Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Real life hashtagging and shiny new toys

It's the end of another month, and that means it's time for yet another installment of Kirsti Makes a Fool of Herself in front of a video camera. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Ish.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I should upload ALL my vlogs from uni, because this took 15 minutes as opposed to the TWO AND A HALF HOURS that the last one took.

I promise I'll tell you all about my birthday stuff soon. Sorry about the awkward cuts. My computer kept freezing whenever I tried to add a caption or a title screen and the only way to rectify the situation was to reboot completely......... *sigh* So it's a little crappier than it might otherwise have been. Hopefully by next month, my computer has sorted out its dramas and I can edit in a vaguely decent way again!

K xx

Monday, April 29, 2013

Movie Monday: Iron Man 3

Before I start, I'm going to tell you that there aren't any spoilers in this, because I know that it's not out in the US until this weekend. So you can read this without things getting ruined, providing you've seen the trailer. Which, if you haven't, WTF DUDE???

I saw it on Saturday, and it's absolutely brilliant.


Reasons why you should see Iron Man 3:
1. Robert Downey Junior. Dude is AMAZING.
2. The script. Sure, it's not the Joss Whedon penned masterpiece that The Avengers was. But it's still pretty fantastic.
3. Gwyneth Paltrow. Pepper Potts hasn't been the most interesting character in the past as far as I'm concerned, but they've pretty much turned her into a total BAMF in this.
4. Making Tony Stark a more human character in the aftermath of The Avengers.
5. The end credits scene. Perfection.
6. Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. He. Is. Phenomenal.
7. House Party Protocol.
8. Guy Pearce. Yes, his character is a little one dimensional, but he did a pretty great job with what he had.
9. "I got you." "I got you first."
10. Improvising.
11. Ty Simpkins. The kid is adorable.
12. An unexpected Downton Abbey cameo.
13. Skydiving rescues.
14. Don Cheadle. He's great.
15. Explosions.
16. Sassy Tony Stark.
17. Stan Lee's obligatory cameo.
18. One hell of a fan boy.
19. This happened at the German premiere:
Yes, that's RDJ in lederhosen. Also, source.
20. Dancing Tony Stark.
21. Trips to Pakistan.

So. Go and see it, then let me know what you thought!!

K xx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On my rapidly advancing age

Tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday. There seems to be an unwritten rule that by the time you turn thirty, you should have your shit together. Have a job. Have a house, whether rented or purchased. Preferably be married. Maybe have a couple of kids.

I have none of these things, and I'm totally okay with that.

I had plans to write a whole post about how while a lot of stuff in my life is the same as when I turned 20, there's also a bunch of stuff that's super different and I'm totally not the same person and blah blah blah. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it wasn't working out the way I wanted. So instead, I'm just gonna say that I'm going to be away from the blog for the next few days because I'll be eating cake and drinking cocktails and hanging out with my friends.

And here - have some gifs that pretty much sum me up. Because everything is better with gifs.

Especially that last one... Catch you on the flipside!

K xx

Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Monday: Suddenly 30

In light of the fact that it's my 30th birthday in a couple of days, this week's choice is oddly appropriate. Because I saw a gifset from this on Tumblr last week and realised that I'm disturbingly like actually-13-but-trapped-in-the-body-of-30-year-old Jenna. What else would I possibly cover this week?! (And yes, it was called Suddenly 30 in Australia. Deal.)


Reasons why Suddenly 30 is awesome:
1. Jennifer Garner. She's PERFECT as Jenna.
GPOY. Also, source.
2. The soundtrack. It's the best of the 80s.
3. Mark Ruffalo.
4. Jenna's redesign of the magazine.
5. Jenna's face all the way through her boyfriend's awful striptease.
6. Judy Greer.
7. Attempting to jump off the swings and failing spectacularly.
8. Magazine Publishing for Dummies.
9. Andy Serkis.
10. The Thriller scene at the party. Phenomenal.

11. Writing her name on the top of every page in meetings.
12. Jenna's attempts at hailing a cab.
13. Andy Serkis moonwalking.
14. The sleepover with the thirteen year olds.
15. One upping Lucy.
16. The prom king driving taxis.
17. The dream house that 13 year old Matt makes for Jenna.

