Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My life in numbers

Don't worry, I'll resume telling you all about meeting Sarah and catching up with Lauren and how much of a special snowflake I've been recently soon. But for the moment, I saw this over on Azra's blog and thought I'd give it a go!

-30: (degrees Celcius) Coldest temperature I've ever experienced.

47.6: (degrees Celcius) Hottest temperature I've ever experienced.

6.5: Number of years I will have spent at university by the time I finish my Masters.

12: Number of houses I have lived in.

175: Number of books I read in 2012.

24: Age I was when I started drinking.

6: Age I was the last time I got drunk.

15: Number of countries I've visited.

5: Number of passports I've had.

5: Number of languages other than English that I've undertaken formal education in.

1: Number of those languages I can vaguely understand now.

2: Number of siblings I have.

3: Number of cousins I have.

1: Number of operations I've had.

0: Number of bones I've broken.

2250: Number of songs in my iTunes.

111: Number of those songs that I actually listen to regularly.

7: Number of cities I've lived in.

38,000: (dollars) Amount of money I will owe the government for post-grad education when I finish my Masters.

1983: The year I was born.

2000: The year I finished high school.

5: Number of schools I've attended.

4: Number of universities I've attended.

565: Number of posts I've published on this blog including this one.

10: My favourite Doctor.

7: Average number of hours I sleep per night.

3-4: Number of times a week I should exercise.

2: Number of times a week I DO actually exercise.

0: Number of times I have exercised so far in 2013. WHOOPS.

324: Number of followers I have on Twitter.

252: Number of Facebook friends.

0: Number of times I've dyed my hair.

12: Standard number of hours between me painting my nails and chipping my nail polish.

So there you have it! What are your life numbers?

K xx


  1. This is awesome! Although as I was reading, I realized most of my numbers would be low. Which is fine, it was just interesting to think about.

  2. FIVE passports? I've only had 3...

  3. This is so neat! I might have to do something like this in the near future but the question is...what numbers would I use? Hmmm...

  4. Hahaha 12 hours between nail painting and nail chipping makes me laugh. I usually only make it 1. Actually, I usually ruin it before it's even dry.

    15 countries!! I'm jealous.


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