Monday, October 21, 2013

Movie Monday: Hairspray

Sometimes my brain wants to not think. Obviously, when this happened last night, my brain turned to musical theatre.

Reasons why Hairspray is awesome:
1. Nikki Blonsky.
2. Awesome barrier breaking.
3. Amanda Bynes. I miss sane Amanda Bynes so much...
4. The music OH GOD THE MUSIC.
5. Zac Efron, even though he's a total babyface.
6. The costumes. Oh my God, the costumes. (Did you ever realise that Penny's dress at the end is made from her bedroom curtains?)
7. Christopher Walken and John Travolta. Ahahahaha OHGOD.
8. The hairstyles. Solid gold win.
9. James Marsden.
10. It's an honest musical in which a whole stack of shit is far from perfect.
11. Michelle Pfeiffer.
12. Riding to school on a garbage truck.
13. Brittany Snow.
14. Sleeping on a bed of whoopie cushions.
15. Elijah Kelley.
16. Singing about hairspray. And then having coughing fits when they cut to an ad break.
17. Queen Latifah.
18. Civil rights.
19. Allison Janney. She steals practically every scene she's in.
20. Entrances via rocket ship.

Plus, the following quotes (not including song lyrics, on account of I would never stop quoting if I included those):
- "It is announce that Amber von Tussle..." " about to get out-danced!"
- "Miss Wimsey, what am I supposed to do? Hair can't just lie there like a dead thing on your cheeks!"
- "Brenda will be taking a leave of absence from the show. How long will you be gone, Brenda?" "........just nine months."
- "I'm very pleased and scared to be here." "Now, honey. We got more reason to be scared on your street."
- "Penny, get home before your mother shoots you."
- "So, you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid." "So, you've met my mom?"
- "I get who Caesar is, but what's the ideas of March? How can a month have an idea?"
- "Sorry, little darlin'. Hope I didn't dent your do."
- "I want that chubby Communist girl off the show!"
- "This is just SO afro-tastic!"
- "First the hair, now this?" "But, all the kids are battin' up their hair now, hon." "You're no help." "It's ratting, daddy. And our first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy does it!" "I don't believe that." "What do you mean you don't believe that? How else would it look that way?" "I believe that it is naturally stiff."
- "If you protest you'll be in files! You'll be on lists! J. Edgar Hoover will still be wire-tapping your cold dead body in the grave."
- "I don't know why we have this room, but there's food, water, a bed, gas mask, Russian language books..." "...and it's really well insulated."
- "It took me five years to figure out you were flirting!"

So. Thoughts?

K xx


  1. I need to watch this movie, maybe I'll get around to it this week :)

  2. I love Hairspray! I've decided that I would LOVE to play Penny. She has the best lines and is completely adorable... I can pass for a teenager... right?

  3. Wait, you include a gif of John Waters making his cameo as the flasher, but you don't list his cameo as one of the great things about the movie? This confuses me so!


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