Thursday, May 30, 2013

Patience is a virtue

Patience and I have an all or nothing relationship. Waiting two years for a movie to come out? Sure! Fifteen hours trapped in a metal cylinder that's carrying me half way around the world by magic (and before you ask, no. I don't want to know how planes stay up)? Absolutely. Not a problem in the world. Be right here, watching movies and reading books and eating terrible food.

On the other side of the coin, if the tram is crowded? MUST GET OFF THIS TRAM NOW OMG ARE WE THERE YET. And basically the minute I order food, I start expecting it to arrive. I can watch the waiter/waitress walk away towards the kitchen and be like "OKAY. YOU'VE BEEN GONE FOR TEN SECONDS, WHERE'S MY FOOD???". Not that I would actually say anything because a) I'm aware that it takes longer than ten seconds to prepare food, and b) no one wants to end up on Not Always Right.

ANYWAY. One of the things I hate most is waiting to get assignments back. Because even though I've yet to get anything less than a distinction in my six and a half(!!) years at university, I still have a small inner panic attack that I'm going to fail every single time.

So obviously, handing in assignments electronically is ideal for me, because it means the lecturers upload the marks to the course website, and send us an email when they've done so. Getting assignment feedback that way is like ripping off a bandaid - over and done with in two seconds flat.

The situation I'm in at the moment is more like having your entire body wrapped in duct tape and the person who did it telling you that they'll be back in a week to take it off: incredibly irritating and more than a little stressful because you spend days building up in the pain in your mind.

In keeping with my theory that he's the ACTUAL WORST, I got an email this morning from the guy who ran the study tour. First of all, you should know that we handed in the last assignment for that class in EARLY MARCH. We have yet to receive any feedback. So my anxiety about my grades is worse than usual. Anyway, this email said several things:
1. That he's received our assignments back from the US.
2. That he'll arrange a time for us to collect them on Tuesday.
3. That he'll upload our grades at the end of next week.

So my choices at the moment are: a) rock back and forth in the corner biting my nails until Tuesday, then spend 45 minutes each way on public transport to spend 5 minutes at uni, or b) rock back and forth in the corner biting my nails until NEXT FRIDAY.


Happy Thursday?

K xx


  1. Waiting for grades is the actual worst. My degree meant writing a bunch of exams at the end of each semester over 2-3 weeks or sometimes 2-3 exams a day which is cruel but I also kind of miss it as I sit here procrastinating writing a conclusion to my thesis. What's worse though is having to wait for an unspecified length of time until the respective professors graded all exams and published the results. Especially when the time comes in which a lot of results for a lot of classes are published and you keep refreshing the institute's homepage to see if you're doomed or not. This has been a long way to say, I understand where you're coming from, sista suffragette!!

    I could explain how planes stay up in the air but I will refrain from it and leave now.

    1. I actually prefer the end of semester waiting to the any-other-time-of-semester waiting, because at least at the end of semester, there's a definite date by which they have to have your stuff marked!

      But yeah, refreshing to see if you're doomed is the worst.

  2. I wish we could submit and collect grades electronically! Every time there's a nervous 200 students crammed into a tiny corridor queuing up. Waiting is the worst! I also find it really hard to actually look at the piece of paper with the result on too!

    1. Ugh, I had to do things that way back in undergrad. It SUCKED. I don't envy you having to do it.

  3. I hated getting my grades back at the end of semester. Terrible.

    1. SO MUCH. Especially when they've had your assignments for like six weeks and haven't given you any indication of when you'll get your grades...

  4. When doing my MA I submitted an Internship report in the November, and graduated the following October with an 'incomplete' for it on my academic transcript because everyone from Uni Admin to the Course Convenor were massively incompetent. Also, submitted my Masters Dissertation and never got it back, never saw feedback on it, nothing except a Credit grade on my Transcript - the ONLY Credit, mind you - everything else was Ds and HDs. I suspect she didn't actually read it, it got 'lost', and a grade was selected for it at random out of a hat. Fucking USyd!

    1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. That's INSANE. Are you PhD-ing at ANU? Here's hoping they're sliiiiiightly more organised about their administration!! O.o


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