Monday, December 10, 2012

Movie Monday: Dirty Dancing

So on Saturday night, I got a message from Ness asking if I wanted help watching the movie for this week. Except that I was still busy being all kinds of vague, so I hadn't actually picked it yet. Clearly, Ness was in the mood for a Christmas movie, because in the course of deciding on a movie, this happened:

Ness: So I haven't watched Love Actually yet this year...
Me: I did that last year...
Ness: What about The Holiday?
Me: Uuuuuuugh, Cameron Diaz...
Ness: But...Jude Law??
Ness: Oooh, Muppet's Christmas Carol!
Me: Bah humbug. Maybe closer to Christmas. Dirty Dancing?
Ness: It's ALWAYS time for Dirty Dancing!!

And so it came to pass that we watched Dirty Dancing for the five millionth time and I was successfully able to pretend Christmas isn't happening.

Reasons why Dirty Dancing is awesome:
1. Jennifer Grey. It's one of the world's great travesties that she got a nose job and removed all her personality. She's completely perfect as Baby.
2. Dancing. I loves me a dance movie! (Provided it doesn't star Channing Tatum. BLURGH.)
3. Baby's epic awkwardness when she first walks into the staff quarters - see above!
4. Patrick Swayze. Holy Hell, is he spectacular here.
5. The soundtrack. You're lying if you say that you don't sing along throughout the entire movie.
6. Jerry Orbach as Mr. Houseman. It's weird to see him as anything other than Lennie Briscoe, but I love him in this.
7. Practicing the lifts.
8. Kelly Bishop as Mrs. Houseman. She's basically playing a younger version of Emily Gilmore years before Emily Gilmore existed, and it's hilarious.
9. Baby's sister, Lisa. She reminds me a lot of Cordelia from Buffy for some reason.
10. The big finale.

11. The idea of a holiday that involves activities like TRYING ON WIGS is hilaaaaaaaarious.
12. Johnny lip-syncing along with "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" at the end.
13. The two crazy old people who steal wallets.
14. Penny. She's kind of awesome. And terrifyingly flexible...
15. Johnny beating up Robbie the Douchebag.
16. The costumes. Equal parts awesome and hilarious.
17. The scene in rehearsals where Baby keeps cracking up laughing. Especially seeing as it was a genuine reaction from Jennifer Grey and wasn't meant to be in the movie.
18. The choreographer was Kenny Ortega, who's also choreographed Ferris Bueller's Day Off, all three High School Musical movies, and the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics opening ceremony. He's also listed as the director of the Dirty Dancing remake, which OH GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? Still, he did a pretty spectacular job of choreographing this!
19. Baby practicing her dance steps as she leaves the staff area.

Plus, the following lines:
- "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
- "Oh, come on, ladies! God wouldn't have given you maracas if he didn't want you to shake 'em!"
- "Where is my beige iridescent lipstick?!"
- "That little wimp. He wouldn't know a new idea if it hit him in the pachenga!"
- "God, I am so sick of this rain. Remind me not to take my honeymoon at Niagara Falls." "So you go to Acapulco  it'll be fine!"
- "Max, our Baby's gonna change the world!" "And what are you gonna do, missy?" "Oh, Lisa's going to decorate it."
- "I have to say it. I'm known as the catch of the county." "I'm sure you are." "But, last week, I took a girl from Jamie, the lifeguard. And he said to her, right in front of me, "What does he have that I don't have?" And she said, "Two hotels.""
- "Sorry for the interruption, folks, but I always do the last dance of the season. This year somebody told me not to. So I'm gonna do my kind of dancin' with a great partner, who's not only a terrific dancer, but somebody... who's taught me... that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them. Somebody who's taught me about the kind of person I wanna be. Miss Frances Houseman."
- "Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame."  
- "I carried a watermelon."

I would ask if you love it, but if you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends...

K xx


  1. I was happy at the mention of Muppets Christmas Carol. I Watch it every year on Christmas Eve without fail...and I make everyone around me suffer because I insist on doing so. My Christmas is not Christmas without the Muppets.

    But yes...Dirty Dancing..I have to admit, I haven't really watched long time.

    1. If you're very lucky, there might be a nice surprise for you here on Christmas Eve! ;)

  2. So...I've never actually seen Dirty Dancing... >.>

  3. I've never seen it either. But I have to assume (hope!) that never having seen it is more acceptable than not liking it, right?

    1. Probably! I think a big chunk of the reason why I love it as much as I do is that my mum had three cassettes in her car when I was a kid - the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing, the soundtrack from Les Mis, and the soundtrack from Phantom of the Opera.

  4. Kenny Ortega also directed and choreographed the original Newsies movie, which features some serious kick-ass dancing.

    1. I'd never heard of Newsies before Emmy started talking about seeing it in New York. Apparently this is because it was never released in Australia...

  5. Personally I think this was one of the dullest films I've ever seen. I guess it's cos I'm a guy. But I still like most stereotypically female films. But not Dirty Dancing.

    1. Yeah, it doesn't really surprise me that guys find it dull. I guess a lot of stereotypically female films include the occasional joke to keep guys entertained??

  6. Cameron Diaz is the WORST part of The Holiday. The rest is passably cute, but she is HORRENDOUS. I CANNOT USE ENOUGH CAPS TO JUSTIFY HOW BAD SHE IS IN THAT MOVIE.

  7. Just put your pickle on everybody's plate, College Boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.

    Baby's speeches, both the one when she professes her love to Johnny and the one where she makes her dad cry. Perfect.

    Lisa's hula choreography and the worst-placed floral pattern of ever.

    I could hump the entire army and you wouldn't care, so long as they were on the right side of the Ho Chi Min Trail.

    This was my favorite movie when I was I middle school. Seriously. FAVORITE. I think I've seen it two or three hundred times.

  8. Oh man. I was around 4 or 5 when I saw this back in Karlovac and LOVED IT SO MUCH OMG. I agree with everything you said about the movie -- there's so much to love about it that I wouldn't even know where to start.

    You're so right about Jennifer Grey. Her nose was great, what the hell! Afterwards she looked all weird and less pretty. :-(

    Patrick Swayze, sniff!

    Love the unintentional laugh and how they kept it in, heh heh.


    1. I often wonder if Jennifer Grey regrets her decision to get a nose job, considering it basically destroyed her career...

  9. Gah I freaking LOVE Dirty Dancing. It's on one of the women's channels almost every weekend, so it's usually the background noise to my cleaning. And by 'background noise' I actually mean that I rush through cleaning in about ten minutes and then curl up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and mouth Baby's lines along with her. Because you can't vacuum through Lisa practicing for the show, or any of Jerry Orbach's lines.

    1. This is a spectacular decision, and I fully support it!

  10. I can't believe I missed this! As a Mount Holyoke Alum, Baby and I have so much in common.

    I love this movie. I may have seen it one too many times, but I love it. I love all dance movies, I do not discriminate (except Dirty Dancing 2, and Flashdance...I really can't get into flash dance).

    1. a) There is no such thing as seeing Dirty Dancing too many times.
      b) Flashdance is buckets of crazy and makes absolutely zero sense.


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