Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Awesome books and giant forks

Whoops. Apparently I'm the WORST at telling you guys all about my trip. Previously, Lauren and I saw lots of planes and spy gadgets, and ate delicious cupcakes, as well as discovering the world's weirdest salad and an escalator for shopping trolleys.

SO. The rest of the time in Washington was somewhat less exciting.

Monday: Site visits to big businesses, including Walmart. Except we went to the wrong one on account of no one bothered to give the bus driver the actual address of the store. And then we had to stand around in the stockroom for an hour while the manager talked about supply chain stuff and I tried not to sneeze because we were standing next to box after box of laundry detergent and cleaning products. And then shopping time. At Walmart. Because that was something we desperately needed?? Oh, and after Walmart, we were dropped at Pentagon City shopping centre, where I managed to get stuck in a toilet cubicle. And lose the subway station. And message half of 20SB to tell them about it. The general response was "BAHAHAHAHAHA".

Tuesday: The World Bank in the morning, which was surprisingly awesome, followed by a couple of hours of free time. The Coolest People You'll Ever Meet took advantage of the time to to a mad dash past the White House:

En route to the National Museum of American History. The exhibits were similar enough to 2011 that I was able to steer us around all the important things in under an hour, including the First Ladies dress collection, which was all Inauguration Ball gowns. But mostly the 'important things' consisted of this stuff:
Idina Menzel's Elpheba costume. *flail*

The original Kermit

This was a "Things you'd like to see on display" suggestion board.
I nearly died laughing from this suggestion.

George W. Bush jack in the box
HARRY POTTER'S ROBES. No, I don't know why they're
at the National Museum of American History.

The afternoon was the International Monetary Fund, which was interesting but a little too financial for my brain to be able to process.

Wednesday: The Coolest People You'll Ever Meet got to skip an entire day of boring business studies classes in favour of a behind the scenes tour at the Library of Congress. And it was awesome. Well. Except for the part where we got lost finding the room we were meant to be in. AND the part where we were in a rush so ate lunch (wraps bought at the food court of a subway station) standing on the steps, and the security guards were like ".......You know you can come inside, right?" But I digress. Back to the awesome:


You cannot even begin to imagine how awesome this room smelled

And then that night, Agatha Goodkin and I went to a bar to see a Swedish band called The Amazing. They lived up to their name reasonably well, although people + loud music + not eating dinner until 11pm = Curmudgeonly Kirsti. On the plus side, Angry Orchard cider is freaking fabulous.

Thursday: A millionty years worth of classes. All of which were about marketing, and all of which made me nearly fall asleep a thousand times.

Friday: MORE classes, including four hours about leading change which had us all nearly slitting our wrists. Oh. Except for the video they made us watch about merging two companies that kept including weird shots of the interviewer nodding in response to what the interviewees were saying. It was rather like a bobble head, only weirder. And Agatha Goodkin and I kept giggling as a result. That night was our farewell dinner. We ended up at the same microbrewery where Kat and I spent our last night in DC in 2011. And I discovered that they had GIANT forks:
A full day of business lectures will make you look MUCH older than you are.

I also got laughed at by a bunch of the guys on the trip when I ordered a peach martini at the bar and discovered shortly thereafter that it tasted very much like cough syrup. It pretty much ended up like this:

Like they can talk. A bunch of us ended up at a bar just off U Street shortly thereafter, and the guys proceeded to throw back a round of Picklebacks. *shudder* (To those not in the know, a pickleback is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of PICKLE BRINE) Needless to say, I bailed shortly thereafter.

Saturday: A "tour" of Georgetown, which basically consisted of "Here's the main building. Here's a classroom. We're done now." Agatha Goodkin and I were not even remotely impressed with the tour leader for that. Still, Georgetown is pretty:

Once our "tour" was finished, we had about three hours of free time. So while a bunch of the others went shopping, Agatha Goodkin and I went for a walk along the Potomac:

After a rather rushed lunch, we had three hours of class about culture and social responsibility, which mostly seemed to be about marketing to different ethnic groups. Which was weird, because I don't think that's really something that happens outside the US...

ANYWAY. It was actually pretty interesting, plus there were massive boxes of Georgetown Cupcakes for afternoon tea. WIN. The Key Lime was pretty good, and the chocolate² was kind of amazing, but neither of them compared to the flavours I tried at the Bethesda one.

The trip back to College Park was...interesting. Have you ever tried to hail a taxi in peak hour on a Friday night? I recommend not doing it. I ended up in a taxi with three of the guys, one of whom proceeded to torture the taxi driver by alternating between a British and an Australian accent to prove how different they were.

And thus we come to the end of the Washington segment of the trip. Next up, FLORIDA AND ALL THE FABULOUS FRIENDS EVER.

K xx


  1. I love this! I just wrote about the national museum of natural history, and am finding time to edit my library of congress pics. i love me some dc, been there many many times! :)

  2. You're certainly not the worst - I haven't made it as far as DC yet and you're already leaving. Clearly you're doing better with the whole having time around assignments than I am.

    Also, how on earth did you get two flavours of cupcakes, I was told off for a full minute by the tour leader when I reached for my FIRST one because he thought I'd already had one. If it wasn't for the plastics I wouldn't even have got to try the first one.

  3. So much flailing! Elpahba! Kermit! Harry Potter! Books! FLAIL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The tour of the Library of Congress sounds amazing!

  5. Oh, I can only imagine the deliciously awesome sweet-woody old book scent in that room, le sigh!

    The Library of Congress is pretty. Georgetown is pretty. That's a whole lotta pretty in one post. Heh.

    Kermit, yay!

    That Dubya jack in the box is CREE. PEE. Creepiness ahoy. And it's not just because Dubya was such a dicksmack, but-- oh fine, that's a big part of it. Bwah!

    Buffy GIF is giving me the happies. Love me some Buffy!

    Get this: Yogi totally loves pickle brine. I KNOW. Unless...wait, is pickle brine the same as the liquid gherkins are in in a glass jar? Brain freeze.

    Well, m'dear, it's been a while since I saw your lovely self on my blog so hope to see you over there again soon -- you and your awesome comments are very much missed, sniff!



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