Friday, May 17, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year

That's right, children. IT'S EUROVISION TIME!!!!

And you know what that means - it's time for three straight nights of me blogging my way through Europop, onstage costume changes (PLEASE let there be more than last year), and excessive use of wind machines. HURRAH.

Eurovision 2013 is coming to you from Malmo, Sweden. I'm kind of excited that they're starting with a "Lots of different countries cover last year's winning song", because that song is STILL near the top of my most commonly played songs in iTunes. Not sure about the children's choir singing it though...

Anyway. Let's get on with the show!! (All images taken from the country pages here.) If you didn't watch it, you can see all the songs here.

Austria - Natalia Kelly

Oh dear God, shiny silver jeans. They look really uncomfortable. Also, she looks terrifyingly like Melina Kanakaredes. The song is kind of blah. She's a good singer, it's just not a particularly memorable song. KEY CHANGE. Of course it coincided with a seizure-inducing lighting display. Aaaaaand some use of the wind machine to finish. Obviously.

Estonia - Birgit

I have no idea what this song is about, because it's in Estonian. But it's a ballad, so probably something sappy. Also, she's wearing an ENORMOUS white dress that makes her look like one of those cakes with a doll shoved in the top of it. And excessive use of the wind machine. Because it's practically obligatory. SMOKE MACHINE!!! And back up singers in snazzy three piece suits.

Slovenia - Hannah

Okay, apparently she's American but now lives in Slovenia. YES, CRAY CRAY DANCERS WEARING FACE MASKS. And leather pants, because you can't have one without the other. I'm actually kind of loving this song, despite its overpowering techno beat. The back up dancers are now doing weird push ups and squats. It's Gangnam Style combined with an aerobics class. Oooh, added acrobatics. Nice. It kind of makes Hannah fade into the background though.

Croatia - Klapa s mora

The Croatian version of Il Divo in the house! Singing a ballad, because OBVS. Their costumes are pretty awesome though - kind of like Napoleonic era naval uniforms, but with longer coats. The song is about what you'd expect from the Croatian version of Il Divo, although it seems pretty repetitive.

Denmark - Emmeline de Forest

Apparently this is the favourite. We're starting with a Ronan Keating lookalike playing the fife. And we have another Pretty White Virginal Dress. And bare feet. I guess it worked for Loreen last year? Oooh, and we're continuing the Napoleonic theme as Ronan and another guy are now playing the side drum. Emmeline herself looks kind of like a less ginger version of Isla Fisher. The song's pretty catchy, I can see why it's the favourite. And now we're alternating between the side drums and something resembling a timpani, but on its side?? AAAAAAAAAAAND IT'S RAINING FIRE. WELCOME TO EUROVISION.

Russia - Dina Garipova

I'm kind of sad that last year's grannies aren't performing again. Instead, we have the Russian winner of The Voice. Another ballad? What the hell, Eurovision? Bring back the cheesy Europop, dammit! She looks a little like she's wearing a dressing gown. That said, she's got a pretty good voice. And back up singers in all white, because OF COURSE. She looks bizarrely like Khloe Kardashian, though. Oh. Her male back up singers just threw huge glowing balls into the audience. Uhhhhhhh????

Ukraine - Zlata Ognevich

First of all, the butterfly in her hair in that picture is bizarre. ANOTHER ballad? Uuuuuuuuuuuugh. Also a man who's eight feet tall (literally) and dressed like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. WHAT. Her back up singers just appeared out of the floor, Hunger Games style. EXCESSIVE SMOKE MACHINE USAGE. At least they've pushed things up a notch by giving the ballad a decent beat? Yet another Pretty White Virginal Dress. Which is apparently so tight that the only movement she can make is to move her hips from side to side... Aaaand FIREWORKS to finish.

The Netherlands - Anouk

Apparently this girl is the Alanis Morrisette of the Netherlands. And now she's singing a ballad. Either she's REALLY pitchy or this song has insanely wacky key changes every two bars. I genuinely can't tell. And it's either the wind machine or the weight of all the mascara she's wearing, but she can barely keep her eyes open. Hmm. I'm not sure how I feel about this song. Too many ballads back to back has drained my spirit.

Montenegro - Who See

I...have no idea what is happening here. There are rapping astronauts, overuse of the smoke machine, and some kind of compressed air shots?? And seizure inducing strobe lights,. And a girl singing the chorus who looks like a robot version of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. I can't even. Still, at least it's not a ballad?

