Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie Monday: The 14.5 hour flight edition

Okay, so this is kind of a cheat-y version of Movie Monday, I know. But apparently when you see Les Miserables at the movies for the third time in a month, they give you a free dose of consumption, so I've been hacking up a lung since I got home. Between that and the obligatory jetlag, I've been going to bed at 9pm, which has somewhat hindered my movie watching time.

Thankfully, the flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles (and vice versa) is fourteen and a half hours, which gave me ample time to catch up on recent releases that I somehow missed at the movies. So I figured I'd talk about them today.

The Bourne Legacy
I was a little sceptical about how they were going to make a Bourne movie work when it didn't actually feature Jason Bourne. But Jeremy Renner pulled it off pretty spectacularly. It was a lot of action with not a great deal of plot, but that's pretty much what ALL the Bourne movies are, right? That said, I think I'm going to need to watch it again when the dialogue isn't constantly being interrupted by screaming one year old twins and hosties!

The Amazing Spider-man
Not quite sure how I missed this one when it was on at the movies, but it was pretty spectacular. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are completely adorable, and it was really awesome to see a superhero who can be hurt and exhausted and broken. I mean, he's a teenager. He's going to make mistakes, you know? I know a lot of people thought it was unnecessary to make another Spider-man movie so soon, especially with a different actor in the lead. But it kept me entertained on a plane for three hours, so it gets a big thumbs up in my book!

Holy hell, this was amazing. The animation was spectacular, the story was adorable, and the cast is phenomenal. Plus, a princess who can stand up and fight for herself. WIN. Obviously, I'm a little upset that they didn't find a way for my all time favourite Scot to be included (hint: his name rhymes with Schmavid Schmennant), but they had Billy Connolly in there, and what more do you really need?! If you haven't seen it yet, you really really should.

The Dark Knight Rises
Confession: I watched this one after the airline had declared it sleepy time, and as a result I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open several times. I know, I know. I'm a bad person, it's amazing, blah blah blah. It's a really freaking long movie, you guys. And I must confess, Batman is one of my least favourite superheroes (my least favourite of all is Superman. Because he's kind of lame, and his disguise is shit). I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been so freaking tired. But at this point in time? I'm not really feeling the need to rewatch it and find out.

I really enjoyed this, possibly because I was 13 hours into a 14.5 hour flight, and hadn't been able to sleep, thanks to the screaming one year old twins in front of me. So a movie intended for small children was about all my brain could cope with at that point in time! It was fun to see things from the villain's point of view for a change. And Minion was awesome.

I kinda sorta hated this movie. I mean, the idea was intriguing. But for me, the execution wasn't that great. There wasn't enough explanation to any of it - the random addition of people with telekinetic powers, how you decide that being a looper is a good career choice, why time travel appears to be used exclusively by the mob to dispose of people who have outlived their usefulness. Plus, having Joseph Gordon-Levitt using some kind of drugs that ultimately changed the colour of his eyes just seemed weird. I mean, was that added into the script after they did the casting? Gah.

I wasn't a huge fan of this either. It was more Tim Burton doing what Tim Burton does best, and frankly I'm a little bit over it. On the upside, it didn't feature Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham-Carter. On the downside, it featured Catherine O'Hara and Winona Ryder, so he's still using the same actors over and over again. Sigh. Sure, I teared up when the dog died, but you can pretty much guarantee that ANY time something happens to a dog in a TV show/movie, that I will cry.

End of Watch
I don't know what I was expecting from this, but it didn't meet with any of my expectations. This isn't to say it was bad. It wasn't. It was pretty awesome, actually. It's filmed in a documentary style, and for a large chunk of the movie, the events don't seem to tie together. It's just a film following two ordinary cops through their daily lives. The friendship between the two main characters is brilliantly done, and I definitely didn't see the ending coming. Well worth watching, although I don't know that I'd bother to see it on the big screen.

So there you have it, the movies I watched en route to/from Los Angeles. Have you seen any of them? If so, what did you think?

K xx


  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's eyes? HIS EYES? Could we all just take a moment to examine what the frack was going on with his eyebrows?! It was like someone took a permanent marker and went to town! I spent more time watching his eyebrows than any of the movie. It's like he was competing with Emma Watson for the most annoying eyebrows in a movie! (See Harry Potter Movies 4 and so on)!

