Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Mondays: Maverick

I first saw today's installment back in high school. I'd never even heard of it before, but I loved every second of it. Plus, it serves as a nice reminder that Mel Gibson wasn't always the bonkers douchecanoe he is today!

Reasons why Maverick is awesome:
1. Mel Gibson. He's brilliant in this.
2. Maverick's donkey.
3. Alfred Molina. He's a fantastic bad guy.
4. The lucky shirt.
5. Jodie Foster. She. Is. Hilarious.
6. The staged fight fifteen minutes in.
7. The soundtrack.
8. Grahame Greene. I think he's my favourite thing about this movie.
9. The stage coach scene.
10. Conning everyone by speaking with the Native Americans in their language.
11. James Garner. He was the original Maverick, so it was only fitting that he make an appearance in this.
12. The costumes.
13. Danny Glover's cameo. PHENOMENAL.

14. The Russian archduke.
15. The bank robbery scene.
16. Maverick trying to chase his horse down in the desert while dragging a tree branch behind him with a wad of money in his mouth.
17. Picking the perfect card out of the deck.
18. Conning the Russian archbuke out of $6,000.
19. Throwing cheaters overboard.
20. Maverick climbing from his room to the poker table.
21. When Annabel gets so excited about how many chips she's won that she falls off her chair.
22. The ending.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "Calm down, I don't want to go to bed with you, lady!" "Why not?" "Why...why not?? I'd be too frightened! God knows what parts of me you'd steal. I'd wake up with all sorts of things missing!"
- "I figure it's their fault for being on our land before we got here."
- "I could get back my wedding dress what I was going to have for when I found a husband!"
- "I suppose somebody ought to say something nice about the deceased." "How do you know he was nice? We don't know anything about him! The only thing he's got in his wallet is a bunch of names of whorehouses..."
- "I'm getting too old for this shit."
- "If I can't touch you, I can touch your shirt and dream."
- "From the moment I slapped eyes on this hombre, I smelled trouble. And refried beans."
- "Pa, this man wants to know if you want to buy a burro." "That burro aren't worth a dollar!" "Well, sir, I say you got yourself a deal."
- "Damned thing won't stay in the holster!"
- "I'd rather be rich than dead."
- "Oh, you sure do pick the spots!" "Yeah, I know. You know, the next time you people come and drive us off our land, I"m gonna find a nice piece of swamp that's so Godawful, maybe then you'll leave us the hell alone!"
- "Well, he don't eat much, but he's a regular jackass, and hee-haw hee-haw hee-halways likes to be called Arthur."

Have you seen it?

K xx


  1. I've never watched this movie but I remember knowing the cover of it like the back of my hand on account of the fact it always had a visible spot on the videostore shelves.

    My God remember video stores? (Yes, yes, I know, there's still Video Ezy and whatnot with the DVDs stores!) Our video store was the lowly Video Busters. (Remember Movieland?! I still remember the jingle, God help me.)

    And since I've now used the word "remember" far too many times, remember what a stone cold fox Mel Gibson once was (Mad Max, Forever Young, etc), and how he became anything but in the last decade with the crazy and the anti-Semitism and the YECCCHHH what a wanker...?

    Nice one, Mel! ::shudder::


    1. I still kind of miss our local video store. Everything was $2, even the new releases. MUCH better than the big stores and their $10 for an overnight rental!

      I watched an awful lot of shit as a result of that video store...

  2. I love this movie to ridiculous amounts.

    1. And this is yet another reason why we're friends.

  3. Maverick is fantastic! I can watch it and never get tired of it. For me, this is Jodie Fosters best work. Don't get me wrong, she is a fine actress but a lot of the movies I saw her starring in are rather heavy. But not this one. It's funny and light and awesome. And Mel Gibson, I can't even understand how the man that played Maverick turned into such a weird person.

    I love the ending to bits and pieces. Oh, and all the things you mentioned above! Great pick!

    1. I KNOW!! Mel Gibson used to be so sane and so awesome. And then he did a Charlie Sheen and turned out to be buckets of crazy. So bizarre...

  4. Okay, I have never seen this movie before, but now I totally want to! Your review is brilliant LOL

    1. You really should see it. It's made of awesome :)


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