Lithuania - Andrius Pojavis

Another ballad, but this time with a rock beat and a leather jacket. That's progress, I guess?? He's doing a lot of singing with his eyebrows, which is kind of hilarious. I want to like it, but it's kind of like average karaoke. GRATUITOUS ABS SHOT!! I don't even know what to make of the song because he's singing about being in love with someone, but then talks about his shoes. It's kind of like the first year they were allowed to sing in another language again, and they all ran their songs through Babelfish at the last minute and none of the translations made sense...

Belarus - Alyona Lanskaya

She just appeared out of a giant disco ball in a tiny fringed dress and HELLO EUROVISION. Her back up dancers are wearing all white or crazy fringed dresses and there are fireworks and smoke machine effects, and she seems like she's a quarter tone flat, and seriously, you guys. THIS is what Eurovision is all about. KEY CHAAAAAAAAAANGE. And FIRE BALLS. Sorry I'm so capsy, but there've been so many ballads tonight that it's a welcome change of awfulness. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Moldova - Aliona Moon

Back to the ballads again. This time with piano accompaniment and a glowing dress a la Carrie Underwood at the Grammys. Her hair is rather more insane though. She has the obligatory male back up dancer in all white AND the obligatory stage full of smoke machine effects. Um. She now appears to be lifting up into the air on some kind of pedastal that's hidden under her dress, which is crazy long, so she now looks like she's three metres tall. WEIRD. How the hell is she going to get down from there?!

Ireland - Ryan Dolan

I have to say, I'm kind of sad by the lack of Jedward this year. That said, three years in a row of Jedward would probably have been a little excessive... He DOES have back up dancers playing the bodhran in tight silver trousers though, so.........there's that?? He should probably also considering not plucking his eyebrows QUITE so much, because they're scaring me. It's upbeat, but kind of forgettable. Aaaaaand an explosion of sparks at the end.

Cyprus - Despina Olympiou

She appears to be wearing lingerie, which is a little awkward. Aaaaaand it's yet ANOTHER ballad because apparently Eurovision hates me this year. It's all very minimalist which, when it comes to Eurovision, is code for "totally forgettable". Sorry, Cyprus. You do not get douze pointes from me, regardless of how many key changes you add in. There was also a weird close up of her hand at the end. What.

Belgium - Roberto Bellarossa

Another one who's doing a lot of singing with his eyebrows. Why do you do this, people?? It's weird. His back up dancers appear to be feeling him up, which is a little awkward because he looks to be about twelve. He has his lyrics on a screen behind him, which is thoughtful because it's hard to hear him over the backing beat and the fact that I can't focus on anything but his insane eyebrows.

Serbia - Moje 3

I...have no idea what these girls are wearing (possibly cupcake wrappers??), but they have awesome 1940s hairdos, so they get bonus points for that! And I kind of want their awesomely coloured patent shoes. The song is typical Europop, which is an awesome change from the four million ballads we've sat through tonight. But it's not great.

Aaaaaaaand that's it for the performances for semi-final 1. Who's through to the finals? Let's find out!!

1. Moldova
2. Lithuania
3. Ireland
4. Estonia
5. Belarus
6. Denmark
7. Russia
8. Belgium
9. Ukraine
10.  The Netherlands

Did you watch it? Were you pleased with the results? Or were you, like me, disappointed by the TOTAL LACK OF ON STAGE COSTUME CHANGES?????

See you tomorrow night for semi-final 2!!

K xx


  1. OK, so I am watching from WA - 2 hrs behind you, and we just got Montenegro. Yup, pretty bizarre, in the best traditions of eurovision it is incomprehensible and random. Perhaps they will win? My money is on Russia - but that was before I reached Female Soloist Overload!

    1. SO MANY FEMALE SOLOISTS. I've actually been listening to the 2012 album, and I think on the whole I preferred last year.

  2. Moldova = "Let me put that into interpretive Dance for you"

  3. The highlight of Cyprus was getting clinton to test his greek skills (also testing my own!)

    PS Excuse the solo posting - I am alone and drunk n WA!!

    1. Never apologise for drunken solo posting about Eurovision, Isa. NEVER. <3

  4. Belgium - no, just - no. Keep your creepy Harry Potter eyes to yourself!

    1. YES!! He was SO creepy. And Julia kept being all "Awwwww, look how adorable he is...", and I was all "Uh, no. Not adorable. Creepy stalky murderer, yes. Adorable, no."

  5. I do not watch Eurovision but seriously the guy from Belgium gives me the creeps. Which is a fairly awful thing to say.

    1. Potentially awful, but completely legitimate. He was proper creepy.


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