Plus, as always, the following quotes:
- "Those aren't people, honey. Those are models."
- "You went on a cruise without ME?"
- "I'm going to a party in a limo! HA HA!!"
- "To being 30: I've decided it's going to be totally awesome."
- "Wait, listen to me. I'm 13!" "Jenna, if you're gonna start lying about your age, I'd go with 27."
- "I saw his thingy!" "Oh, God, not his thingy."
- "I like your dress." "That's because I have these incredible boobs to fill it out!"
- "I'll have a Pina Colada, not virgin. Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!"
- "I can't believe you invited those clones." "They're my friends." "The Six Chicks are not your friends, okay?" "Almost. And someday I'm gonna BE a Sixth Chick." "There are six of them, Jenna, that's the whole point. There can't be a seventh Sixth Chick. It's just mathematically impossible."
- "How long until your balls get totally squished?" "Hopefully never, I'm rather attached to my balls."
- "It doesn't matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my poprocks in the third grade."
- "What happened?" "I don't know. I can pretty much peg it to your 13th birthday party, when you were in the closet playing that game. Spin the Rapist?" "Seven Minutes in Heaven."
- "Hey! You got arm hair!" "Never got quite that reaction before..."

So. Is anyone else technically an adult but still considers this movie to be the biggest GPOY of ever?

K xx

Friday, April 19, 2013

Yay, filler posts!

I wanted to write a blog post today, but I had an assignment due, so a) didn't have time before now, and b) was brain dead about anything other than the history and function of archives, so instead of me writing something that requires brain ability, I figured I'd make use of some photos I took a week or so back and give you guys a tour of my book collection.

This is the bookshelf in my bedroom. It houses the top tier books - my absolute favourites, the ones that I would take to a desert island (yes, I'm aware that taking 117 books to a desert island is rather implausible). The top four shelves are fiction, shelved alphabetically by author and then chronologically within each series. If they're not part of a series, they're shelved alphabetically by author and title. The bottom shelf is nonfiction, shelved alphabetically by author, although recently I've been thinking that I should reshelve the nonfiction section by Dewey number, just because I can.

This is, at the risk of sounding like Dudley Dursley, the bookshelf in my second bedroom. Technically, it's the spare room, but it's the room I was living in when I first moved back from Canberra. And when my little brother moved out and I got my PROPER bedroom back, I moved my Canberra bookshelf up from the garage. These are the books that I still love love, but which don't QUITE make the "take to a desert island" cut. The first three and a bit shelves are fiction, and the bottom shelf and a bit are nonfiction. Shelved, as before, by author and series/title.

This is the first shelf of the cupboard in my "second bedroom". These are the books that I read from time to time, but which aren't important enough to me to warrant being on the bookshelves. They're stacked two deep on this shelf and are in pretty much no order. And the books you can see on the shelf below are picture books that I haven't looked at in forever.

This is the second shelf of that cupboard, which is mostly books from high school or first year English. They're only one deep here, hence the pile of odd books in front of them. And yes, that's a facsimile copy of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management on the right. It's kind of awesome.

This is the top shelf of the cupboard, which is more odds and ends that don't fit elsewhere. As you can see from the fact that Jurassic Park and The Lost World are sitting at the front, I do read stuff from here occasionally!

Moving to the next set of shelves over in the cupboard, we have the back row, which consists mostly of books from my teen years, and the front row, which is mostly Janet Evanovich and the complete works of Shakespeare. Because you never know when you'll want to read Titus Andronicus?

And this is the shelf under that, which is another row of books from my teen years at the back, and the box set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books at the front. As you can see, they're rather well loved. Oh, and my poetry book from year 10 English.

And then there are several of these under my bed and the spare bed. I only pulled out the one, because they're really dusty and they make me sneeze. This is mostly books I haven't read since I was about 15, but which I can't bear to get rid of because I loved them so much as a kid/teenager.

Aaaaaand finally, we have this collection of text books from my undergrad degree, and some other random books about archaeology of the "found in the bargain bin at the bookshop" variety. Oh, and on the right are my high school year books.

Yeah. I'm pretty much a total hoarder when it comes to books. Just call me Rory Gilmore!

K xx

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

Previously: manatees, tacky souvenirs and why you shouldn't drink while taking cold and flu tablets.

When Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened back in 2010, Sara was in Australia. And we spent a rather terrifying amount of time wishing that we could go and generally moping about the fact that we lived far away from Florida. Somewhere along the way, we started joking that we should meet there in between our 30th birthdays because AWESOME. And then with me going on the study tour in January, we were able to actually make it happen. And OH MY GOD, IT WAS FREAKING SPECTACULAR. 

So Wednesday ended with us having dinner with Alice and Emily. Thursday started with Lor's arrival, which led to much squealing and flailing and hugging. Once we'd finished bouncing around like lunatics, we all piled into the car and drove to Universal's Islands of Adventure and promptly recommenced bouncing around like lunatics. 
Pretty much like this.

We headed straight to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, because OBVIOUSLY, and when we walked through the gate and into Hogsmeade I literally started bouncing up and down and squealing with excitement. Because it's freaking PERFECT, you guys. See?

