Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another place, another time

Do you ever come across a song that, any time you hear it, immediately makes you think of a particular time or place? I apparently have a ton of them, and the list is constantly growing...

I was talking to Kim last week about Valentine's Day and how the whole "You can only show affection on this one particular day and through the purchase of cheesy gifts" thing is pretty UGH-worthy. And somehow, that did a massive segue kick into me telling her about how Valentine's Day was pretty awesome when I was in grades 1 and 2, because I was at school in Canada and so we basically did no school work all day, we just had a big party complete with a lip syncing competition.

There is a point to this story. And that point is this: a group of girls from Not My Year Level did a lip sync routine to Madonna's "Like a Prayer". And from that moment on, whenever I hear that song, I'm instantly six years old again, wearing my white party dress with pink, red and white ribbons in my hair.

Other songs on the list?

Biffy Clyro - "The Captain": Thanks to Channel 10 using this song to promote football telecasts FOR THE WHOLE OF 2010, this song and AFL are forever linked in my brain. (Also? I had no idea this video clip was such a giant ball of WTFery until now!)

Foster the People - "Pumped Up Kicks": New Year's Eve 2011, sitting on the deck of a mate's beach house with a cider in hand while lamb roasted on the barbeque.

Lady Gaga - "Edge of Glory": This will never not remind me of a particularly horrific squat track at Body Pump.

Green Day - "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)": Paris, 1998, walking down the Champs Elysees. Yup. We were classy like that.

Scissor Sisters - "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'": The cafeteria at Brewery Land. For some peculiar reason, EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A WHOLE WEEK, this song played on the radio while we were at lunch. It was bizarre.

Plain White T's - "Hey There Delilah": I have absolutely no idea why, but I have this incredibly vivid memory of the first time I heard this song. It was in Peru in 2008, somewhere on the road between Chivay and Arequipa, and I was squished against the door of the minibus sharing Ness's iPod.

Belinda Carlisle - "Summer Rain": New Year's Eve 2006. I went out to a bar in the city with my cousin and her friends, and my cousin got...a wee bit intoxicated...and requested this about seven times in a row. They played it three times just to shut her up.

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - "(I've Had) The Time of My Life": Year 12 meant that our lockers were in the VCE Hall, a mysterious building that only Year 12s were allowed into. It also had a kitchenette, sofas, and a stereo. We blasted this song at least twice a day for the entire year.

Hugh Grant - "Pop! Goes My Heart": Tasmania, 2010. Sara and I discovered our mutual love of Music and Lyrics on that trip, and may have listened to this song about a hundred times, complete with dance moves.

Don McLean - "American Pie": Back in 2002, Megan and I spent an entire night sitting in one or other of our dorm rooms in the UK and trying to remember all the lyrics to this. Aaaaah, the days before wifi...

Les Miserables - "Do You Hear the People Sing?": Okay, this connects to a story that I have yet to tell you about my trip. We went to see Les Mis at the movies in Phoenix, and were the only people in the theatre. This song was the point where we snapped and turned the movie into a sing-along. And it was AWESOME. (You're welcome for Eddie Redmayne's face, BTW)

I Nine - "Same in Any Language": Lauren's car, driving from New York to Boston and blasting the Elizabethtown soundtrack. Poor Kat was so confused as to why we kept yelling "Did I miss 60B??".

Michael Jackson - "Thriller": My brother borrowed this from the library on VINYL in 1993. I was in my bedroom and had no idea what was going on, and the evil cackling freaked me out.

Dropkick Murphys - "Shipping Up To Boston": Red Sox vs Orieles, Fenway Park, 2011. I don't think I really need to say any more than that!!

Do you guys have songs that make you think of somewhere/when else? Or am I a weirdo??

K xx


  1. All this post has made me do (other than create a Spotify playlist containing all these cracking songs) is succumb to an overwhelming surge of ugly jealously in regards to all the places you have travelled.

    1. Haha, awwww. That certainly wasn't my intention!!

  2. Sorry... I'm distracted by Eddie's face. I just watched the movie Hick last night on Netflix. He plays a complete douche. BUT OMG SO ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT. I never thought I'd love boys in cowboy hats. But he pulls it off. Who knew?

    Anyways. I totally know what you mean. Actually with Les Mis when I listen to the music I think a lot about in high school when we sang it and how I first fell in love with this show. AMAZING.

    1. Hmmm, I might have to look into that one solely for the Eddie Redmayne factor!

  3. I sincerely love The Scissor Sisters. Which reminds me of college. I have several memories of scissor sisteryness but one that sticks out is dancing in my dorm room by myself. Good times.

    1. Absolutely!! Dancing around like an idiot is excellent fun. Perhaps we need to introduce an element of this to Dessert Day??

  4. You're definitely not alone in this. I have some songs that bring me back distinct memories, like some scenes in books I read while listening to a certain song. Lords and Ladies will for example forever be linked to 'The Wheel and the Maypole' by XTC in my head.

    1. I don't really have many songs that remind me of books. But songs that remind me of movies? A MILLIONTY. Even songs that aren't on the soundtracks. Weird...

  5. Weird? Hardly. I have soooo many (TOO many) songs that remind me of certain moments.

    (...aaaaand now I'll probably struggle to remember even a few. Work, brain, WORK!)

    "No Matter What" (BOYZONE) = danced to this song at the Year 10 formal in 2000 with a guy I had THE hugest crush on...oh, okay, fiiiiine, I luuuurrrrrved him. Hated this song, though. But, hey, loved that I was slow-dancing with him to it, hahah.

    "I Will Always Love You" (WHITNEY) and "Like a Surgeon" (WEIRD AL YANKOVIC) = I don't often hear the latter, but these two were playing non-stop on MTV in Rijeka, Croatia (at my mama's paternal uncle's place) the weekend of Oct 31 and Nov 1, and on Nov 1 my dad died so...yeah, whenever I hear Whitney's rendition of Dolly Parton's classic, I bawl like a little baby. Waaahhh!

    "This Old Love" (LIOR) = reminds me of the first few months of dating Yogi, and this was one of the songs we'd listen to frequently. Heh.

    "Black or White" (MJ) = dancing to this at a school concert in '96 with the dance group I was part of.

    "Kokomo" (THE BEACH BOYS) = holidaying on the Adriatic Coast in 1990.

    "Dumb Things" (PAUL KELLY) = reminds me of freshly arriving to Australia in '94 and hearing it in that godawful but hilarious Young Einstein movie, hahah.

    "100% Pure Love" (CRYSTAL WATERS) = seeing a bunch of grade 6 girls enthusiastically making up choreography to this out on school grounds when I was in grade 5.

    "Losing My Religion" (REM) = watching an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 in Karlovac, circa 1992, and this brilliant song came on during a Dylan/Brenda breakup scene. Bwah!

    ...there are so many more, but I can't think of them now, plus, you know, gotta get back to work. (Mondays, ho hum.)


    1. Kokomo is a PHENOMENAL song. That is all. xx

  6. If there was a 60B, I/we would have missed it.

    1. TRUTH. We would have been too busy giggling over how the GPS pronounced things.


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