Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another bullet pointed update

Try as I might, I'm currently incapable of coming up with a single coherent idea to turn into a blog post. So instead, you get a lot of rambling. Aren't you lucky?!

  • I went to see Argo with my parents last night. Half way through the trailer for The Hobbit (it doesn't open here until Boxing Day), my mum turned to me and went "Bilbo is the porn guy from Love Actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Yes. Yes, he is.
  • I just discovered that Seth Green played a vampire in the original Buffy movie. I now feel the need to go and watch it immediately.
  • I finally managed to persuade my travel agent that no, my travel insurance policy should not come with the title "Mister". This is something of a relief to me.
  • I got a Christmas card from Kat the other day. It came from somewhere rather more exotic than New Zealand:

  • I had dinner with the lovely Pretzel Thief in the city last night. I'm honestly surprised that it took us a good hour and fifteen minutes before we discussed Pacey Witter Dawson's Creek.
  • Deidre and I went to see Pitch Perfect last Friday. Our one sentence review: "Could they really not find more attractive men who can hold a tune??"
  • The Channel 7 catch up TV thing is refusing to let me watch last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. This makes me sad. 
  • I bought the twins this (amongst other things) for Christmas. It's quite possibly the most brilliant thing EVER. 
  • If you leave candy canes sitting in a cupboard for an unknown number of years, this is what happens:

Ew. And yes, I have a freckle on the palm of my hand.
  • There's a possibility that I had a small emotional breakdown this afternoon on account of how a decent chunk of my clothes don't fit any more, and I'm about to spend a month in the home of all things deep fried. 
  • Related to the previous, who wants to start coming to the gym with me so I actually have the motivation to go regularly??
  • I have a truly terrifying number of Buffy episodes to watch for Snark Squad before I leave the country on January 3rd. Instead? I seem to be spending my evenings watching Sliders and Alias. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
  • There's a possibility that I piled six of the paper hats from Christmas crackers onto my head this evening. Because I'm classy like that.
What's new with you guys?

K xx


  1. Okay, those candy canes are disgusting.

    BOXING DAY. LOL. It's still hilarious.

    Finally: K. LET'S WATCH BUFFY. We can do it. We can step away from Doctor Who and Teen Wolf and create the awesomest back log of posts that ever was!

    I'm actually dying to know what happens next, but I have this thing were I prefer to watch and recap at the same time. I'm probably going to have to get over that.

    1. I'm now up to episode 6, and I'm putting it off because I know that I have to actually write a post about it rather than just taking notes. Which is sad, because episode 6 is one of my all time favourite episodes of Buffy. Maybe tonight...

  2. Ha! Your mom figuring out Bilbo is the porn guy in Love Actually. So awesome.

    1. It was kind of hilarious. And I feel kind of bad for Martin Freeman that no matter what he does, people are always going to go "OMG, it's the porn guy from Love Actually!!"

  3. Seriously, my love Pitch Perfect only grows as time passes.

    1. I literally flailed in my chair when I saw that update about how they're in talks to do a second movie.

  4. Mc ds has been promoting salads lately, but i dont know for sure that theyre not actually deep fried...

    1. I think part of the problem for me is going to be the cold weather. Cold weather = "Ew, salad? Pass the mozzarella sticks!"

  5. Yes! We had dinner! Heh heh.

    My besties and I are seeing Pitch Perfect Tuesday night...look forward to it. 'Cept for the severe lack of eye candy, that is. D'oh!

    1. What did you think of it?? Also, we need to have dinner/lunch/something again when I get back next month. Yes?


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