Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in review

It's the end of another year, kids. And that means it's time to review! And by review, I mean recap stuff that actually happened this year, rather than just recapping all the good/bad movies and books and music from 2012. Because I've already done that.

I've written 240 posts this year, not including this one. That scares me a little, because it seems inevitable that I'll eventually reach the point where I'm posting every day, and that seems like a lot of pressure, you know??

Anyway, I didn't miss a single Movie Monday, which I'm quite impressed about, and I'm also in the process of writing and scheduling my Movie Monday posts for January, seeing that I'm going to be gallivanting about the US.

January saw the year starting rather...interestingly...down at the beach. I overhead someone saying that I looked like Kim Kardashian. I crossed two things off my 101 in 1001 list, had Dessert Day #2 with Deidre, I was super judgmental about the kinds of people you find at the gym, and I ate a potato on a stick at the Lunar New Year festival. It was delicious:
Oh, and Kim redesigned my blog into the spectacularness that you see today. Want a blog redesign? GO TALK TO KIM. NOW. Seriously.

February started with me being voted Featured Blogger on the Month on 20SB. I vlogged in honour of the occasion. And half of you went "OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE AN ACCENT!!!". Yes. Yes, I do. Deidre and I held a World Nutella Day edition of Dessert Day, which was delicious. I decided to go back to university again, and started my Ancient History series. I wrote a letter to my high school self, and roadtripped to Canberra with Paulie:
Paulie on the HMAS Otway. Which is 2 hours from the ocean.
And my Gran passed away, which led to me writing this blog post, my brother reading said blog post at her funeral, me ugly crying as a result, him ugly crying as a result of me ugly crying, and Paulie having to shovel chocolate tarts into both of us until we felt better.

March brought me losing at Monopoly to Little Miss A. This was the beginning of a trend that would continue for the remainder of 2012:
March 2012
December 2012. The bank was literally out of £100 notes
I made cider cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day, and asked for ideas for what to do with a plaster cast of my teeth. Also, our house got broken into and my SLR got stolen. Also, I ranted about accents, which involved me singing a snippet of Les Mis.

April contained Easter, which meant a healthy dose of me sending myself to hell. I got a replacement SLR, and wrote about internet friendships. Also, I saw The Avengers and fangirled like a crazy person. I still haven't finished fangirling, to be perfectly honest! Also also, I turned 29 and did absolutely nothing to celebrate. It was awesome.

May saw me pass my 400th post, and head to Canberra again for Emily's baby shower. While there, we saw this completely bizarre parking space, which I had intentions of writing a blog post about, and then never did. Better late than never??
*confused dog head tilt*
I also finished rewatching all of Dawson's Creek, and am still a Pacey Witter fangirl. Also also? EUROVISION HAPPENED.

June saw the end of semester, and me continuing my "rewatch ALL the 90s television" plan by blogging about the first season of The X-Files. Deidre and I went to a macaron making course, and I made a vlog about all the weird Google searches that have led people to my blog. My all-time favourite will forever be "I hate it when I'm trying to study and a velociraptor throws bananas at me."

July brought with it the worst movie of ever, I started writing recaps of Buffy with Lor over on Snark Squad,  and I finally got rid of my hideous passport photo. I also taught Little Miss A how to bake:

August led to an interesting encounter with the police, me showing you the true horrors of my music collection, and discovering Community. If you're not watching Community, WHY THE HELL NOT??? It also featured an awesome bloggy lunch, and the return of Doctor Who.

September made my credit card hurt, because I booked my flights to the US (I LEAVE ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!) and discovered that my travel agency was staffed by idiots. My parents went overseas, and I reverted to being a teenager as a result. The hard drive on my (three month old) laptop crashed, resulting in me losing a major assignment, and having a small nervous breakdown as a result.

October brought more weird Google searches, along with me holding a themed dinner party and cooking ALL the Mexican food. I also had my third blogiversary and celebrated my 500th post with a rather ridiculous vlog. I also handed in my last assignment for the semester, and celebrated with a gif party.

November? That was NaBloPoMo, and I posted every freaking day, even when I really didn't want to. Deidre and I held another Dessert Day, this time with almond themed deliciousness. I created my hug bucket, finished watching Dark Angel, and got horribly confused about the bands that are touring to Melbourne in the next little while. I headed to Canberra AGAIN (seriously, three times in one year?!) for an industry placement, which involved three weeks of hanging out with cats and babies, and wrote about my make up collection.

And that brings us to December. I was epically vague for quite a while, thanks to the end of NaBloPoMo and the continuation of my industry placement. I flew back to Melbourne, played Lego Lord of the Rings with my brother, and met up with Pretzel Thief. And I did my 'Best of 2012' series. Oh, also? All our appliances randomly started catching fire/producing sparks. We've gotten a new iron AND a new food processor in the past week. We're all waiting with baited breath to see what the third thing will be...

I can't wait to see what 2013 (which brings with it not only a trip to the US with some of my best friends, but my 30th birthday. EEEEEK!!) has in store.

K xx

PS. I will obviously be here tomorrow for Movie Monday. Mostly, I wanted an excuse to use that gif. YOU'RE WELCOME, WORLD. 


  1. What a year!

    Cheers to 2013! *pours K a Rekorderlig, opens bottle of champagne for self*

    1. Why thank you, that's incredibly kind of you to have Rekorderlig on hand! ;)

  2. 1. Potatoes on a stick are awesome. If I'm ever in town during the weekly markets in Chinatown, I always end up buying one. It's ridiculous.

    2. WHY IS THAT KID SO ADORABLE. I swear, she's so cute that I want to hug her.

    3. You reminded me that I should try to vlog more this coming year.


    1. 1. BEST. THINGS. EVER.
      2. Because she's Mini Me, without the unfortunate having to be pregnant or give birth or raise a child parts. WIN.
      4. Love you right back.

  3. Happy almost New Year! I love reading people's year in reviews, such a good way to remind you of all the great stuff happening on great blogs over the past year....I have to get on writing mine!

    1. It's funny, because I basically forget anything that happens unless I blog about it, so mine was pretty much "Here's what happened on my blog this year". But I've seen a whole lot of people talking about the stuff that they DIDN'T blog about. It kind of blows my mind that they're able to remember it all!

  4. I just read this. Thanks for the shout out! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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