Monday, March 25, 2013

Movie Monday: Down with Love

Between lack of sleep, excessive amounts of essay writing and a choir concert over the weekend, I was in definite need of fluffiness for today's viewing. And this certainly fits the bill nicely. A fabulous Rock Hudson/Doris Day-esque piece of ridiculousness, it's got brilliant casting, a hilarious script, and a truly terrifying amount of innuendo.


Reasons why Down with Love is awesome:
1. Ewan McGregor.
2. Discussions about socks. Crying with laughter.
3. Renee Zellweger.
4. The costumes.
5. The songs.
6. David Hyde Pierce. He's PERFECT.
7. The opening credits.
8. Sarah Paulson.
Pretty much her expression throughout. Source.
9. A three minute monologue.
10. The sets. Phenomenal.
11. Any scene involving helicopters.
12. The old school blue screening for car scenes.
13. Split screen phone calls.
14. The Ed Sullivan Show.
15. Montages of the book on sale around the world.
16. Men who change women as often as they change their shirts.
You're welcome. Also, source.
17. Fake astronauts.
18. Beatniks.
19. Catch and Peter bitching about wanting to be married. That quote down there about wanting to be married? That's these two.
20. All the Rock Hudson/Doris Day references.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Quick! Taste my sauce. Too tart?"
- "Where's my geisha? I need my shoes..."
- "Can you keep a secret?" "Yes." "Me too."
- "Catch, you're the best friend a guy with twenty diagnosed neuroses could ever have." "Oh, we've been friends a long time. I knew you when you only had twelve."
- "You said she was a spinster!" "I've never used the word spinster in my life. Okay, once, when I told my mother it was technically incorrect to call her son a spinster..."
- "Another ruse, Catcher? You know I have no interest in seeing you." "But you know you have to, and you know I know you have to. I'm sure you know how things are at KNOW ever since your new NOW." "I have no way of knowing how things are now at KNOW. I knew how things were at KNOW before NOW." "Then you should know now at KNOW things are a lot like they are at NOW, we have to interview every applicant for every job, and so do you or you'd be going against NOW's definition of discrimination and you wouldn't want the readers of NOW or KNOW to know that, now would you?" "Have a seat, Mr. Block."
- "What would you say is the average length, for most men?" "How would I know? You think I spend all my time in the locker room at the club making a comparative study?" "Let me see yours again, then. We could measure. I'll get a ruler." "Better make it a yardstick!" "Let's be accurate. Make sure you've got it fully extended. Have it up the whole way." "It stays up all the way, all day long, man! That's the miracle I was telling you about: better living through chemistry. You got... 16 inches." "16 inches! How long does a man's hose have to be?" "That's 32 inches of confidence in every step. Don't forget - I've got two of 'em!" [it's in regards to socks, you smutty minded individuals]
- "I'd like to get to know you better." "How much better?" "All the way better." "Well, I can't know you all the way better till I know you much, much better." "Do you feel you know me well enough for me to buy you a drink?" "I sure could go for a Tang."
- "At one point, I had even convinced myself that life was all one big zany sex comedy and you had switched keys with the lead to use his swinging pad to snare me." "I did! I did switch keys with the lead!"
- "I don't get it. How could a person lose their built-in bar?"
- "Have a candy bar for your trouble, and thanks again for thinking of us." "But I'm always thinking of you, Miss Novak. I can't stop thinking of you, and I'd like you to reconsider considering me." "Even at a pay cut of 96.6%?" "It's only money. Besides, I've been on top so long I thought it might be nice to try a new position." "And you think you could be comfortable in a position under a woman?" "I look forward to it. Starting at the bottom, working my way up slowly to the top."
- "The only man who could have his way with me now is Milton Hershey."
- "I don't care about sex anymore. I just want to get married." "Well me too. But fat chance now."
- "At the risk of sounding like my mother, just stay perfectly still and let him get it over with."
- "This is the first time I've lost a future with a man before we've had time to have a past."
- "She's thrown away everything you've sent her; flowers, chocolates, a $6000 Celestron telescope that wasn't yours to send because it was mine."
- "It's not like Catch to be late." "No, he usually calls to cancel right on time..."

Have you seen it? If not, why not??

K xx


  1. I love that we have such similar movie tastes. LOVE this movie!

  2. I had mixed feelings about this movie when I first saw it. But man do I love me some Ewan McGregor.

  3. I love this movie. And you forgot about the song at the end! I love that part!

  4. I saw Sarah Paulson and was like AMERICAN. HORROR. STORY. She fits that time period so well that it's ridiculous.


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