Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A long time ago, we used to be friends

Hey, remember that time I rewatched all the TV shows and had a lot of thoughts about them? It's time for another installment! Except this time, it's a show I'd never seen before. You may remember this post from July in which I'd just started watching this show and was loving every second of it? Anyway, I've now finished all three seasons of Veronica Mars and am now eagerly awaiting the movie. So here's my thoughts on season 1:
  • Amanda Seyfried, whaaaaaaaaaaaat??
  • PUPPY!!
  • Okay, I think I love this show, and I'm only one episode in.
  • How can you not love a show with flashbacks?!
  • Paris Hilton, WTF??
  • Why the hell does everyone call Veronica by her full name all the time?
  • "Dude, where's your car?". God, I adore the pop culture references in this show.
  • Dating a teacher? AWKWARD.
  • Oh, Troy. You ridiculous bad boy.
  • I want to punch all these rich kids in the face.
  • Ahahaha, Jane Lynch! And she's playing a non-coach version of Sue Sylvester. AWESOME.
  • Seven episodes in, and I just realised that Veronica and Keith don't live at a motel.
  • I pretty much adore the friendship between Veronica and Weevil. 
  • Wow. Fakest pregnancy belly EVER.
  • Mr. X from The X-Files!
  • OMG. Parker Abrams from Buffy as a possibly murdery douchebag.
  • Jo from Supernatural!! And her name is Meg. Awesome.
  • Did this show just go somewhere incesty? Because EEEEEEEEEEEW.
  • Christmas stabbing, how cheerful!
  • Lame secret society is lame.
  • Veronica nagging Keith is adorable.
  • Holy shit, Logan has a tough life. Like, seriously.
  • Best history test ever. Er. Or not. Awkward... 
  • The Veronica/Leo relationship kind of squicks me out...
  • Help, I think I have feels for Logan.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas, WTF.
  • Okay, Keith chasing Duncan down in Cuba? AWESOMENESS.
  • Veronica and Duncan = EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW EW
  • Wow. Most awkward surprise party of ever.
  • Well, that was an anticlimactic resolution to the murder investigation.
  • Jesus. Logan really lucked out in the family department... O.o
  • OH WAIT. Not the end of the murder investigation. HE TRAPPED HER IN A FRIDGE, WTF??
  • Wow. Veronica's mother is basically the devil... Neptune seems to have an overabundance of TERRIBLE parents. With the exception of Keith, obviously.
Please tell me I'm not alone on Team "For the love of God, someone give Logan a hug"? Or the "Duncan sucks" club??

K xx


  1. Just like you, I fell fast and hard for this show last year. IT IS SO GOOD! The Keith and Veronica parental relationship is the best I think I ever saw in a TV show.

    1. YES. It's pretty damned fabulous, even before you take into consideration the fact that every other parent on the show is ALL kinds of completely irresponsible.

  2. Oh gosh, I haven't seen this since it was on air. So good!

    1. I didn't watch it the first time around - I think it wasn't promoted particularly well here, so it came across like The OC or Melrose Place or something, so I wasn't even remotely interested. I'm so glad I gave it a chance nearly ten years after the fact!

  3. I don't think I've ever done as big a 180 on a TV character as I did with Logan. At the beginning I hated him so much I just wanted terrible things to happen to him, but by the end I was a Veronica/Logan shipper.

    And Keith Mars! One of the most underrated TV dads ever. I LOVED him.

    1. YES. In the first half-ish of season 1, I hated Logan with a fiery passion. I think I did a 180 on him in the space of a single episode!

  4. Gah. I just LOVE this show. I actually adored Leo. I forget what the squicky part of their relationship was?


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