Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Monday: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

My brain didn't want seriousness or anything that required proper thinking last night. Obviously, I went straight for the most ridiculous thing I could find.


Reasons why Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is awesome:
1. The 8-bit Universal logo and theme music.
2. It's set in Toronto.
3. Michael Cera. I'm not a big fan of him, but I'm not sure anyone else could play the role of Scott like he does.
4. Vegan powers. And the Vegan Police.
5. The on-screen annotations.
6. Sex Bob-omb.
7. Alison Pill. She's fantastic and has most of the best lines.
8. Chris Evans. Because of reasons.
9. It's directed by Edgar Wright.
10. Anna Kendrick as Scott's sister. Actual best.
11. The music. It's kind of great.
12. The fight scenes.
13. The scene where the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline gets broken through to reveal the Toronto skyline behind it.
14. Scott diving through the window to avoid Knives.
15. Censoring Julie's swearing. Hilarious.
16. The bass battle.
17. Jason Schwartzman.
18. Kieran Culkin. SO MUCH LOVE. Favourite thing in the whole movie
19. Ramona's hair.
20. Knives. She's kind of a BAMF.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Scott, if your life had a face, I would punch it."
- "At least it'll give us something to complain about."
- "I'll leave you alone forever now." "Thanks."
- "You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously."
- "Sup? How's life? He seems nice."
- "Are you a pirate?" "Pirates are in this year!"
- "Wallace, AGAIN??"
- "He punched the highlights out of her hair!"
- " - what's the website for that?" ""
- "I have to go pee due to boredom."
- "Look, I didn't write the gay handbook. If you've got a problem with it, take it up with Liberace's ghost."
- "I want to have his adopted babies."
- "You know what really sucks though?" "What?" "Everything."
- "Is Scott here?" "You know what? He just left."
- "Chicken isn't vegan?"
- "You cocky cock! You'll pay for your crimes against humanity."
- "If I peed my pants, would you pretend I just got wet from the rain?"
- "What are you doing?" "Getting a life [grabs 1-Up]"
- "Password?" "Whatever!" "Cool."
- "Jeez, buddy. It's going to be alright." "No, I just spilled hot cocoa on my crotch."

So. Thoughts??

K xx


  1. I like video games, but I'm not a comic book kind of gal. I know I'm totally in the minority, but a plot based on video game fighting was totally boring to me. I liked the characters, but by the second or third evil ex, I realized how long it was going to take until the end.
    And yes, I was called a ton of names when I revealed my not digging the movie on Twitter.

  2. This movie is so ridiculously crazy and ridiculous and I can't even remember most of the plot. But I do remember that I loved it.

  3. Scott Pilgrim is one of my fave films ever. I love everything about it. Lots.

  4. Hahaha! I've had this movie sitting on my computer for so long, but I have yet to watch it. I didn't even know Anna and Kierian were in it. Even more motivation to watch it now!

  5. I really hated this movie! To me it was just trotting out the same tired old boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-boy-must-defeat-[insert whatever here]-to-in-her-back trope, just dressed up in the video game clothing.Snore!


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