Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog comment carnival: June 2013

I realised the other day that it's been a while since I've linked up with Jessica for her month blog comment carnival. Like, "since October of last year" kind of a while. WHOOPS. Although given that I was in Canberra at the end of November doing an internship, was braindead in December thanks to Christmas, and then was in the US (and yes, I will EVENTUALLY write up the last installment of my trip) in January, it's not surprising that I kind of forgot to pick it up again once things settled down.

ANYWAY. Let's get back into it, yes? Yes.

On Movie Monday: She's All That:
Oh God, I love this movie so much.


Last year, my besties and I were so desperate to watch it one night, we went to a Blockbuster -- and it had been checked out. We were dismayed, natch.

A few days later, I bought the DVD for ten bucks snd much happiness ensued.

I soooo wanna watch it again. Like, NOW again.

(Oh, and I used to loooove Freddie circa '98 and '99. DUH.)


She had me at falafel hat.

On Do you hear the bloggers sing?:
That still stands as one of the best girls-night-out experiences ever. I doubt the record will be beat any time soon.

On Movie Monday: Forgetting Sarah Marshall:
My sister made my mother and I watch this with her and I'm not sure this is a movie you really want to watch with your mother in the room. Also Mila Kunis is amazingly awesome in this movie.

On Judgey McJudgerson and the early morning adventure:
Well, all of that sounds delightful!

Love your text msg convo, hahah.

And you've got way more balls than I because, although I'll happily go paragliding (and I did, on Yogi's and my honeymoon), the thought of a hot air balloon ride scares the bejesus outta me.

But OH does it look fun...!


On Sadly lacking in Timbits:
This boggles my mind - why didn't they just use the ice re-surfacer machine from The Icehouse which is practically within walking distance?'s not.. But seriously, probably would have been a) faster and b) more effective.

The thing that lacks in Australian Ice-Hockey is the fights. When I use to go watch Melbourne Ice play, it was too tame.

I can tell that I've become a real melbournite when I cheered you on for booing a collingwood player. assimilation - complete.

On Funemployment:
Totally a ghost. I feel sad that someone had to eat it - it's like a long lost friend that I never met.

On Movie Monday: Pitch Perfect:
I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I think the quiet Asian girl is my favorite. I listen to the soundtrack all the time and I might make the youth watch it on our 13 hour drive to Texas next week...

OOF. Love this movie, luuuurrrrrve it.

And now I wanna watch it again! And again and again! And-- oh, okay, you get it. The little "I-wanna-be-a-popstar" twelve year old inside cries at the beautiful harmonisation.

And Rebel Wilson is the shiz. So happy for her success in movies, yay!


On I would make a truly terrible spy. Just like Sydney Bristow:


So yeah. Alias. Bradley Cooper will always be Willage Idiot to me, I can never get past that. Also HOW CAN YOU FORGET THE FRANCINATOR SRLY WHUT?

Here's me having an honest moment - I am a total Syd/Weiss shipper. IDEK why. Save me.

Thank you for leaving me awesome comments of awesomeness. I love you all. Don't forget to go and link up with Jessica if you write your own blog comment carnival post!

K xx

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