Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teen movies are the best movies

The title pretty much says it all!

In case you missed them, you can check out Sweeney and Lor's takes on teen movies too.

Also, one of these days, Youtube will give me a screenshot option that DOESN'T suck. But, in the words of Aragorn, it is not this day. Sigh...

K xx


  1. 10) I LOVE that movie. So cute. Also, the first five minutes. ;-) And the nerd references.

    9) CRYING. Always crying.

    8) This one would be my #1 or #2. One of my all time favorites. RIP Heath Ledger. But I understand about Julia Stiles.

    7)Ha! So great. But it wouldn't be in my top 5 either. And she is Faith. Oh cheerleaders.

    6) I finally saw that one a few months ago. SO GOOD.

    5)Clueless would tie with 10 Things for me. Just... I love that movie so much. One of my all time favorite movies - EVER. I don't know what it is about it, but I love everything about that movie.

    4) IDK if technically it's a teen movie, but I <3 Pitch Perfect. Sing all the songs!

    3)Haha that one is hilarious. oh Amanda Bynes... and Channing Tatum... and overall ridiculous Shakespeare.

    2) The first time I watched Mean Girls I didn't like it. I don't know what was wrong with me. It's brilliant.

    1)Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller? I mean... really. He's the best. I want to be his best friend.

    1. I agree on pretty much everything here. Except you not liking Mean Girls the first time you saw it. Because whuuuuuuuuuuut???

  2. I love Ferris Bueller. I think pitch perfect counts because they're 18 or 19 ...I'm cool with it.

    i think my number one would be Say Anything (my love for John Cusack is well established and recorded)...Pretty in Pink would probably also make my list because of Duckie. I love Duckie.

    1. I've not seen Say Anything *ducks for cover* And I think I should rewatch Pretty in Pink at some point because all I can remember is that she takes two not completely unfortunate dresses and creates the ugliest dress ever seen on the face of the earth out of them.


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