Thursday, January 3, 2013

Adios, amigos

I'm currently sitting at the International Terminal of Melbourne Airport waiting for my flight to LA to board, having braved the wilds of duty free, marvelled at the fact that there's a WH Smith here (seriously, what's with this trend of having international chains AT THE AIRPORT and nowhere else?!), and consumed a fairly nasty hot chocolate.

I'm sulking a little, because I have a window seat and I object to the window seat on account of how I feel guilty having to ask people to move so that I can pee. This results in me only standing up twice for the duration of the flight. And when I *do* stand up, I inevitably brain myself on the roof of the plane. On the upside, VIEW. So far, Twitter is not backing me up on my dislike of the window seat. Clearly, I should travel with y'all because then YOU can all fight over the window seat, and I can have the aisle!

I'm also sniggering, because the woman who's doing the announcements for Qantas is from the north of England, and all I can hear is this:


Wish me luck getting to LA with my sanity intact, and then surviving my five hour layover. On the plus side, my luggage has been checked all the way through to DC, so at least I don't have to pay $25 to check my suitcase!!

Catch you on the flip side,
K xx


  1. On the plus side...when I get window seats, I can arrange myself into about 50 different sleeping positions, where as the aisle seat I can only think of 2. It's an art; sleeping on a plane apparently takes skill.

    Although climbing over people to use the restroom or just generally walk around can be quite the dilemma - especially when the other person has figured out how to go to sleep. I usually spend like 15 minutes trying to build up the courage to ask if I can squeeze past and by that stage, I don't need the rest room anymore..haha

    Hope you have a safe and lovely flight!

  2. Don't feel guilty - you getting them up is saving them from DVT! It's a community service!

    Safe flight! Looking forward to seeing DC through your eyes!

  3. I'm an aisle seat type of person too, though views and sleeping positions are nice at the window, I prefer the space and ease of movement at the aisle.

    Also, GIF LOVE. I love the 9th doctor because I'm weird but he is awesome. :)


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