Wednesday, October 16, 2013

101 in 1001 #69

On Friday, my mum and I headed into the city for her VERY belated birthday present (her birthday's in August) - afternoon tea at The Hotel Windsor. I'd completely forgotten that I'd put "have high tea somewhere nice" on my Day Zero list until I was writing my post last week about seeing Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. YAY HAPPY COINCIDENCE.

Interestingly, since writing my Day Zero list, I have discovered that high tea is the poor people term for such an event, on the basis that it was all fancy compared to their regular lives. And while it may have been fancy compared to my regular life, I'm going to go ahead and call it afternoon tea like rich people did back in the day, because I went to snooty private school and I can. Or something.


That's The Hotel Windsor. It was built in 1883 and started its life as The Grand. It's pretty much opposite State Parliament at the swanky end of the CBD.

And here's what they presented us with when we sat down:

Yes, we got one of those EACH. Mum, as you can see, got a slightly different one to me because hers was all gluten free. Five finger sandwiches, five petit fours, and two scones. Plus, a glass of bubbly each. And fourteen different kinds of tea.

Hello, deliciousness. Two eclairs - one caramel, one lamington, a lemon meringue pie, a mille feuille and a teeny tiny piece of sacher torte. And yes, I ate all of them and then regretted it.

But I honestly think my favourite part was the scones. With a healthy dose of raspberry jam and clotted cream added, they. were. TO DIE FOR. I'm not usually a big fan of scones - they make your teeth squeaky for some weird reason - but for these? I instantly changed my assessment of scones. And no, there are no pictures of said scones because I was too busy shoving them in my face. Sorry not sorry.

Hell, even the TEA was enjoyable and I'm not a tea drinker. Okay, so I had peppermint tea, which isn't *really* tea, but whatever...

Anyway, I'm thinking that I may have to try out the afternoon tea spreads at other fancy hotels around Melbourne. You know, for comparative purposes...

Have you been to a proper afternoon tea?

K xx


  1. Something like this is on my list for things to do once I get to London. Bestfriendboy and me even talked about this when we outlined a trip there that didn't happen after all.

    Everything looks so yummy!!

  2. UGH. These are times I wish I wasn't American. We try to do teas... but just... no.

  3. Toronto has a few places that serve afternoon tea like this and it's definitely on my list of things to try. Yours looks delicious!

  4. Scottsdale is full of super rich people, and there's actually a pretty fancy little tea shop up there. I went with my grandmother once. I second the idea that scones with clotted cream are the best.

  5. There's a fictional hotel in Los Angeles that serves weekend afternoon tea. FANCY. Also, I want to live in the Hotel Windsor. Also, Gregory Peck once stayed there, so I'm done, d, o, n, e.

  6. I've never done high tea before but really really want to. Peppermint tea and scones sound perfect!

  7. It looks utterly gorgeous! I did have a high tea recently - it's one of the perks of working in a school with a professional kitchen and a VET Hospitality course.

  8. Maybe we should make afternoon tea things for dessert day one day? Things are always more adorable and more difficult in miniature.

  9. Ohhhh, it looks incredible! I totally want to go now!


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