    The only other movie I've seen is Bourne, but I'm not going to comment on that because Renner broke my heart when he knocked up at 22-year-old model. I'll forgive him after I watch Hansel and Gretel.

    1. Oh God, I'd blocked out the eyebrows. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, KERRI.

      Also? Hansel and Gretel was freaking awesome.

  2. I saw Brave on the deck of a cruise ship and thought it was gorgeous, even though most of the dark scenes were obscured by bright Pacific sunlight on the outdoor screen. That's definitely worth watching again when I have a chance of seeing all the stuff I missed the first time around.

    Also, I must agree about the Batman movie. It was OK, but nowhere near as good as the others have been.

    1. The thing I don't understand about the Batman movie is that when it came out, EEEEEEEEEEEEEVERYONE was all "Oh my God, it's the greatest movie, you HAVE to see it!". And now I'm all "Really?? Did we see the same movie?". Sigh.

  3. Of these movies, I've only seen "Brave" and "Megamind."

    And you're right in that the Bourne series is generally a lot of action without plot...until you read the books. Have you read the books, Kirsti? Because if you haven't, you should. They're amazing. Robert Ludlum rocks.

    Also...the voice of Merida in "Brave"? Totes the girl that that actor whose name rhymes with Schmavid Schmennant falls in love with in "The Decoy Bride." Yep.

    1. The whole time I was watching Brave, I was like "Dammmmmmmmmmmmmit, why don't they have The Decoy Bride????? :(" And of course, now that I'm home, I STILL can't rectify the need to watch it because I lent my DVD to a friend. Harrumph.

  4. I watched Brave on my last trans pacific trip! It is SOOO good.

  5. The only ones of these I've seen are Spiderman, which I thought was pretty good, and Batman, which I was NOT impressed with AT ALL. I liked about the last 15 minutes or so, thought it tied up the trilogy nicely, but the majority of the movie... eh.

    Brave is definitely on my must-see list, just haven't had the opportunity yet.

    I'm currently re-reading The Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum are next on my TBR, and I fully intend on watching the movies (I've only ever seen the first one, and don't remember it AT ALL) once I'm done. And then maybe I'll see the new one with Renner. I liked him in Avengers, so I was kind of curious to see him in this.

    1. You really do have to see Brave. It's awesome. Also, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't particularly impressed with Batman.

  6. Bourne Legacy seems to have borrowed nothing from Lustbader's novel except the name, as such I'm not terribly keen on seeing it. Then again, given that it's nothing like the novel in any way at all, maybe I can actually enjoy the movie :)

    The Amazing Spiderman. I have not seen it. Isn't it little more than a remake of the first Spidey movie?

    The Dark Knight Rises. I really enjoyed the Knightfall series, and consider Bane to be the Batman's most dangerous foe, second only to Ra's al Ghul. Throwing Bane out in "Batman & Robin" as nothing more than a henchman was an easter egg to die hard Batfans but a waste of a brilliant character. Strangely, I have not seen the Dark Knight Rises.

    I really liked Brave. I took my 8 y/old daughter to see that one. We cried together :)

    I enjoyed Megamind, and liked how the villain wasn't really that evil, and how the superhero was actually a bit of bully and a jerk.

    I have not seen Looper, thought about it, then went "Nah."

    We decided to see Paranorman, instead of Frankenweenie.

    I think I'd probably like End of Watch.

    1. I actually enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man more than I did the first Spidey movie. It's still an origin story, but it's different in that he's a lot more vulnerable - the spider bite lets him bounce around all over the room, but it doesn't let him shoot webs, and it doesn't make him immune to injury or pain. So it's worth seeing if only to see a different interpretation of the origin story. You know?

      Good call on not seeing Looper. I saw someone recently refer to it as the best movie of 2012. I'm now questioning their sanity.

  7. Minion! He was the cutest and most awesome! I totally forgot him and I loooooooved Megamind. Really wanna see Brave -- a feminist and kickass princess, YEAH! Also, seeing the pic of Jake Gyllenhaal made me think of a recent movie I saw him in: Zodiac. If you haven't, watch it. It's about the Zodiac killer from 1960s and 70s Northern California. It will freak you the fuck out but it's so well done, and it also starts the wonderful Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr! xx

    1. Dude, I need to rewatch Zodiac. I saw it a few years ago, and don't really remember anything about it other than that a) it was creepy, and b) Jake Gyllenhaal was in it.

      Brave is AWESOME. You really need to see it.


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