Friday, March 29, 2013

Possibly not the best idea ever

So remember last month how I decided I was going to make a vlog every month? It's that time again.

I apologise in advance for my singing voice. I hadn't warmed up and was too lazy to rerecord it once I realised that I sound awful. And for the length of this. And for the fact that I'm posting this at nearly 1am - I started uploading the video at 7.30 and it's LITERALLY JUST FINISHED.

Have a calorific Easter, y'all. (Yes, I'm taking the piss)

K xx


  1. I emailed someone last week and she never got back to me. Then I ran into her at Starbucks. I didn't feel like it was the setting to call her out on not getting back to me. But she said, "I got your email but I forgot about it till now." So that was super awkward but hopefully fortuitous.

  2. As a fairly new Whovian I do care about Clara but whatever is going on with her is probably pretty weird and even more confusing than River. What I'd have liked to see though would have been if the Doctor took Madam Vastra along as a companion or Starx since they were in the Christmas Special together. Or you know, they could just make a spin-off of Vastra, her lady friend and Starx. I'd watch that!

  3. You're adorable. And awesome. I loved your comparison of singing styles! (I sing in a chorus, too.)

  4. OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD. Incoming: Tons of me running from cameras, everyone getting shots of fleeing crazy person.

    No, I'm kidding. It's going to be 90% me playing with A STUPID TOY.

  5. Hahahahah...loved the singing comparisons!

    Also, that is one fiiiiiiine soprano you've got there, missy! Beautiful!

    As always, you rock in your're a natural! Love the self-deprecating asides, heh heh. Also, when you mentioned about being a Whovian you sounded uncannily like Willow. DUUUUUDE.

    Oh, and the person next to you was TOTALLY making shit up. Believe me, I've had people doing that in the choir(s) I sing in and I'm like WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS because I know I ain't stuffin' up, bahahah.



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