Monday, September 9, 2013

Movie Monday: Can't Hardly Wait

So I had plans to do a movie of slightly more substance this week, but I spent two and a half hours last night watching Saving Private Ryan, which - while excellent - is completely traumatising and not Movie Monday material. As a result, my brain (and my tear ducts) cannot cope with movies of substance, so it's time to delve into the teen movie vault again. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Reasons why Can't Hardly Wait is awesome:
1. Seth Green. Hands down my favourite thing about this movie.
2. It's completely and utterly ridiculous.
3. Ethan Embry. Giant buckets of awkward adorableness.
4. It's so freaking 90s.
5. The year book style introductions to each character.
6. Lauren Ambrose. She's brilliantly sassy.
7. Descriptive flashbacks.
8. It's pretty much a "before they were famous" slideshow - Peter Facinelli, Jaime Pressley, Sean Patrick Thomas, Tamala Jones, Donald Faison, Jason Segel, Selma Blair.
Yes, that's Carlisle Cullen shoving Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Source.
9. Insane cameos - Jenna Elfman, Melissa Joan Hart, Jerry O'Connell, Breckin Meyer.
10. Nerd plans.
11. Teaching the exchange student to say really awful things.
12. The soundtrack.
13. Denise sitting by herself on the sofa. That's pretty much me at a party.
14. At least half the random background characters turn up in Buffy at some point. Seriously.
15. How the letter ends up in front of Amanda.
16. Acting out Star Wars on the roof.
17. Reunion tours before they've even played a gig.
18. The on-screen "Where are they now?" stories.
19. The kid who randomly steals stuff throughout the duration of the movie.
20. Charlie Korsmo. He's pretty hilarious. (You may know him better as Jack from Hook)

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Oh, I'M the weirdo? You're the one calling Barry Manilow from a phone booth at 2am!"
- "You know what? My retainer kind of looks like a Klingon warship."
- "That is a "Fragrance of Love" scented candle, bitch!"
- "His wardrobe alone leaves him open for public mockery."
- "I can't feel my legs. I HAVE NO LEGS!!"
- "I did not write 'Denise Fleming is a tampon' on your locker."
- "Nobody drink the beer, the beer has gone bad!"
- "Damn, she's gonna think I've got that premature evacuation!"
- "You see the salt on this pretzel? Look at the stars. Some people, they say the stars are billions and billions of tons of hot gas. But I think maybe, maybe it's just God's salt. And God's just waiting to eat us."
- "Hey dude, did you hear? I'm naked under my gown!"

Have you seen it? If so, what do you think?

K xx


  1. Oh my word, such a classic! I don't think I've seen this since high school!

  2. I haven't seen this movie in FOREVER but it is so fabulous. The crazy party and the ridiculous characters and all of the 90s.... it's brilliant.

  3. You gotta come with me. There's this chick... there's these two chicks! They're triplets, man. You're not going to believe what they're doing. Not because I made it up or anything but because it is so Un. Believe. Able.

  4. Seth Green totally steals the movie. While I don't love this as much as some of the other quintessential late 90s/early 2000s teenage movies, this one has by far the best cast. And the scene when the nerd sings Guns N' Roses is epic.

    1. YES. William singing Guns N' Roses is PHENOMENAL. Especially the microphone toss.

  5. This was my favourite teen movie when I was a teen. I knew the WHOLE movie by heart And frequently would tell people that 92% of women at UCLA were sexually active! That's 92% saying class or sex whatever shall I do! 92% yo.

    Seth Green stole my heart in this movie...sadly.

    1. Seth Green stole my heart in this movie too. Or possibly in Austin Powers when he was being the king of sass land. It's hard to decide.

  6. This was our go-to movie in high school and I still love it SO much. I might still say "Mike Dexter is a god! Mike Dexter is a role model!" to myself a lot.

    1. It's a pretty damned fabulous movie. Also, I love that Mike Dexter grew up to be a sparkly vampire.

  7. Haha yes this is definitely one of my favourite fairly- mindless-cheer-up movie choices!


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