Friday, February 15, 2013

The never ending day of monuments

So, as I said last time, we visited Congress, three monuments, and Mount Vernon, all before lunch.

Lunch took place at Union Station food court, which was greatly perplexing because I spent most of the time we were there thinking that I had to board a train to New York and where the hell had Kat run off to? It's possible that I was still slightly jetlagged...

After (a much longer than was warranted) lunch break, it was back onto the bus and out to Arlington National Cemetery. If you know anything about the layout of DC, you may be slightly miffed about this, much like I was. Because here's a map that shows you roughly where our main stops were and the order in which the stops occurred:
I was going to put lines between the numbers,
but it looked like an enormous and
very confused wang.

Quite why we didn't have lunch in Alexandria and save ourselves a million years in traffic, I do not know.

Upon arrival at Arlington, we promptly stood around in the freezing cold for 20 minutes waiting for a bus that would take us to the two main sites in the cemetery - JFK's grave, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Having walked around Arlington on previous occasions, we likely could have walked to JFK's grave in far less time than we stood around waiting for the bus.

The city from JFK's grave
And we had a whopping 4 minutes there before the bus moved on. Needless to say, I was not particularly impressed with the way in which our tour of DC was run, or the information that was provided to us by our tour leader...

ANYWAY. We then drove to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where we had a whopping 10 minutes in which to watch the changing of the guard...

Thanks to the woman in front of me for having a giant fuzzy hat that got in
ALL my photos...

...before it was back on the bus and back to the visitor centre, and back on OUR bus heading to downtown DC and more monuments. Namely, the Korean War Memorial:

The Vietnam Memorial:

It was January 6th, so all the Christmas stuff
was still up. 

My favourite - the often overlooked Vietnam Nurses Memorial:

And the Lincoln Memorial. Where the obligatory pigeon that sits on Abe's head had apparently turned in for the night.

From there, we headed to a "Welcome to Washington" dinner at a ridiculously tacky Italian restaurant. Because there were 50 of us, dinner had been preordered, and consisted of the following:
- Caesar salad
- Greek salad (at an Italian restaurant. CONFUSED)
- Chicken parmigiana
- Fettuccine alfredo
- Spaghetti marinara (Dear Australia: in America, marinara = napolitana and has absolutely no seafood in it. I KNOW).
- Cheesecake

Responsible Adult (one of the four people from the library stream and so called because she has a job, a husband and children) wasn't particularly pleased with this menu, as she doesn't really eat carbs and can't tolerate a lot of dairy. So she ordered something else. This is what happened:

Responsible Adult: Yes, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get the pan fried lemon chicken?
Waiter: Okay, and what vegetables would you like with that?
RA: What are the options?
Waiter: Beans. Or broccoli.
RA: Can I have both?
Waiter: No.

And then when her food eventually came, she got about four florets of broccoli. Quite how the entire American population isn't dying of scurvy is completely beyond me...

Next up, I really suck at betting for paperclips, and Agatha Goodkin and I go to the basketball. It's more interesting than it sounds, I promise.

K xx


  1. Lucky they didn't offer Responsible Adult any fries. I learned that it wasn't so much an offer as a demand. Odd.


  2. Hahaha. I'm not sure how we aren't all dying of scurvy either. Especially because FRUIT AND VEGETABLES ARE EXPENSIVE.

    Since I live on my own and have a job and all that jazz, I have to pay for my own groceries. And I've been doing my bestest to eat healthier but man, it's hard when your grocery bill can go from $40 to like...$75 or $80 just because you add fruit into the mix. ((sigh))

    1. Come talk to me when bananas are $8/lb ;) (Okay, so there were extenuating circumstances due to a tropical cyclone wiping out all of Queensland's banana plantations. WHATEVER.)

      And that happened to my grocery bill whenever I had to buy meat.

  3. I did a tour of DC and the monuments when I went there in 8th grade. I also recall the tour not being that great and seemingly like we drove in circles.

    1. Seriously, why can people not organise a tour of Washington?? You'd think it would be reasonably straightforward. But NO. Sigh.

  4. Lots of American restaurants serve acceptable portions of vegetables. And I love how you say "the basketball" like how old people say "the Facebook". Americans would typically just say "a basketball game".

    1. Australians disapprove of using extra words. All sporting events are referred to as "the [insert sport here]". The cricket, the footy, the basketball, the baseball, the gymnastics, whatever. Because the word "match/game" is just assumed when you say "Are you going to the footy?" #funwithEnglish


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