Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm still alive!!

I'm not dead, you guys. Really, I'm not. I've just fallen off the face of the earth blogging-wise, because they have us running all over Washington like crazy people, and my smartphone is locked to my network in Australia meaning I can't put a US SIM card in it. Which means that I don't have data on my phone, only wifi. And this means that I only have internet access on my laptop at the motel, or if I go to Starbucks or similar. So blogging opportunities have been a little scarce thus far.


I can't do justice to things in the half hour I have before we head out for dinner, but I thought I'd give you an update just the same.
  • I haven't frozen to death, which is exciting. And it's been sunny every single day. 
  • My roommate - who shall henceforth be known as Agatha Goodkin, because we couldn't think of a decent alias for her, and an alias generator came up with that one for us - and I went to the zoo, where we flailed with excitement over the giant pandas.

  • I'm wishing I'd brought different shoes, because OHMIGOD MY FEET HURT.
  • Agatha Goodkin and I have no shame in hoarding food from the free motel breakfast, and will shortly turn into bagels as a result.
  • Every time I see the word 'bagel', I think of Britta Perry:

  • Speaking of Community, I met a woman today who said "Hello" in EXACTLY the same way that Shirley does. It was amazing. 
  • I have discovered that America does not have teaspoons or electric kettles. I discovered this in part because Agatha Goodkin is a tea drinker, and our motel room provides teabags, but no means of heating water. When she asked the woman at reception if she could possibly have a kettle, she was met with a confused stare and "............But you don't have a stove". So of course, I promptly got online and was all "Hey Gina? Do you guys REALLY not have electric kettles?", and got the reply "What's an electric kettle?'. I suppose the moral of the story is that if you throw crates of tea into the harbour, YOU CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. 
  • The adverts on TV are killing me. They're so horrifically hilarious. I saw one the other night with a slogan that nearly killed me: "Miralax: draws water into your colon so you don't have to wait to feel great." WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICA?!?!?!
  • Last night, a bunch of us went to the basketball to see the Washington Wizards play the Oklahoma City Thunder. Agatha Goodkin and I paid $14 for our seats, so they were in the super nose-bleed sections of the arena, but it was totally worth the money. Especially when I took my trusty zoom lens along for the ride...
View from where we were sitting, taken on my phone:

View courtesy of my zoom lens:

Boo yah.
  • If someone could explain to me why America serves salads BEFORE the meal rather than WITH the meal, that would be great. Also, WHY THE HELL DO YOU CALL IT A MAIN COURSE AN ENTREE? It translates from French as beginning or entry, so it makes FAR more sense to do what the rest of the world does and start the meal with an entree, and then have a main course. Sigh.
  • This weekend will feature Lauren coming to visit me. I'm super excited, and can't believe I have to survive three more days until she gets here. 
I shall update you all properly about the trip and what we've seen and done later in the week, but for now I'm heading to dinner.

K xx


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  2. I can't get over the kettle thing, do they call it an electric jug over there? Because I know some Australians don't have a clue what a kettle is and I was under the impression a 'kettle' was a New Zealand-ish concept. Most of my friends know it as a jug.

    But I can't get over it, this is making me second guess any plans for an America holiday. I love tea. I could happily live on tea until the world ends, that's how much I love it. The only time I don't want to drink it is if the water has been boiled on the stove - like I'm not kidding, it tastes differently and it taste disgusting. I need my kettle-jug.

    Oh wait. I can just buy one of those travel ones that some places sell...problem solved.

    And I'm jealous of your basketball adventures.

  3. Your impressions of America never cease to crack me up.

    I totally get what an electric kettle is, or at least I think I do. I had one of these things, called a Hot Pot, in college because first-year dorm rooms don't have kitchens. It broke after a few years. But yeah, normally we heat up water in a kettle on the stove....

    Sometimes salad is served with the meal. Sometimes before. Yesterday I went out to dinner with my husband and our friend. He ordered a burger and substituted a side salad for the fries, and also ordered a cup of soup. She also ordered a burger and substituted a side salad for the fries. I ordered pasta and a side salad. They brought out my salad (which was pretty big) and my husband's soup first, then their burgers and salads and my pasta second. I have no idea why.

  4. They have no kettles? This concept makes no sense to me whatsoever. Also, what do they think you're going to do with the teabags without hot water? This is all making my brain hurt and, more importantly, convincing me that a trip to America is in no way a good idea.

    It sounds like you're having a great time there - keep it up!

  5. There are electric kettles in America, but maybe not on the East coast? I live on the West coast and I had an electric kettle when I lived in a dorm room.

  6. Someone once told me that the reason they don't have (so many) electric kettles in America is that their 110V power supply means that the kettle will boil in twice the time as one in Australia/Europe with a 240V supply, it's therefore faster to use the stove.

  7. Buy some new shoes, woman! Don't suffer needlessly! :-(

    Bball pics: go, zoom lens, go!

    TV ad? Ewwwwwwwwwww. EWWW!

    I also don't understand the salad thing. I mean, a salad is so refreshing and goes so well with most things (delish pasta, steak & potatoes, etc). Salad with, WITH!

    Enjoy the rest of your time, m'dear!


  8. I'm gonna go ahead and assume with Jessica that when you mean an electric kettle, you're talking about a Hot Pot. I have one. They're quite wonderful. But yes, in general, you're not going to find electric kettles in a hotel kitchen. Howeverrrr, if you have a coffee pot, you can just make coffee without actually putting the coffee in it and then it will just be hot water. That's what we do with the coffee makers at work because far more people drink tea than coffee...or maybe it's just that the coffee drinkers buy their coffee from the cafeteria? Either could try that option.

    Also...yes. Buy new shoes. There's lots of shoe stores in DC.

    And finally, I need to email you or something because we need to figure out a time when we can meet up since, you know, I live right by DC and Australia is kind of far.

  9. Yea they expect you to just heat the water in the coffee pot which I suppose we are use to. En electric kettle would be nice!

    Enjoy your trip! :)

  10. I have no idea why we do things. We're Americans. We do stuff cause we want to whether or not it makes sense. :-P Also, if I want hot water I just run my coffee maker without any coffee grounds.

  11. Most Americans hate our commercials just as much as you probably do. SO DUMB. Every once in a while, though, you come across a really clever one.

  12. I'm usually quite horrified by the commercials in the US too. And have offered wondered about the electric kettle situation.

  13. We have electric kettles, but so few of us drink dea rather than coffee theyre not that common. Also, bag-el.


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