Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goals and attempts at meeting them

So after posting the vlog that Lor and I made in January, I decided that it would be a good idea to make a vlog every month. And when I put this idea forward on Twitter, the general response was "YES OMG YOU HAVE TO DO IT."

Ask and you shall receive, peeps. Ask and you shall receive.

Links as discussed:

My goals
Vlogging with Lor
Clever Girl's Tumblr
Snark Squad

You're welcome, internet.

K xx


  1. Ack, I have all the comments now:

    1) I LOVE Lois & Clark. I watched it when it first aired, and caught the occasional rerun on cable a few years later, and then much more recently I watched through it again on Netflix... and I was caught off guard by how "90s" it was. I typically didn't/don't watch a lot of '90s drama, it was all sitcoms, and while they have their own feel as well, this was just... different. I get the same feeling from some of the earlier seasons of Stargate SG-1 (which I only watched for the first time in recent years).

    2) In August '06 I went to England, and we were over there when the Transatlantic Aircraft Plot (as it's called on Wikipedia) was discovered, and though they had (presumably) neutralized the threat, our flight out a few days later was... a little crazy. We actually weren't sure we would be able to get home. Our flight wasn't cancelled, but it was delayed by 4 or 5 hours, something like that, and we weren't even allowed INTO Heathrow until our flight was called. Anyway, the upshot is that, since I couldn't do it before we left, and I didn't want to cause us to delay even more once we finally got home, I didn't exchange my British money before we left the airport. And didn't actually convert it back to American money until three years later.

    (Okay I guess that's only two comments. I knew they were going to be long ones though.)

    1. I never really watched Lois and Clark, but I know Lor was a fan. And I still have like 30 quid sitting in my dresser from when I was in the UK. IN TWO THOUSAND AND TWO. Clearly, me failing at stuff like this is an ongoing thing...

  2. IC and I never convert our money any more...but we go to the US a bit more frequently than you do.

    Also - Dessert Day Needs to happen. I have a bread/chocolate recipe that I think we should try, but I'm scared. But you have all that yeast now - so I think that means we HAVE to make it? right? Surely.

    1. YES. EXCELLENT PLAN. I APPROVE. Where and when??

  3. Replies
    1. My mum loves them too. I'm kind of thrilled that March's illustration has turned out to be nothing more sinister than a caribou.

  4. I wouldn't mind you guys blogging/snarking Doctor Who but I know the whole Buffy thing is still a looooong WIP.

    I love 90s television, ok, mostly sitcoms, especially The Nanny. Whatever you decide to do on SnarkSquad it's probably hilarious. Oh, and I like the vlogging monthly thing!

    1. It really is. Although according to Sweeney, we're not allowed to deviate from our Buffy schedule at all because the calendar she's made makes her super happy. So at least we know when we're going to be done for sure!


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