Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Am lost, send help

Earlier this evening, I realised that I'd forgotten to check xkcd yesterday. And yesterday's xkcd comic was about Geoguessr. Obviously, I was like "Oooooh, that sounds like fun!" and have spent the past two hours on there.

The problem I'm having is this: it keeps dumping me on obscure rural roads in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and the only clues I'll have to go on are the following:

  • This road is insanely straight.
  • I clicked 5,000 times and finally came across a car. It was driving on the right. This cuts out Australia, New Zealand and the UK as possibilities. 
  • There are no gum trees. 
  • Is that a sheep or a piece of rubbish in a paddock?
  • It's sunny.
  • The one house I've passed in my 5,000 clicks has had a mailbox on a stick by the side of the road. This limits it to North America. 

Yeah. That really helps me narrow it down to ANYWHERE EVER. 

The problem with this is that I'm a perfectionist, and anything less than 20km of being completely correct is not good enough. So I could just guess wildly and be totally wrong and move on to the next one. But NO. I have to spend half an hour of my life trying to work out where I am. 

My favourite so far? On a rural road about 15km outside a town in Manitoba with a population of 501 people. Yeah. Thanks, GeoGuessr. That was really easy.........

Out of the two rounds I've played so far, I've gotten a grand total of ONE that's been in an urban area. Please go and play GeoGuessr and tell me that I'm not alone in being dropped on roads with no identifying features for miles in any direction???

K xx


  1. Geoguessr is addictive! I've actually found some of the ones in America to be the hardest. Sometimes it puts me on a rural road without a lot of signs. Then I just guess Iowa. At some point it has to be Iowa.

    I've gotten some really cool ones, though. One was this tiny island off the coast of Japan, and I figured it out from the signs.

    1. I got one last night after I wrote this post that was in the Canary Islands. I was so convinced that it was in Portugal. But no. THE CANARY ISLANDS.

  2. I played five little rounds and got 10,000 points or so. I was always on the right continent, and in the right country. The two in North America, I got the right state (including one in Mexico). Considering I haven't traveled, like, at ALL, and I was going completely on my abstract knowledge of culture and language, I put those in the win column.

    1. I keep ending up in Russia, which isn't fair because you can be like 5,000km worth of wrong and still in the correct country. Harrumph.

  3. Yeah, I think I won't start playing. It sounds a bit too addictive!

    1. It really is. But you get to see the most random things! Last night, I ended up in Sweden next to a giant wooden bear...

  4. Oh no, the last thing I need is another website to get addicted too!


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