Friday, April 19, 2013

Yay, filler posts!

I wanted to write a blog post today, but I had an assignment due, so a) didn't have time before now, and b) was brain dead about anything other than the history and function of archives, so instead of me writing something that requires brain ability, I figured I'd make use of some photos I took a week or so back and give you guys a tour of my book collection.

This is the bookshelf in my bedroom. It houses the top tier books - my absolute favourites, the ones that I would take to a desert island (yes, I'm aware that taking 117 books to a desert island is rather implausible). The top four shelves are fiction, shelved alphabetically by author and then chronologically within each series. If they're not part of a series, they're shelved alphabetically by author and title. The bottom shelf is nonfiction, shelved alphabetically by author, although recently I've been thinking that I should reshelve the nonfiction section by Dewey number, just because I can.

This is, at the risk of sounding like Dudley Dursley, the bookshelf in my second bedroom. Technically, it's the spare room, but it's the room I was living in when I first moved back from Canberra. And when my little brother moved out and I got my PROPER bedroom back, I moved my Canberra bookshelf up from the garage. These are the books that I still love love, but which don't QUITE make the "take to a desert island" cut. The first three and a bit shelves are fiction, and the bottom shelf and a bit are nonfiction. Shelved, as before, by author and series/title.

This is the first shelf of the cupboard in my "second bedroom". These are the books that I read from time to time, but which aren't important enough to me to warrant being on the bookshelves. They're stacked two deep on this shelf and are in pretty much no order. And the books you can see on the shelf below are picture books that I haven't looked at in forever.

This is the second shelf of that cupboard, which is mostly books from high school or first year English. They're only one deep here, hence the pile of odd books in front of them. And yes, that's a facsimile copy of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management on the right. It's kind of awesome.

This is the top shelf of the cupboard, which is more odds and ends that don't fit elsewhere. As you can see from the fact that Jurassic Park and The Lost World are sitting at the front, I do read stuff from here occasionally!

Moving to the next set of shelves over in the cupboard, we have the back row, which consists mostly of books from my teen years, and the front row, which is mostly Janet Evanovich and the complete works of Shakespeare. Because you never know when you'll want to read Titus Andronicus?

And this is the shelf under that, which is another row of books from my teen years at the back, and the box set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books at the front. As you can see, they're rather well loved. Oh, and my poetry book from year 10 English.

And then there are several of these under my bed and the spare bed. I only pulled out the one, because they're really dusty and they make me sneeze. This is mostly books I haven't read since I was about 15, but which I can't bear to get rid of because I loved them so much as a kid/teenager.

Aaaaaand finally, we have this collection of text books from my undergrad degree, and some other random books about archaeology of the "found in the bargain bin at the bookshop" variety. Oh, and on the right are my high school year books.

Yeah. I'm pretty much a total hoarder when it comes to books. Just call me Rory Gilmore!

K xx


  1. Damn, you beat me to this post, now I feel like a copy-cat but that won't stop me because I decided to do this a couple of days ago even though I didn't execute it yet. Ha!

    Nice collection you're having there. And, awww, a Gilmore Girls reference :)

  2. Yay, books! Do you find they expand to fit the storage available, thus ensuring that you will never have enough space on your bookshelves? We bought two large bookshelves last year and even though I immediately filled them with all the books that were lying about the place, it didn't seem to make any difference whatsoever.

    It doesn't matter, though - you can never have too many books!

  3. I used to be a book hoarder and then I moved overseas...and I thought to myself oh my god "what if I move back to the US WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL THESE BOOKS" and then I just stopped keeping books.

  4. Love it! So very Rory of you.

    I go through cycles - I collect books, and then I do a long haul move, like from Melbs to London, or back again, or from Melbs to Perth... and so I donate those books in which I wouldn't take to a desert island, and take the rest (or keep them stored at the Parentals so that every time I fly back to Melbs I bring a few back to Perth).

    I love that you have so many! Makes my consideration of buying a second bookshelf not so crazy :-D

  5. I'm so jealous of you and also you're very organised.

    I have quite a collection at my parents but I've stopped collecting now. I have small bookshop where I stay. He sells me books for 100 bucks and I give it back to him for 70!

    Also, I love reading your blogs and hey, Belated Happy B'day!


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