Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ridiculous presidents and bloggy friends

Previously, classes and basketball and prolapsed baby makers...

At stupid o'clock on Friday morning, pretty much everyone else in the group left on a bus for New York. I briefly considered going to New York with them, until I learnt that this bus was the only university approved way of getting there. And said bus cost $150. When you can catch the train each way for $30, I decided on PASS. So instead of having to be on a bus by 5.45am, Agatha Goodkin and I had a nice leisurely start. WIN.

I was to meet Sarah at the Newseum at 12.30, so Agatha Goodkin and I decided to head downtown and grab a bite of lunch first. On my brother's recommendation, I headed to the one place in Washington I thought I'd never go to again: the National Museum of the American Indian. If you've been reading for a couple of years, you'll remember that Kat and I thought very little of it as a museum. But as a lunch destination? It's SPECTACULAR.

It features indigenous cuisine from the various regions of the Americas. Sadly, it took us longer to get downtown than planned, so I spent our time there shovelling my food into my face as fast as possible and sending apologetic text messages to Sarah telling her that I was going to be much later than planned.

Due to the rush, I neglected to take pictures of anything, so you'll just have to use your imagination. I had a salad from the South American station that was made of quinoa, purple potatoes, broad beans and a pepper vinaigrette, along with cheese filled fry bread from the Great Plains station, and the most amazing passionfruit agua fresca from the Mesoamerican station. It's not cheap - what I had came out at over $20 - but every single thing we had between the two of us was completely delicious. The staff were incredibly helpful if you weren't sure about something or wanted a taste before committing to ordering it. And overall, it made me sad to see how many people looked at all that amazing food and came out with a burger and fries... *SIGH*

Anyway, eventually I left Agatha Goodkin still enjoying her lunch and jogging most of the way back to the Newseum. Sarah met me in the foyer, and we headed in to be giant nerds and take pictures of ALL THE THINGS. Including but not limited to:

- My favourite couple:
This was their reaction when the Queen and Prince Phillip drove up in a fancy car

- Bill Clinton and his cat:

- Ronald Reagan wearing a leprechaun hat:

- LBJ howling along with his dog in the White House:

- And, you know, the view along Pennsylvania Avenue, which is pretty spectacular:

We also made our own digital newspapers, got goosebumps in an exhibition of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs, and got teary in the section discussing journalism and 9/11.

After we'd run out of museum to look at, we walked up 7th Street in search of food. Eventually, we came across Fuddruckers, and when she heard that I'd never had it before, Sarah decided that we definitely had to eat there. And it was kind of amazing. ESPECIALLY the chocolate shakes. Although they were so thick that they nearly gave us brain aneurysms... Eventually, I had to head back to the motel before Lauren arrived, so we headed to the Metro station and took this super flattering photo with the last 2% of Sarah's phone battery:
Chin up, Kirsti. Chin UP. Also, stolen from Sarah's Instagram. 
Basically, hanging out with Sarah was tons of fun to the point where I only got back to the motel about ten minutes before Lauren arrived!

Next up, Lauren and I discover the weirdest salad on earth, see some totally awesome planes, and queue up for cupcakes. Om nom nom nom nom.

K xx


  1. Hahaha. Brain aneurysms from chocolate milkshakes. So true.

    And I was uploading a picture for my blog yesterday and realized I have yet to do anything with all the pictures I took that day. Epic fail.

    1. Two months after the fact hardly makes me any better!! ;) I kind of want one of those milkshakes now...


    And I might have to visit that museum someday.

    1. It was pretty spectacular. Definitely worth the visit! Also, I kind of wish we had Fuddruckers, but at the same time I'm glad we don't because I would LIVE on those shakes and turn into a blimp.

    2. It's the best museum ever. I geek out every time I'm there, but then again, I was a journalism major, so that kind of makes sense.

  3. President "O" looks like "Meh."
    Mrs. "O" looks like "Niiiiiiiice."


  4. I loved the Newseum! So much fun- particularly because as we were going in another person was leaving and gave us their ticket for free! Which was so nice.

    I loved the pulitzer prize photograph exhibit! AMAZING.

    I wish I had known about the food at the American Indian museum...

    1. That's a pretty big win! I loved the Pulitzer exhibition too, but it was pretty hardcore at times. Especially that photo of the Ethiopian child being stalked by a vulture, and reading about how the photographer copped so much abuse about not helping the child that he killed himself... O.o

      The food was INCREDIBLE. Definitely keep it in mind next time you're in DC!

  5. "Although they were so thick that they nearly gave us brain aneurysms."


    I, too, can't believe people would pass up all the amazing food for burgers and fries. FAIL.

    Your mention of getting teary during the journalism-9/11 section reminded me of an amazing piece from a blogger/writer I've been reading since around 2000, Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation (she's one of the co-founders of Television Without Pity, but she no longer does recaps, and Jessica of GFY also used to be one of the TWoP recappers, and for Dawson's Creek no less!)...anyway, she wrote a heartachingly beautiful piece about her first-hand experience of 9/11, a few days after it happened.

    Read it when you can; it's very powerful and stirring.



    1. There's a possibility that I'm ugly crying like a maniac now... xx


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