Thursday, June 20, 2013


When one is unemployed, one has to make one's own fun to avoid going completely and utterly stir crazy and spending one's days hitting F5 on a bunch of different websites in the hopes that a job you're perfect for will magically appear.

For this reason, Deidre and I had a somewhat spontaneous Dessert Day yesterday. We consulted our "Dessert Day Planning" Google Docs spreadsheet (yes, we have one. What of it?!), and came up with two different things that we wanted to try:
1. Gluten free chocolate eclairs, and
2. Chocolate orange biscuits.

The first involved many MANY things that terrify us, including (but not limited to) eggs, piping bags, adding raw eggs to hot things, cutting things in half and filling them, and (perhaps most importantly) trying to convert butter measurements from sticks into grams.

As it turned out, making gluten free choux pastry wasn't as scary as anticipated. Although we WERE very glad of the instruction telling us that if it looked like mac and cheese, we should keep mixing because everything would be okay. Because seriously. It looked like mac and cheese.

When it came to the filling, we decided that using the vanilla pudding option listed in the recipe was far too crass easy for the likes of us, and that we were going to make creme patissiere from scratch. A wee spot of Googling gave us this recipe. Degree of difficulty = low? WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?! We decided to double it, on the theory that too much is always better than not enough (a lesson I learnt while trying to colour match buttercream frosting...). And the degree of difficulty was, indeed, low. Except for the part where I managed to spill hot milk all over the kitchen floor. Whoops.

Eventually we were ready for the assembly process. But prior to assembly, I took photos of this eclair because it looks a little like a ghost:

No, seriously:

Ahem. The filling process - with me manning the piping bag full of creme patissiere and Deidre manning the saucepan full of ganache - went surprisingly smoothly, except for when we started to run out of room on the tray and the eclairs started making friends with each other...

End result?

The biscuits were incredibly simple to make, although rather stubborn when it came to forming a dough. I suspect you could make them in a food processor without any issues. We used regular caster sugar, on account of why would I buy a kilo of raw caster sugar when this is the only recipe I've ever seen that calls for it?! They turned out fine.
Poor biscuits. I forgot to take proper photos of them.

The verdict? We both thought the eclairs were a little eggy tasting, although we're both on the "Urgh, eggs, GROSS" train, which may have contributed to it. Now that they've been in the fridge for 24 hours, they seem to have improved and a pretty damned tasty if I do say so myself. As for the biscuits, they were FAR crunchier than I thought they would be. Yesterday, I wasn't a huge fan of them. Today? I dipped one in my hot chocolate and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever.

And then I subjected Deidre to the wonders of Paperback Hero, and there was much "WHAT IS HAPPENING OMG PUPPY HUGH JACKMAN YOU STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY"-ing.

In short, hurrah for funemployment??

Please tell me that you think that eclair looks like a ghost too and that it's not just me???

K xx


  1. Totally a ghost. I feel sad that someone had to eat it - it's like a long lost friend that I never met.

  2. They look utterly fantastic! If I weren't stuffed full of too much dessert, I'd want to reach into those photos and snaffle a couple of eclairs.

  3. I so love this post! :) Thanks for the idea. Yeah! Once I got unemployed, I'll cook a lot, invent my own recipes. The problem is, where will I get the budget? Since I am already unemployed??? Check this out!


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