Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dessert Day: World Nutella Day edition

Yes, it's that time of year again - the time when it's okay to consume half a jar of Nutella in one sitting!!

First of all, I'm going to address the Americans among us. Y'all need to work on your pronunciation of Nutella. It's made of hazelnuts. HazelNUTS, see? Therefore, it's Nut-ella. Not Noo-tella. Nut-ella. Got it?


My partner-in-crime for all things Dessert Day, Deidre, emailed me a list of about ten recipes while I was still in the US. Yesterday morning, we were standing in the aisles at my local supermarket trying to work out a) which recipes to make, and b) what ingredients said recipes would require. It probably didn't help that I was running a 38.7 (102) degree temperature, and was therefore even more vague and useless than usual!

Anyway, we settled on making Nutella brownies, and Nutella filled doughnuts. We had absolutely no idea how either of them were going to turn out gluten free, but what is Dessert Day if not an opportunity to potentially fail in a spectacular fashion?!

We started out by making the doughnuts, which required rising time. I say WE, but I really mean "I measured stuff out, and Deidre did all the heavy lifting to keep my germs as far away from the hands on parts as possible". We were both a little apprehensive about the whole doughnut thing, because a) gluten free yeast containing dough, and b) DEEP FRYING OH GOD. So we were pleasantly surprised when the dough came together beautifully:

Once the dough was done, we made it go and sit by itself outside on the basis that it was warm outside and surely it would rise nicely there. Instead, I think it mostly just made friends with a wasp... (To clarify - the bowl was Glad Wrapped. The wasp was on top of the Glad Wrap)

While the dough was busy making new friends, we got started on the Nutella brownies. Has anyone ever come across a recipe that calls for 1 1/4 cups of cocoa? NEITHER HAD WE. We left out the espresso powder, and used about 50g less chocolate chips than the recipe called for, because we were a little afraid of how chocolate-y they already were.

We also overcooked them a little. But when we first took them out of the oven, they wobbled very much like this:

I was going to say "But with less velociraptors...", but Clever Girl was helping out yesterday! (If you have no idea who Clever Girl is, you should probably go and watch yesterday's vlog. Hell, just go watch yesterday's vlog full stop because it's awesome)

Anyway, so the brownies were super wobbly, and we put them back in the oven for another ten minutes. Which was probably sliiiiiiiiiightly too long. Sigh. It probably didn't help that we were watching Pride and Prejudice while they were in the oven, and got a little distracted by Colin Firth...

Anyway, they're pretty delicious. But the amount of cocoa in them meant that you could barely taste either the chocolate chips OR the Nutella. Which seemed, to me at least, rather against the point of putting them in there. I'd have preferred more Nutella and less cocoa, I think...

From there, we made the dough say goodbye to its friend the wasp (which was rather more difficult than anticipated - the wasp did NOT want to go), and took it back inside to start the deep frying process. Which led to many questions:
- "How big a saucepan do you need to deep fry stuff?"
- "How many do you think we can cook at a time?"
- "How do you know when the oil's at the right temperature?"
- "Where the hell have I put that stupid thermometer??"
- "How many does this make, anyway?"

The answers, in order, are: Not very, 4 or 5, if you dip a wooden skewer in the oil and it makes lots of bubbles it's good to go, I still don't know, and about 45.

While I took care of the deep frying, Deidre was in charge of filling them with Nutella. In hindsight, I think we should have tried to get the Nutella to a pourable consistency before we tried to pipe it into the doughnuts. But pfff, whatevs, they were still AMAZING.

Plus, if you felt the need to do so, you could easily fill them with raspberry jam instead of Nutella and just roll them in sugar! (Incidentally, you'll want to use caster sugar rather than white sugar to roll them. You get a far more even coating, and they look much prettier...)

Who knew gluten free doughnuts would be such a massive success!!

Did you participate in World Nutella Day?

K xx


  1. Ah, seriously the donuts were not great today though. I mean I still ate them. But a bit stale and chewy.

    Perhaps we should've attempted the crazy nutella first then deep fry?

    1. Sad. Perhaps next time, we should procure a larger cutter and actually make them the recommended size. And also not make them at the same time as a giant slab of brownies. And also when there are more than five people around to eat them...

  2. I haven't tried nutella since I was about 12. The same can be said about coffee, which I actually had a sip of yesterday and decided I still don't like the taste of I guess I should at least try nutella again.

    But back to what I was going to say - those donuts look AWESOME...i mean I love brownies, but suddenly I'm craving donuts!

    In other news...I'm going to go around calling it nootella, just because.

    1. They were actually a lot easier than I thought they'd be. So feel free to try them and fill them with jam and let me know how they turn out!

  3. I never thought I'd say this, but Germany is on #TeamAmerica when it comes to the pronounciation of Nutella.

    However, your bakings look delicious as always. 1 1/4 cups of cocoa sounds like a LOT though.

    1. Languages other than English can go ahead and pronounce it as Noo-tella. I'm okay with that. Because the 'uh' sound is quite an English one. The Americans just need to get on board with the rest of the English speaking world, as per usual!

  4. Replies
    1. Congratulations!! Please start educating the rest of the country as soon as possible. ;)

  5. Huh. I'm American and would never have considered any other pronunciation. Of COURSE it's nut-ella; it's made of nuts. I had no idea that a bunch of crazy Americans (and I guess Germans?) have been saying it differently.

    1. Wellllll, considering it's a product from an Italian company, I wouldn't put too much trust into the Hazelnut-NUTella theory.

      Ok, and then I looked it up on Wikipedia and according to the German site it's actually consists of the word nut and ella which is an italian diminutive. Also, the pronunciation according to the English Wikipedia is [nuˈtɛlla] wherever this leaves us exactly I have no clue. But after watching an Italian Nutella commercial on YouTube I feel like I've been saying it right all these years and now someone please take the internet away from me.

      You're welcome for this installment of crap.

    2. Hmm, well u in IPA is "oo," but it looks like both pronunciations are considered acceptable, since Wiki specifies that that's the Italian pronunciation, and then lists both /nʌˈtɛlə/ ("uh") and /nuːˈtɛlə/ ("oo") afterwards.

    3. Interesting! I'm still going to go ahead and insist that because it contains the word 'nut', it should be pronounced accordingly in English. Mostly because I don't want to start calling it Noo-tella...

  6. I thought that I was saying right (NUT-ella), but then some dumb Americans told me that "NOOT-ella" was the right way. I think the moral of this story is that Americans don't know how to say things.

    Also, I made Nutella cookies on Monday. Fun fact. And I'm about to have one for breakfast.

  7. I wish i heard about this, i would have played along!

    1. Put a reminder that February 5th is World Nutella Day in your calendar for next year!


    So very, very yummy.

    I could really go for some right about now. BUT! Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and Yogi and I will have crepes for breakfast. Filled with Nutella, DUH.

    Mmmm, Nutella-filled crepes. ::drools::

    1. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Now I want crepes and Nutella... *SIGH*


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