Saturday, November 17, 2012

Matryoshka suitcases

When I got home from class today (how was class, you ask? We got the itinerary for Washington, and when we were asked what the state bird of Virginia is, someone (not me) yelled out "MOCKINGJAY!!!!"), I had to get my suitcase down to pack for my flight for Canberra tomorrow.

And getting my suitcase down required braving The Cupboard of Suitcases and Travel Related Crap. In our house, this cupboard is in my bedroom, and it's about eight feet off the ground, which is more than a little inconvenient.

Also, we have a TON of suitcases. So they're all stacked inside each other.
Like this, only less awesome. Also, source.
Which means that in order to get to the specific suitcase I wanted, I had to remove the following from the cupboard:

  • My backpack from undergrad
  • My 60L pack, which leads to a face full of straps
  • A suitcase filled with a smaller suitcase filled with a bunch of travel sized junk (including a travel iron)
  • A suitcase filled with the suitcase I wanted, which was in turn filled with a smaller suitcase again. 
So as you can imagine, it was something of a long process. And THEN I had to do the whole thing in reverse, and do overhead shoulder presses with them while standing on a step ladder. To be honest, I'm impressed I didn't drop it all on my head/fall off the ladder! 

Sorry. This post sucks, but it's 10.47pm, I have a bellyful of pizza, and this is the best I could come up with. Also, I still haven't packed or written that blurb about my academic history like I was supposed to. WHOOPS.

K xx


  1. Ugh, packing. Why must it exist?

    1. Seriously. Although I prefer packing to UNpacking. I hate unpacking so much that I have a tendency to live out of a suitcase for several weeks after I get home...

  2. That matroshka pic is awesome!!!

    I love packing, I'm not sure why put it is very soothing to me. But, most people hat packing and they look at me weirdly when I tell them, so feel free to judge, I'm used to it.

    Have a good flight!


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