Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Monday: Scream

Given that it's Halloween on Thursday, this seemed an appropriate choice. I'm an epic wuss when it comes to all things spooky. There are still occasions when I watch Supernatural from behind a pillow/my hands. So when it comes to horror movies, I'm firmly on the Nope Train. Except when it comes to Scream. Because way back in the dim dark past of 1999, the English curriculum included something called a Communication Project. We had to form pairs or threes, and develop a project that required us to work with others from outside the school to do something like hold a masquerade ball or a formal, or put on a play, or host a presentation about something.

Em and I decided that we were going to make a spoof version of a horror movie. And we decided on Scream. We watched it approximately 500 times while writing our script, roped a bunch of friends into starring in it, and then filmed about two scenes because it took FOREVER to do anything. How we were planning on editing our movie, I have no idea...

ANYWAY. That's a really long winded story about why I love the crap out of Scream when I can't stand horror movies.

Reasons why Scream is awesome:
1. Drew Barrymore. She may only be in one scene, but it's a pretty damned fabulous scene.

2. Murder-y trivia competitions.
3. Neve Campbell. She doesn't stand around screaming when she gets attacked. She fights back every step of the way.
4. The ridiculous costume Ghostface wears.
5. Matthew Lillard. He's so fabulous at being an asshat. And this line is solid gold:
6. Cell phones as a giveaway that someone might be the murderer.
7. David Arquette and Courtney Cox.
8. Sid punching Gale in the face.
9. Ridiculously oversized scissors.
10. Henry Winkler. That's right, the Fonz is in it. And he's fabulously awful.
11. Video stores.
12. Rose McGowan.
13. Speaking of, let's add death by garage door.
14. Sid impaling Billy with an umbrella spike.
15. Death by giant 90s television.
16. The hilariously awful 90s costumes. Especially Gale's.
WHAT IS THIS SUIT??? Also, source.
Plus, the following quotes:
- "That is SO sexist. The killer could easily be female!"
- "Liver alone! Liver, liver. It was a joke..."
- "He's my superior!" "The janitor is your superior."
- "How does it feel to be almost brutally butchered?"
- "Oh, now that's in poor taste. If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath, would you be standing in the horror section?"
- "There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can never have sex." "BOOOOOOOOOO" "BIG NO NO! BIG NO NO! Sex equals death, okay? Number two: you can never drink or do drugs. The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one. And number three: never, ever, ever under any circumstances say "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back." "I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?" "Yeah, sure." "I'll be right back."
"See, you push the laws and you end up dead. Okay, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife."
- "There's a formula to it, a very simple formula. EVERYBODY'S A SUSPECT!"
- "Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life, for one last scare." "Not in my movie."
- "You sick fucks. You've seen one too many movies!" "Now Sid, don't you blame the movies. Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!"
- "Where do you get this shit?" "Ricki Lake."

What's your favourite scary movie?

K xx


  1. Much like yourself, I'm a wuss when it comes to scary movies. The Scream and I know what you did last summer movies are the only ones I watched, I think. Scream is so awful it's great. I think last year, I watched them all again, or maybe it was the year before that but still, it was a great weekend.

    1. I think I need to watch the rest of the Scream movies and see if they're just as bad/great as the first one. Probably from behind a pillow though, because NYARGH.


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