Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who wants to go on a roadtrip?

It's a surprisingly short roadtrip - it'll only take you four minutes!

Other things that happened in Canberra?

  • Little Miss A looked at a picture of Dame Edna and yelled "Hey, it's Lady Gaga!!"
  • Clapton decided that I was her favourite person of ever and spent a decent chunk of the time I was in Canberra demanding that I pick her up.
  • I ate my body weight in zucchini puffs, because it's obligatory.
  • Little Miss A tried a bite of my dessert, and decided it was hers. RUDE.
  • I caught up with LB, which was most excellent.
  • Em and I decided that Scarlett O'Hara is the actual worst and had no redeeming features at all. (Discuss.)
  • Matt beat the pants off us all at Trivial Pursuit. Again. 
  • I ate a lot of cake, and it was excellent. Diet schmiet.
What's news with you guys?

K xx


  1. 1. Scarlett is a bitch.
    2. The submarine - is that some kind of Sahara like placement? Is there gold? So many questions!
    3. Man, I need to do more road trips in Australia.

    1. 1. RIGHT??? There is literally nothing likeable about her, and yet GWTW is still super popular. It confuses me to no end.
      2. Technically, it's more like half a submarine. It's just the top half of the outside, and then the fin or something. I will never understand it, because Holbrook is 250km from the ocean.
      3. Everyone needs more roadtrips, Australian or otherwise.

  2. I love Scarlett!!!!! But yes... she is a bitch. I feel like sometime in my "Awesome Female Role Models" I'm going to do a Scarlett vs. Melanie showdown. Or something...

    1. I kind of want to punch them both - Scarlett because she's a bitch who makes terrible decisions, and Melanie because she's kind of a doormat...

  3. I, too, love Scarlett and GWTW...but yes: bitch. Lamentably. Faaar too many examples to cite, of course. (Oy.)


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