We wandered around for a few minutes, just taking everything in, and noting that the Dragon Challenge was closed. To be honest, I was a little relieved, because Kirsti + upside down rollercoasters = NOPE. We then realised that the wait for The Forbidden Journey was only 40 minutes, so we immediately jumped in the queue. And let me just say, it was the most fun I've EVER had in a queue. Because the queue takes you through Hogwarts, and there are all kinds of props from the movie and interactions with the characters and it's just generally really freaking brilliant, okay? 

Dumbledore's office

Talking portraits

Dumbeldore's study, complete with Dumbledore

Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, complete with Golden Trio

The entrance to the Gryffindor common room

The Sorting Hat

The ride itself? Was kind of amazing. I'm an ENORMOUS wimp when it comes to roller coasters. But this? Is equal parts roller coaster and simulator. So while I was nervous when it first started, I was grinning like an idiot by the end (although I will admit, I may have uttered a small scream when Aragog spat at me...). If I remember correctly, we got straight back on and rode it again. Although given that it was almost three months ago now, I might just be making stuff up... 

Once we'd had our fill of Filch's Emporium (I MAY have purchased a Hogwarts crest Christmas decoration...), we headed over to the Flight of the Hippogriff. The wait time on that one was over an hour, and wasn't NEARLY as interesting as the queue through Hogwarts. Especially when the ride itself lasted about a minute... (In contrast, the Forbidden Journey is 5 minutes) So that was a little disappointing, but still fun. 

After that, we were all starving, so headed over to the Three Broomsticks for a spot of lunch. I ordered the Cornish pastie, and was confusingly presented with three beef empanadas. Nice try, America. But NO. Lor, Emmy and I also had butterbeer, which was insanely sweet but also incredibly delicious. Sara had pumpkin juice, which mostly just tasted of cinnamon and nutmeg. 
Stolen shamelessly from Emmy's FB page.
After lunch, we headed out to explore the rest of the park. Somehow, this turned into "Let's go to Marvel Superhero Island". We all rode the Spiderman ride a couple of times (it's pretty great), and Sara and Julia rode the Hulk rollercoaster while Emmy, Lor and I waved from the ground.

Then we wandered through the other islands, without partaking in any of the rides. It was too cold for the water ones, which was a shame because you guys know how I loves me some velociraptors. We briefly considered the rides in Toon Lagoon and Seuss Landing before deciding that it was better to spend our time back in Hogsmeade. We hit the Forbidden Journey again before going through all the shops. I think my favourite was Honeydukes, where I bought the rather obligatory chocolate frog (I have yet to eat it because IT'S SO PRETTY I DON'T WANT TO OPEN IT) and a box of peppermint toads. We didn't get to go through Ollivander's, because there was a massive queue to get in the door, but we DID go through Zonko's and Dervish and Banges, both of which were pretty freaking awesome. 

And then we headed back towards the car, with a little stop off at a shop in Seuss Landing where Lor and I bought cookies. Mine was raspberry and white chocolate, and was AMAZING. 

And thus ended our day at Universal. It was quite possibly the best pre-30th birthday present EVER. 

K xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Monday: School of Rock

I can't believe I've done almost a year and a half of Movie Monday posts without covering today's installment. Because I love the crap out of this movie even though it's completely and utterly ridiculous.


Reasons why School of Rock is awesome:
1. The soundtrack. Holy crap, GENIUS. They even managed to pick the one and only Led Zeppelin song that I don't hate.
2. Jack Black. I'm pretty sure this movie is half character, and half just him having an absolute blast and playing his favourite music.
3. Dewey's fake "handing the phone over" technique.
4. Jack Black's plea to Led Zeppelin to let them use Immigrant Song on the soundtrack.

