Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Monday: Pitch Perfect

As you guys may or may not remember, Deidre and I spent approximately half of last year flailing with excitement about the forthcoming release of this film. And it was everything we'd dreamed of. I added it to my Quickflix queue when it was still in the "Coming soon" section, and MAY have jumped up and down with excitement when I opened the post on Friday to see that this was among the things they'd sent me. Because this really is one of those movies that improves on rewatching. And now that I've established that, I *really* need to buy it so that I can watch it whenever my heart desires!

Also, I've finally found a use for Spotify - listening to the soundtrack on an endless loop. I give it an hour before my parents strangle me...

Reasons why Pitch Perfect is awesome:
1. Rebel Wilson. Apparently she ad libbed the majority of her lines, and would go off on massive 15 minute tangents - still in character.
2. The soundtrack. Perfection.
3. The riff-off.
LOL, "Songs ruined by Glee". Also, source lost to the depths of Tumblr
4. Anna Kendrick. Having seen her only in Twilight and Up in the Air prior to this, I was really surprised by how brilliant she was here. 
5. The Bellas' performance at finals.

6. Epic mash ups of epicness.
7. A cappella with sock puppets.
8. Elizabeth Banks OMG. Apparently her part was written for Kristen Wiig, who then couldn't fit it into her schedule. I'm so glad Elizabeth Banks had the role though. She's FABULOUS.
9. The Trebletones' performance at finals
10. Benji and his ridiculous magic tricks.
11. The cup song.

12. Brittany Snow. She's fantastic.
13. A cappella Universal theme. Genius.
14. Mermaid dancing.
15. Skylar Astin. The first time I saw it, I wasn't sure about him. But he improved dramatically on the rewatch. 
16. Horizontal running.
17. Singing Carry On Wayward Son in the car.
18. Anna Camp. She's hilarious.
19. Donald Faison cameos.
20. Crying over The Breakfast Club.
21. The original music is by Christophe Beck, who did the music for Buffy.
22. The bloopers in the credits.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy."
- "Not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate'."
- "My dad always says if you aren't here to win, get the hell out of Kuwait."
- "Dad, I don't actually care. I just wanted to say step-monster."
- "You call yourself Fat Amy?" "Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back."
- "I can't concentrate on anything you're saying until you cover your junk."
- "We shall start by drinking the blood of the sisters who came before you." "Dude, no."
- "I ate my twin in the womb."
- "I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?" "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth. But then I think 'Mmm, better not.'"
- "You have a little something behind your ear..." "Leave it. It fuels my hate fire."
- "Yeah, no, don't put me down for cardio."
- "This number is like an elephant dart to the public's face."
- "I've wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously!"
- "Chloe, could you please get your head out of your ass? It's not a hat." "A-ca-awkward..."
- "I can see your toner through those jeans!" "That's my dick."
- "What the hell is a riff-off?"
- "No, I'm not drunk at all. You're just blurry."
- "I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake!"
- "You guys are gonna get pitch slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave."
- "Jesse, I know you're in there. I can smell popcorn."
- "Oh, Chloe, don't worry. It's just God punishing you because you're a ginger."

So. On a scale of one to a Fat Amy One Liner, how much do you love this movie?

K xx


  1. You know very well how I feel about this...and then I found this: You're welcome.

    1. Excuse me while I go and start a petition to have Kristin Chenoweth have a sassy PhD student who joins the Barden Bellas in the sequel.

    2. Also, the riff off is by far my favourite part.

      And also, as we talked about extensively when we saw it, surely there are some hotter singers someone where for the lead?

      AND the breakfast club? Really? That made me feel so old, because this movie is clearly for a generation that just has no idea what the breakfast club is.

    3. I don't know, I feel like Skylar Astin - despite his ridiculous name - was less unfortunate looking on rewatching it. I mean, he's still not super hot or anything. But it could have been worse.

  2. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I think the quiet Asian girl is my favorite. I listen to the soundtrack all the time and I might make the youth watch it on our 13 hour drive to Texas next week...

    1. YES. I don't quite know how I left Lilly (Quiet Asian Girl) out of the list!

  3. I have so much love for this movie it's not even funny. I went to see it in FL while I was visiting my sister and proceeded to buy the soundtrack immediately. For a while, my phone was being dumb and wouldn't let me put any music on it, so the only thing a couple of my friends and I could run to for like...a month...was the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.

    Skylar Astin is wonderful and I love him. Elizabeth Banks is freaking hilarious. And Rebel Wilson is the best. I think one of my favorite things about the line about wrestling crocodiles and dingoes is how she pronounces "simultaneously." Since she's Australian, it's possible you say it that way too, but people here in the US don't say it that way, and the line just sounds 10x funnier the way she says it.

    But as far as people who are awesome and hilarious, I think my favorite is Utkarsh Ambudkar. He plays Donald, Bumper's sidekick friend. His rapping and such in "Right Round" is fantastic and I think he's just hilarious and totally wonderful.

    1. Also...this:

      I really want to be in a movie like this just to sing and dance. I don't care about being famous. I just want to sing and dance.

    2. You're totally right, Utkarsh Ambudkar IS fantastic. And I'm guessing you mean pronouncing it sim-ultaneously rather than s-eye-multaneously?? Because yeah, the latter is pretty much a US only thing.

      And that video is EXCELLENT.

  4. OOF. Love this movie, luuuurrrrrve it.

    And now I wanna watch it again! And again and again! And-- oh, okay, you get it. The little "I-wanna-be-a-popstar" twelve year old inside cries at the beautiful harmonisation.

    And Rebel Wilson is the shiz. So happy for her success in movies, yay!


    1. I'm pretty sure that when Deidre and I went to see it, we came out determined to start our own a capella group. That lasted all of about five minutes, which is probably for the best...


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