Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Turning 30? It's pretty great

#92 on my 101 in 1001 list was to plan a kickarse 30th birthday. I think I not only planned but executed said kickarse birthday in fine form. I mean, it pretty much went for five days, so how could it not be totally awesome?!

My actual birthday. I had grand plans for sleeping in, but some butthead down the street decided that 7.30am on a public holiday was an excellent time to use an angle grinder. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. So I wasn't particularly impressed about that. But it improved dramatically from there. After breakfast and presents (including the shiny new toy I showed off in yesterday's vlog), we headed down to St Kilda for lunch at Donovan's.

If you haven't been to Donovan's, you really have to. But for a special occasion, because it's not even remotely in the category of cheap. It's worth every penny though, because the food is AMAZING. While I neglected to take any photos of me hanging out with my favourite people on the planet, I *did* take quite a few photos of the food. Because OBVIOUSLY.
My entree - tomato, caramelised onion and goat's curd tart with balsamic reduction

My main - chicken and mushroom pie

Some kind of potato construction of awesomeness from Paulie's main course

The cake we brought with us

My dessert - jaffa fondant

The platter they put together for Em's little sister with no notice

The inside of my fondant. AMAZING.

And in the course of lunch, my little brother C gave me my birthday present, which came with a card that said "I hope Mum and Dad don't get too annoyed at me giving you this......" I opened the present to discover an XBox!! *flail* And then Paulie gave me a bunch of games for it. So obviously, once we got home from our over FOUR HOUR lunch, I set up the XBox and spent the night of my birthday playing Lego Batman 2. Because OBVIOUSLY.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now that I've made you all incredibly hungry and exposed just how much of a dork I secretly am, I think I'm going to split this into two parts or this is going to end up thesis length!

K xx


  1. Ha ha ha! Sounds awesome!

    I went to Donovans for my 21st family dinner - very special indeed! So porn to die for!

  2. Okay, so I have to ask...what the heck do you guys consider fondant? Because in the US, fondant generally refers to an icing-like substance that is used to decorate cakes (though apparently it's pretty gross).

    1. We call that fondant as well, and I agree - it's usually pretty gross. In the UK and France though, fondant is a soft centred cake-y thing, usually chocolate in flavour and probably quite similar to what you guys call a lava cake. Except less instant-y tasting. Kind of like a cross between a self-saucing pudding and a souffle. Or something... See?

  3. I've never even heard of Donovans! And I used to live in St Kilda. So what's wrong with me I think is the big question.

    I love that potato creation. Also, I've had some ideas for some savory food that I'm scared to make, that maybe we oculd try together in the next dessert day.

    And now also Fondant. We should try that on dessert day too.

  4. happy b-day! All that food looks amazing. You should stuff your face on your b-day.


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