Thursday, June 13, 2013

Judgey McJudgerson and the early morning adventure

Previously: the bestest girls' night of EVER. You should be jealous you weren't there. Seriously. It was THAT good.

The following morning, Gina and I were up at stupid o'clock. Actually, I think it was WORSE than stupid o'clock. It was stupid o'clock's older brother, Oh God Why Did We Think This Was A Good Idea O'Clock.  Seeing as how it's now the better part of five months later, I can't remember exactly what time we had to get up. But it started with a 5. *shudder*

At OGWDWTTWAGI O'Clock plus 20 minutes, we not only had ourselves up, dressed and in the car, but also all three of Gina's kids who were insanely confused about what was going on. Some time after that, we dropped the kids off with Gina's sister, and continued on our way to our early morning adventure. Five minutes before we were supposed to be there, we got a phone call asking if we were still coming. Uh, yes? Five minutes after that, we got another phone call asking if we were still coming. Yes, we were late. There was traffic. We told you that we were like seven minutes away, and you STILL phoned a third time to make sure we were actually coming. Seriously, people? Seriously??

ANYWAY. Eventually we arrived at our destination, and were promptly hustled into a van where we discovered that we were the youngest people there by a good thirty years. And that everyone was staring at us with an expression of disapproval.
Something like this. Also, source.
Of course, once we were safely in the very back of the van, we proceeded to pull out our phones and have the following conversation via text message:

Gina: I feel like everyone is judging us.
Me: Obviously. They're all a hundred.
Gina: Seriously. Why is that????
Me: Bucket lists left to the last minute?
Gina: Truth.
Me: We're bad people.
Gina: Also truth.

And then we started giggling, and had to stop texting before the Judgmental Old People picked up on it.

After driving for a millionty years like half an hour, we finally arrived at our destination. And then had to stand around in the early morning Phoenix chill while everything was unloaded and set up. Oh, you'd like to know what we were doing? Sure!


The actual hot air ballooning part wasn't nearly as exhilarating as we thought it would be - it barely felt like you were moving. But it WAS seriously cool and very pretty and more or less worth getting up at the crack of dawn. Warning: things are about to get photo heavy. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Incidentally, #36 on my 101 in 1001 list was "Ride in a hot air balloon". CHECK.

Oh, and because you haven't already had enough photos, here's me and Gina shortly before take off:
Complete with old lady who didn't know whose camera
was being used at that particular time... 

After picking the kids up and having a delicious lunch of Chipotle, we headed back to the house for a spontaneous Dessert Day - tres leches cake. We whipped it up pretty quickly, but then found ourselves confronted with a line in the recipe that said "Refrigerate overnight". Womp womp.
It was pretty delicious the next day though

That night, we headed out to something we'd been planning for months - Mexipalooza. In short, we went out and ate a crapton of Mexican food for dinner because when in Phoenix and all that. Sadly, Eileen had to do work nonsense and was unable to join us. But M. was there, and between all of us, I think we probably ate about half the Mexican food in the whole of Arizona. And it was delicious. So delicious that I neglected to take pictures of any of it.

And then we headed home to nurse our food babies.

Up next, we FINALLY come to the end of my trip! I leave Phoenix for Los Angeles, and hang out with Sweeney for a couple of hours, because OBVIOUSLY.

K xx


  1. Well, all of that sounds delightful!

    Love your text msg convo, hahah.

    And you've got way more balls than I because, although I'll happily go paragliding (and I did, on Yogi's and my honeymoon), the thought of a hot air balloon ride scares the bejesus outta me.

    But OH does it look fun...!


    1. Apparently we're opposites because paragliding scares me far more than hot air ballooning did! I think it helped that they gave us a spiel about how much training you need to do to become a balloon pilot, and how the guy piloting our balloon had been flying since he was 15!!

  2. HOLY CRAP those photos looked amazing! I'd never thought about hot air ballooning before, but maybe I'll add it to the list!

    1. It was pretty fun! I'm not sure that I'd bother going in Melbourne (partly because of the expense) but somewhere fun overseas? Absolutely! It's definitely worth the money for the experience.

  3. You have far nicer things to say about hot air ballooning then I do. I hated it.

    1. This makes me a little sad for you. How come you hated it?


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