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Belated Top Ten Tuesday

Last night, at a point in the evening when it was FAR too late for me to even contemplate writing another blog post, Angie posted a Top Ten Tuesday post that I knew I had to jump in on. The topic? The ten books that you'd love to see turned into a movie/TV show. I mean, come on. How could I not get involved in that, even if it were a good 24 hours late?!

Without any further ado, here are the ten books/series that I'd love to see on some form of screen:

1. The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger
I love the crap out of these books, and I particularly love the fact that Carriger ended the series on a high note. It would be pretty intense when it came to special effects, what with werewolves and all, so perhaps it's better that we see this one on the big screen rather than the small, even though it would inevitably mean losing some spectacular scenes.

2. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
I'm not entirely sure how well this would work as a movie, considering how much of it is caught up in feelings and internal thoughts and things that can't necessarily be conveyed effectively outside of the written form. But I just loved this book SO MUCH that I desperately want it to be a movie. I mean, the soundtrack alone would make it completely worthwhile!

3. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
I know a lot of people participating in the link up mentioned wanting "Anna and the French Kiss" to be adapted into a movie. But personally, I squeed over Lola's story much harder, and I would LOVE seeing her eccentric taste in fashion and her amazing dads and the adorableness that is Cricket turned into a movie.

4. The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris
While I love the crap out of the Chocolat movie, I'm a little disappointed that they made the decision to set it in the 1950s, because it means that it's really difficult to adapt this completely and utterly brilliant sequel into a film. Published in the US as "The Girl With No Shadow", it follows Vianne and Anouk to Montmatre, where they meet a mysterious girl named Zozie who has a spectacular collection of shoes, but isn't all that she seems.

5. The Wilfair series by Alysia Gray Painter
I know, I'm unashamedly fangirling all over this series at the moment. But I just love the crap out of these books. SORRY NOT SORRY. And I think they'd make the most spectacularly zany TV series of awesomeness. Bonus points to anyone who can work out a way to reverse age Tom Hiddleston so that he can play Gomery. And, ya know, if you want to reverse age me to play Fair at the same time, I'm totally on board with that! I have yet to figure out who would play Monty...

6. The Jane Austen Mysteries series by Stephanie Barron
Okay, this is a total guilty pleasure series in which Jane Austen gallivants around the countryside solving mysteries with the roguish Lord Harold Trowbridge. The books are told through Jane's diary entries, but I think any important dealings contained therein would work nicely as a voiceover. Definite TV series material!

7. The Diviners by Libba Bray
Another one that I'd love to see as a TV series. It's kind of hard to determine at this point, given that only the first book of the (presumed) series has been published, but mysterious murders, superpowers, and a weird museum with a dose of 1920s flapper outfits? PUT IT ON MY TELEVISION NOW PLEASE.

8. The Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld
Oh my God, I would LOVE to see these books as movies. There'd be a crapton of CGI involved to make the beasties and the clankers come to life (and hopefully not look completely horrific). But there's so much action and depth and general fabulousness involved that I think these would be spectacular movies.

9. Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews
I have a bizarre level of love for this weird little mystery series. This, the first book, is hands down my favourite, and I'm not sure I've EVER laughed as much over a book as I did this one the first time I read it. The characters are fabulous, the misunderstandings between certain characters are fabulous, and pretty much anyone can relate to the dramas of being involved in the planning of a wedding. I'm less certain about adapting the rest of the books into movies, but this one would be MAGNIFICENT. You know, provided they actually cast someone as Meg who looks like she could wield a blacksmith's hammer...

10. The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik
The Napoleonic Wars with dragons? Uh, YES PLEASE. I feel like this one would work best as a mini-series, perhaps because the first I heard of it was when a friend referred to it as "Hornblower with dragons", and Hornblower is a mini-series, so...yeah. If they could get the CGI right for the dragons, it would be completely and utterly amazing, if a little gory.

I'm also going to add in a series that I really DON'T want to see adapted - Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. There've been a couple of attempts at turning various Pratchett books into mini-series, and they've all - from my perspective at least - failed to capture the magic that is Discworld. On one hand, it seems like something that would work better as an animated series. But on the other, animation couldn't quite fulfill some of the awesome scenes that Pratchett creates. And live action, as has been shown with Hogfather and Colour of Magic, has thus far fallen short. Much better, I feel, to leave them as books and let readers rely on their imagination to bring the Discworld and its characters to life!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and features a new top ten list each week.

What books would you love to see turned into movies/TV shows? Any that you WOULDN'T want to see adapted?

K xx


  1. I need to read these Parasol Protectorate books. They popped up on a lot of lists.

    And I'm starting Elanor & Park today, finally.

    LOLA WOULD BE SO CUTE. And The Diviners would be amazing and creepy and a perfect TV show.

    1. Oh my God, the Parasol Protectorate books are SO FREAKING GOOD. I think I'm going to need to do a reread very soon. And I hope you love Eleanor & Park!

  2. I would love to see Eleanor and Park as a movie. They have a lot of feelings and thoughts, but I think with the right actors a lot of it could be expressed with nonverbal communication. My TTT

    1. You're right, it would definitely be doable if they got the right actors!

  3. So many of these! Definitely the Parasol Potectorate books. I've only read the first three thus far, so I need to get the next ones! And a book I can't decide if I want it as a movie or not is The Night Circus. If it's done REALLY well - then it would be amazing. If not done really well... a disaster. But also, I even tweeted this to the author once and she agreed with me, I think the Night Circus would actually be AMAZING on stage vs. on screen. I feel like it's a story that was almost made to be book to stage.

    1. YES. The Night Circus would be incredible on the stage!!

  4. I haven't seen Hogfather or Color of Magic. But I do think that the attempt at Going Postal was pretty successful! It really follows the book pretty well. Not as many outright 'fantasy' elements in that one though, so that might have made for a smoother adaptation. I keep meaning the read The Wilfair series but haven't managed to yet. I need to get on that! :) And I agree about E&P, it could be wonderful but also would be hard to adapt. Great list! :)

    My TTT:

    1. I didn't mind the adaptation of Going Postal, but the one sticking point I had was that they cast Richard Coyle as Moist von Lipwig. Moist is meant to be in his 20s, while Richard Coyle - who I do think is fabulous most of the time - was pushing 40...

  5. Oh goodness. So many solid choices, and Gail Carriger, three cheers! YES. Want this. Also, I must read "Murder with Peacocks." Also, here's whole discussion on who should play Monty Overbove. It kind of loops and devolves and re-evolves and peaks and peaks again and leaves the topic and returns and there are many links. Oh yes there are:

    1. I went through a twelve month period where I gave "Murder with Peacocks" to almost everyone I knew as a birthday present. And that is a most excellent conversation about Monty. I wish I weren't so spectacularly awful at fantasy casting...

    2. I LOVE the idea of a reverse aging Hiddles to play Gomery. That would be totally swoony.

  6. ok, so I have like 10 tabs opened now
    I was thinking this morning that I needed to find new stuff to read
    (I have like an obsessive problem where I can't put down book until I finish, so I have to be careful)
    but thank you for the recommendations
    will let you know about the adaptation possibilities that I consider as I read some



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