Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Monday: Suddenly 30

In light of the fact that it's my 30th birthday in a couple of days, this week's choice is oddly appropriate. Because I saw a gifset from this on Tumblr last week and realised that I'm disturbingly like actually-13-but-trapped-in-the-body-of-30-year-old Jenna. What else would I possibly cover this week?! (And yes, it was called Suddenly 30 in Australia. Deal.)


Reasons why Suddenly 30 is awesome:
1. Jennifer Garner. She's PERFECT as Jenna.
GPOY. Also, source.
2. The soundtrack. It's the best of the 80s.
3. Mark Ruffalo.
4. Jenna's redesign of the magazine.
5. Jenna's face all the way through her boyfriend's awful striptease.
6. Judy Greer.
7. Attempting to jump off the swings and failing spectacularly.
8. Magazine Publishing for Dummies.
9. Andy Serkis.
10. The Thriller scene at the party. Phenomenal.

11. Writing her name on the top of every page in meetings.
12. Jenna's attempts at hailing a cab.
13. Andy Serkis moonwalking.
14. The sleepover with the thirteen year olds.
15. One upping Lucy.
16. The prom king driving taxis.
17. The dream house that 13 year old Matt makes for Jenna.

Plus, as always, the following quotes:
- "Those aren't people, honey. Those are models."
- "You went on a cruise without ME?"
- "I'm going to a party in a limo! HA HA!!"
- "To being 30: I've decided it's going to be totally awesome."
- "Wait, listen to me. I'm 13!" "Jenna, if you're gonna start lying about your age, I'd go with 27."
- "I saw his thingy!" "Oh, God, not his thingy."
- "I like your dress." "That's because I have these incredible boobs to fill it out!"
- "I'll have a Pina Colada, not virgin. Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!"
- "I can't believe you invited those clones." "They're my friends." "The Six Chicks are not your friends, okay?" "Almost. And someday I'm gonna BE a Sixth Chick." "There are six of them, Jenna, that's the whole point. There can't be a seventh Sixth Chick. It's just mathematically impossible."
- "How long until your balls get totally squished?" "Hopefully never, I'm rather attached to my balls."
- "It doesn't matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my poprocks in the third grade."
- "What happened?" "I don't know. I can pretty much peg it to your 13th birthday party, when you were in the closet playing that game. Spin the Rapist?" "Seven Minutes in Heaven."
- "Hey! You got arm hair!" "Never got quite that reaction before..."

So. Is anyone else technically an adult but still considers this movie to be the biggest GPOY of ever?

K xx


  1. THIS.


    Love this movie and need to watch it again. Also? I need to learn the Thriller dance properly. I've only ever known, like, 20% of that. (Yes, the zombie arms to the left and right is one of those moves, DUH.)

    Will someone give Judy Greer a role that's NOT BFF Sidekick?

    I wonder if Garner is gonna make a career comeback...maybe Mr Affleck should take a back-seat for a while so Jen can do some super-dooper role. (She was so badass on Alias AND I found her to be a really good actress, amirite?!)


  2. The German title translates to 30 over night. I don't understand the renaming in the anglophone world but that's not for this post to discuss.

    Haven't seen the movie in ages but I remember it very positively. Also, I just love 80s music so I insta-feel at home here. Also, also, Jennifer's clothes, they are so colourful, I love that!!

  3. I haven't seen this movie in FOREVER but I love it.

  4. Mark and I have something special. It's just that he doesn't know it yet you know?

    And with that statement alone, I think I make a pretty good case for the fact that I'm actually a 13 year old trapped in a 27 year olds body.

    (also see temper tantrums that I throw when I'm sad about unemployment).

  5. First "Centre Stage" and now "Suddenly 30"?! Australia, you're killing me!

  6. How haven't I seen this??? Better remedy that before I turn 30 too :-)


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