one more YA book where you can automatically detect the future love interest the first time he appears because the narrator mentions his crooked smile, I will scream. Unless your character has had a stroke/nerve damage in one side of his face, just have him smile normally already.
5. Insta-love. Ugh, actual worst. Insta-lust is fine. But love? NOPE.
Nine has no time for your implausible plot devices. Source.
6. When a bunch of stuff is left intentionally answered so that the book can be turned into the inevitable trilogy.
7. A second person point of view. Unless it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book, it's a giant nope. (Admittedly, I've come across this more often in fan fiction than in published works. It's still a giant turnoff)
8. When the female lead is white and thin and pretty but gets all "But I'm so ugly and boring, why would this superhot guy notice me when my best friend is around?!" NO. STFU.
9. When the superhot, super popular girl in school has a dark secret - SHE LIKES COMIC BOOKS/DOCTOR WHO/STEREOTYPICAL NERD THING. But she has to hide it because everyone knows nerds have no friends.
10. Two dimensional, stereotypical characters. These are usually the supporting cast, and they're either cardboard cut out friends whose only purpose is for the protagonist to bounce ideas off, or they're a token gesture at diversity just so that everyone doesn't complain that the book is "too white".
Me too, Will Smith. Source.

So there you have it. Those are my top ten book turn-offs. What are yours? (I'm pretty sure insta-love has been on every list I've seen in the link up so far!)

K xx


  1. The first thing I judge a book on is its cover. I don't care about the frickin' saying, at the end of the day if the publisher hasn't bothered to pay someone to do a decent cover design, they obviously don't have much faith in the title. The next thing I do is open the book to a random page, read a random paragraph, and count the number of adverbs in it. If there's more than one, I won't read it.

    As for tropes? All of the above, plus...
    - Lack of tension, whether it be romantic or otherwise
    - Gratuitous, overly descriptive and/or euphemistic sex scenes
    - Unwarranted marginalisation of characters - the only way this is okay is if it's demonstrating how much of an asshole another character is.

    1. I let things slide occasionally with library books, because libraries often buy the cheap crappy trade paperbacks, which tend to have shittier covers for some reason. But YES to everything else.

  2. Ah yes, good turn off list, I can only agree with you on them. I especially hate it when a girl is made to choose between two love interests. And the cover art for YA novels often leaves much to be desired.

    1. Yeah, there really are some awful YA covers out there. Although paranormal/fantasy books aren't much better a lot of the time!

  3. Funny, but I still don't get it in stories when a nerdy person is shunned. I personally love the nerd.

    Here's my Top Ten.

    1. RIGHT?? I really don't understand the friendless nerd trope. Everyone has things that they nerd out over, why bother creating a façade to hide who you really are?!

  4. Ah! I should've added short chapters together with my long chapters. That's also annoying when a chapter is only maybe two pages...

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

    1. I once read a 300+ page book that had about six chapters. It was ridiculous. So I totally hear you on the long chapters too!

  5. Hahaha yes on picking out the male love interest by his crooked smile. Why can't he just smile normally?

  6. Seriously, how completely unnecessary was the Twilight love triangle. It was never even a triangle, she loved vampire dude. I just never bought it. Not once.

    1. Exactly. It was completely and utterly ridiculous from start to finish. And then that whole "I was only drawn to you because I was actually imprinting on one of your ova" thing? Gross.

  7. Bahahahahah...that Choose Your Adveture cover!!

    Dodgy cover art will also always turn me off. Nah, just...nah.

    Crooked smile, bwah! Makes me think of Joey Potter's patented half smile, i.e. the crooked smile, followed by looking down at the ground, tucking her hair behind her ear and looking up all, "Who, me?" :P

    Also: everything you listed here? LOVE.


    1. Oh God, the Joey Potter half smile. Now I'm not going to be able to see anything but that next time I read a book featuring a boy with a crooked smile...


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