Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the old...

Happy New Year, kids!! Hope you all had a good one. I spent mine having a delicious dinner, cider and silliness with one of my oldest friends, and watching the fireworks from the city. Okay, so that last part happened from QUITE some distance - the powers that be had announced that this year, you'd be able to see the city fireworks from anywhere you could see the city skyline. So we wandered down the road to a freeway overpass. I was too lazy to haul my SLR out of the cupboard, but I took a couple of pictures on my phone:

It was much more impressive in person...

Also, here's what they looked like up close, apparently:
Photo: Jay Town. Source.
ANYWAY. A new year traditionally means resolutions. But considering the general assumption is that resolutions will get thrown by the wayside by January 7th, I'm going to go ahead and call these 'goals' or 'projects' or 'schmesolutions' instead.

1. Get fit. I know the traditional one is "Lose [insert number here] kilos". But I feel like inserting a number there dooms me to failure. So I shall stick with the non-specific instead, and hope that weight loss is an associated side effect. I need to start exercising more regularly than I currently do, and not indulging in "It's raining, I can't possibly go to the gym" days like I did in 2012. Nikki and I have vague plans to keep each other in check on this one. Anyone else need a support system and want to join in??

2. Finish what I start. Primarily, this is about my Masters. All things going to plan, I should be finished by June. But I'm also going to add in things relating to the blog - I need to get moving on my 101 in 1001 challenge, given that I now have a year and three months in which to finish it. I also need to finish my Photography Challenge, and my Cookbook Challenge, both of which were started in 2011. Oy. This goal will NOT apply to super sucky books that I decide need to be abandoned for the sake of my sanity, or TV shows that get really shit after a certain point. The X-Files, I'm looking at you.

3. Sort out my finances. In part, this means applying for jobs when I get back from the US in February, and not stopping because I hate writing applications and going to interviews and generally trying to convince employers that I'm awesome and not a socially awkward weirdo who can't construct a coherent answer under pressure. But it ALSO means not buying people $100 birthday presents because I feel guilty about only spending $10 (even though that's all I can afford to spend), or justifying the purchase of books or DVDs  to myself because they were ONLY $20. Buy what you NEED, not what you want, you idiot.

4. Write something ELSE. Sure, I write a lot of blog posts (a LOT a lot when you add Snark Squad to the equation). And I write far more incredibly boring essays than I would like. But I see how many of my friends are doing NaNoWriMo or who are sending novels out to publishers, and I'm seriously impressed. I feel like I should give it a go this year, if only to see what I can come up with. Writing prompts are more than welcome!

5. Get in the damned photo. I was tagged in a whopping FIVE photos on Facebook in 2012. One was of a bus shelter with Doctor Who related graffiti on it. Two were of food. One was of me as a little kid. I mean, if I can publish half a dozen vlogs without worrying about how much of an idiot I look, I'm pretty sure I can get in the photo more often.

6. Be a better friend. I've found that I've started doing this thing where I assume because I've mentioned something on my blog or on Twitter, that EVERYONE knows about it. I need to work harder this year at regularly contacting the people who don't spend their entire lives on the internet. And remembering that sometimes, it's a good idea to pick up the phone and call someone.

7. Make the most of my travel opportunities. My upcoming trip to the US (I leave in TWO DAYS!!) is looking like it might be the last bit of travel I do for a while for reasons that mostly relate to number 3 on this list. Rather than doing my usual routine of spending free time sitting in hotel rooms because they have free wifi, I should go outside, see the sights, and do things that I can't do at home.

8. DFTBA. Pretty self explanatory, really!

What are you planning to focus on in 2013?

K xx


  1. We can be Job Application buddies! Yahoo! I mean, let's just stick to making dessert, shall we? Ugh.

  2. Looking forward to reading about your travels, and the next steps after grad!

  3. We should find some way to do like... I don't know. Vlogging or whatever to make our vague GET FIT a competition. Like LOOK WHAT I DID. I'M ACTUALLY DOING IT. ARE YOU DOING IT? OHMYGOD, DO SOMETHING. I need such a competitive edge to it. Or I need to be yelled at. But seriously, we should find some way to make it more ridiculous and add to it somehow. :3

    And adding numbers to it always makes me fail. I figure I'd rather be healthy than get down to a certain weight!

  4. Happy New Year!!

    Love all your schmesolutions (hee!), espesh the getting fit/write smthg else one. And you have friends who are sending things to publishers? DUUUUUDE. I've been working on something that I HAVE to finish because I want to do the same. A little thing gets in the way; specifically, the fearful/insecure part of me that's all, "As if anyone would care about this!"

    I know. That's always fun. ;-)


  5. Happy 2013! Love all your goals for the new year (get into more photo's is definitely a good one, I always end up taking them and never in them) Love your blog look forward to continuing to follow you into 2013 (a can't wait for more vlogs)


  6. Hello there!
    I came across your blog and found it pretty much amazing! :)
    You're resolutions are partly similar as mine, and I hope you fulfill them.

    By the way, I was wondering what DFTBA means?
    Sorry, I'm a little bit noob at acronyms.
    But,I'm guessing it means "Don't forget to be awesome"? Eh?

    Happy New Year and Take care!

    x, Bee


    1. I was confused by that too. "Pretty self explanatory." "Umm... it is?" A quick Google search set me right.

  7. Enjoy your trip to the US!!!!! Eat lots of crazy candy on my behalf! (I realise that makes 1. more difficult to achieve. Sorry)

    I really want to work on 5. myself. If you look through my photos, apparently I don't exist in corporeal form!

  8. So many of these I feel like I need to add to my own list! Lol. I'm the queen of starting projects and never finishing them - it's quite bad. Many of those projects are my NaNoWriMo novels. haha.

  9. All solid schmesolutions. I especially relate to #6 though. There've been several times when I forget to tell my husband something, and my only defense is, "But I tweeted about it." #facepalm

  10. I promise you, you and I will be in my/your photos next weekend!


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