Thursday, May 23, 2013

Internet origin stories

It's the end of the month, and that means another vlog! This one is far more awkward than most, thanks to the fact that I can't find my tripod and I tend to gesture a lot when I talk, which made the camera shake a lot.  I made this in literally five minutes before I headed out the door to meet Deidre for Dessert Day, so I apologise for the fact that I'm talking really fast and that it's really poorly edited. There was insufficient space in my word vomit to make decent cuts.

Here's hoping I find my tripod before next month... And thanks go, once again, to Youtube for giving me a series of the most awful faces ever to choose from as the thumbnail.

What's your internet origin story?

K xx


  1. HAHAHA. You're old. ;)

    I like that you can kind of tell as your arm gets more and more tired. You should do your videos like this all the time.

    I'm glad you blog and that you joined 20sb. 'Cause you know. We met and stuff. :D

    1. Right back at you. And OMG MY ARM WAS DYING. Thank God I wasn't using my SLR or things would have gotten really messy. Did I mention that I need to find my tripod? Because I need to find my tripod...

  2. Instant messaging was my gateway drug to the internet.

    1. I never got into instant messaging. I don't really know anyone in Australia who did. Probably because our internet was always go-and-make-a-sandwich-in-the-time-it-takes-a-page-to-load slow...


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