5. Summer's horrified face when the gold star chart gets torn up.
6. Soundproofing the classroom.
7. Jack Black's crazy impressive eyebrow raising skills.
8. Every single kid in the entire movie. They're all brilliant. Especially Billy...
9. Stupidly long and complicated handshakes.
10. Joan Cusack.
11. The rock music map.
12. Summer sneaking the entire class out of the school and onto the bus.
13. The performance at Battle of the Bands.
14. Dewey's school uniform, a la Angus Young.
15. Zach's guitar solo.
16. Maggotdeth.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "You're tacky and I hate you."
- "Dewey, a substitute teacher is not a temp!"
- "Would you tell Picasso to sell his guitars?!"
- "Okay, here's the deal. I have a hangover. Who knows what that means?" "Doesn't that mean you're drunk?" "No. It means I was drunk yesterday." "It means you're an alcoholic." "Wrong." "You wouldn't come to work with a hangover unless you were an alcoholic. Dude, you got a disease!" "Hmmm... hmmm... What's your name?" "Freddy Jones." "Okay, Freddy Jones, shut up!"
- "Ros, I'm not a teacher." "Ohhh, Ned. A substitute IS a teacher!"
- "You, Freddy, what do you like to do?" "I dunno. Burn stuff?"
- "It will test your head. And your mind. And your brain."
- "Why don't you go on a diet?" "Because. I like to eat."
- "You're gonna talk to me about style? You can't even dress yourself... look at that bow tie." "Don't you be talkin' about my bow tie."
- "Math is a wonderful thing. Math is a really cool thing. So get off your ath, let's do some math. Math, math, math, math, math. Three minus four is?" "Negative one." "That's right. And six times a billion is?" "Six billion?" "Nailed it. And fifty-four is forty-five more than what is the answer, Marta?" "Nine." No, it's eight." "...No, it's nine." "...Yes, I was testing you... it's nine. And that's a magic number."
- "Those that can't do, teach, and those that can't teach... teach gym."
- "And we're gonna start a revolution okay? And you're gonna be a funny little footnote on my epic ass!"
- "No, I'm not a licensed teacher. But I've been touched by your kids. And I'm pretty sure I've touched them."
- "I've just been informed that all of your children are missing. So..."

Have you heard that Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to turn it into a Broadway musical?? Because apparently he is. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified...

K xx

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big grey blobby things and tacky magnets

Previously, I arrived in Florida, promptly developed a cold, and had the most epic milkshake of all time.
My second full day in Florida started once again with a buffet breakfast, followed by another long-ish drive accompanied by Orlando's one and only radio station, which once again played the same six songs over and over for the duration of the drive.

I'm pretty sure my cold and I took a nap to pass the time. The view on highways in central Florida leaves a lot to be desired in terms of entertainment value...

Anyway, we eventually arrived at our destination - Blue Spring State Park. And why were we there? To see manatees! The whole way there (in between napping, of course), I'd been bitching to Sara and Julia that "If we've driven all this way and I don't see a bloody manatee........". So of course, we arrived at the gate, and they had a board up telling you what the water temperature was and what the day's manatee count was.

What was the manatee count that particular day? NINETY ONE. Yup. Ninety one manatees. Obviously, I was pretty excited about the fact that I was pretty much definitely going to see a manatee. Aaaaaand the word 'manatee' no longer looks like a word. Well done, Kirsti...

Anyway, we parked the car and followed the signs to the hiking trail. Apparently America has a very different interpretation of hiking to the rest of the world, because said trail was a boardwalk, was perfectly flat, and took about ten minutes to complete. Still, the view was nice:


Our first of the day! Although I think we were all more excited by this slightly ridiculous sign:
No harassment allowed

After staring at the manatee for a while, we wandered back in the direction we'd come and further down along the spring, where there turned out to be a ton more manatees, including babies. Sadly, the reflection on the water made it hard to take photos of them. For the most part, they were big and grey and blobby - about what you'd expect of manatees, really!

But rest assured, there were many more manatees, along with an enormous heron and a rather large alligator. And some Spanish moss, which I decided I quite liked:

Eventually, we reached the end of the path, which came with this delightful mosaic sculpture:

Isn't it pretty?? It's hard to tell from the picture, but all the mosaic pieces had a metallic finish. SUPER CLASSY.

Back in Orlando that evening, we decided to dedicate our time to finding the tackiest magnet humanly possible. You see, Sara and her brother-in-law have a competition where they buy tacky magnets from around the world for Sara's younger sister. And Sara was determined to win, by finding the ugliest magnet that International Drive had to offer. We failed to find any that night, but I DID discover this spectacular piece of ridiculousness:

Yep. Socks with Zac Efron's face on them. BECAUSE OF REASONS??

The following day, we headed down to Tampa to go to the zoo, which turned out to have all the usual stuff:
Cranky looking bald eagles
Teeny tiny frogs
A bored looking chimpanzee
The most ridiculously orange flamingos ever
A very playful baby orangutan
And home was apparently far closer than I thought... 
And the afternoon finished with finding a winner in the tacky magnet competition. Conveniently, it was at the tacky souvenir shop RIGHT NEXT TO OUR HOTEL. What's that? You want to see the winning tacky magnet? Well, if you insist:
Shamelessly stolen from Sara's Facebook page

The back shell was painted teal, there were strings of glue all over the place, the bear was just...random, the Florida label is slightly askew, and the whole thing was covered in a layer of dust. LOVELY.

That night, we headed across town to Rocco's Tacos to meet up with Alice and Emmy. And sadly, I don't remember a whole lot about dinner, because cold and flu tablets + margaritas = Kirsti fighting the urge to fall asleep on the table. Well done, Past Me. Well done.

Next up, the excited flailing reaches extreme levels when Lor arrives and we all head to Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

K xx
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