Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Send puppies. And chocolate.

It's kind of a well established fact that I'm the crier in the family. My dad and my brother do the whole stoic Australian "men don't cry" thing. My mum doesn't cry very often, and when she does, it's usually over in five minutes. But me? I'm an ugly crier. And I cry a LOT. Something sad happens in a movie? I cry. Someone else is crying? I tear up. I cry when I'm frustrated. I cry when I'm angry, which gets incredibly annoying because then no one takes you seriously... Plus, we've already established that I'm completely useless in an emergency because I just start crying and can't stop.

In the past year, I've cried over the following books: The Fault in Our Stars, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, A Monster Calls, Code Name Verity, The Book Thief, Eleanor & Park, and the last installment of the Buffy season 8 comics (tears of anger due to how completely awful it was). And don't even get me STARTED on my ability to cry over television shows. Two minutes into Doomsday, and I'm sobbing. Supernatural turns me into a wreck on a regular basis. Hell, even How I Met Your Mother made me cry when Marshall's dad died. Fun fact - I can actually date my crying over TV shows back to a very specific incident:

1998 Kirsti:
Mum: "....................??????"
1998 Kirsti: "alskjfkaslfjkshdfjkshdgjshgjk!!!!!!"
Mum: "Stop crying, I can't understand you..."
Mum: "...Seriously?"

So yeah. That happened...


I've been ugly crying off and on over the past 48 hours, but at least this time I had a good reason for it. Because today, we dropped my little brother C at the airport for his flight to London. He'll be back in January for a mate's wedding, but that's like FOREVER AWAY. So I bawled my eyes out yesterday afternoon. And then I cried in the shower this morning. And then I cried again at the airport, and sniffled my way through the car trip home.

In short, I'm a barrel of laughs to be around at the moment. If someone wants to send me a puppy to cuddle, I'd be incredibly appreciative. In the meantime, I'm going to go and drown my feelings in the large quantities of ice cream that Paulie brought over last night. There are definite perks to having an almost sibling who works in the ice cream industry...

BRB, ugly crying,

K xx


  1. *Hugs*... and drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated! (seriously, I've gotten dehydrated from crying and there is nothing that will make you feel sillier)

    Now that you've had some water, curl up on the couch with something nice (cider, DVDs, books, a blanket) and have a good rest. Post him some actual letters when he has an address, and you will be okay :-)


  2. I'm the crier in my family, too. Some people get really weirded out by it and I feel bad that I cry all the time because I know that crying makes some people uncomfortable, but I can't really help it. I once cried for about 20 pages solid while reading a book. So yea...I feel you on that. I am sending electronic hugs and chocolate. :)

  3. I'm not a public crier. but I do basically cry at the airport everytime I leave home to come back to Australia.

  4. So, this is not *really* relevant to the story, but you mentioned crying once while watching HIMYM.

    I can think of seven episodes off the top of my head that have made me ugly cry. And the one where Ted realizes he's all alone? SOBS.

  5. Awww...hugs! So sorry to hear, and yes, it sucks. Major huggage your way. I wanna say it gets better, and it does, but being so far away from a sibling (my bro moved to London April 2010) just sucks donkey's balls.

    Oh, and also?

    My mama is moving to Serbia in September. INDEFINITELY.

    (Waaaaaahhhhh, everyone is leaving me!) (Bwahahahah.)

    Also, you cry as much as you want and need catharsis ever.


  6. If I could I would send Bandit over to Australia for you. He's great at cuddling and is used to my feels over TV shows, books, and movie.


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