Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog comment carnival: October 2012

It's November 1st, and that means two very important things:

1. It's the first day of NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month! If you're not aware of it, the idea is to publish a blog post every day. That whole "the more you write, the better you get" idea, you know? So I apologise in advance, but your Google Readers are going to be full of posts from me this month. As I said last year, there's a possibility that it will descend into posts consisting solely of gifs of David Tennant, but here's hoping it doesn't come to that...

2. It's time to link up with Jessica for the blog comment carnival!!

On Movie Monday: Death at a Funeral:
At first I was gonna be all like, "Peter Dinklage is also totes Griphook/Filius Flitwick in Harry Potter aaaaaand Wicket in Return of the Jedi!!!!" (because one of my favorite things is to inform people what other roles actors in movies have did you know that Jodi Benson [aka the voice of Ariel] is ALSO the voice of Thumbelina? And the voice of King Triton in The Little Mermaid is the voice of the Fairy King in Thumbelina!? Yep. Anyway...)

So yea. I was gonna do that. And then I realized that, in fact, Peter Dinklage is not Warwick Davies. It's kind of awful that I mix them up because really, their only similarity is the fact that they both have forms of dwarfism. ((facepalm))

On In which people are weird, part 2:
This is so funny! I made a couple of these ones many years ago in another blog because I just felt so shocked about the kind of things people googled and how on earth did that search lead them to my blog.

And funny thing is that today I was thinking of doing it for Joy of Sooz. But girl, those searches, they are truly unique, can't compete to that!

Most of the people land of my blog because they search naughty pictures of Harry Potter. I don't have them! They want Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange the most. No Hermione. Oh and this week I got an 'anal tattoo'. Yes. No idea. Don't want to know. Weird people.

So ... you don't have a recipe for a velociraptor cheesecake?
I have no idea what a Jedward is. I'd google it, but apparently, that would just lead me back to your blog.
I was already aware that clowns are creepy, but Supernatural definitely confirmed it. Also, there's another clown episode of Supernatural in the newest season on Netflix and I am kind of dreading it. The "good riddance you traitor" cake might send a mixed message if it's actually a tasty cake that you baked for them. I feel like you would have to not put in sugar or something so they really get the message. I feel like a good ol' passive-aggressive "good riddance you traitor" sticky note would take a lot less time and get the point across without being confusing.

On Ancient History, Volume XXX:
Yup, CancĂșn is the pits. Crass, loud, expensive. And so expensive! The bus situation has improved with the addition of formal bus stops, but that guy selling quality junk was still there last week!

On Movie Monday: Ghostbusters II:
Every line in this post, I heard as if I was watching the movie. I do love this movie, but I have one complaint: That damn "Higher and Higher" song is stuck in my head now!

I have this memory from when I was really young and watched this for the first time. When the Titanic came in, I asked my mom what it was. And rather than bothering to explain the whole thing, she just said "an old ship." While true, didn't really answer my question. That part became actually funny once I learned about the titanic and saw the movie again.

On 101 in 1001 #3:
I MISS JARRITOS. My god, I love those things.
Please tell me tales of Inspector Climate made it into the sleep talking? Because that would make my day :)

On Ancient History, Volume XXXI:
Not to wax philosophical - but I think the worst and best days are most often the same day :)

Yep, called something else in the States. We're so creative with our naming that it's just a damned CupCake. WOOHOO.

I love Chicken Eatsa (as my family has always called it). It's so much fun. Especially when they let you run up one of the pyramids (which I don't know if they still do).
At first I thought Pinguinos were basically Ding Dongs, but now I realize they are, in fact, Cupcakes, which are quite similar things really. Check out the Wikipedia page though: I find it highly suspicious that they put the word chocolate in quotes when talking about the chocolate glaze. Also, I need to go there someday. So many cool things! I love the look of old ruins and ancient civilizations, but have never visited any. (Horrid wording unless I'm an actual time traveler, but sadly, no.)

On 3 years and 2 days later...:
1. JD and I are both gun owners. 

2. You are so adorable for not knowing what jello jigglers are, and Mormons can tell you there are HUNDREDS of ways to use jello :)

3. I LOVE your tap dancing! 

4. SOULESSSSSSSSSSS. (not to overshadow TFioS, but... you know)
  1. 1. Is it weird if I ask why? I find the whole American gun ownership thing quite interesting...
    2. Yeeeeeeah. In Australia, jelly is reserved exclusively for children's birthday parties. And for hospital meal trays. We don't add fruit to it, we don't make salads with it. At most, we dump a scoop of ice cream on top of it.
    3. THANK YOU
  2. JD hunts, in case we ever need them for self defense, and to be prepared when the zombie apocalypse comes. 
Happy 500th post! I must admit, libraries are part of my post-apocalypse plan, too, although it's mostly because I think those giant, hardback books would make excellent weapons against the undead (in the event that that undead are involved).
We tried to get Caro to eat jelly and ice cream yesterday. There was steadfast refusal and much talk of the differences between jam, jelly and jell-o.

I love your face <3

On Movie Monday: Whip It:
Personally, I don't think this movie gets NEARLY enough credit. I LOVE IT. Also? I always get SO ANGRY when what's-his-assface turns out to be king of the douchebags.
This movie did make me briefly consider joining a roller derby team, but then I remembered how injured I get already just going about my normal life! I'm pretty sure I'd end up in hospital :P

On More than you ever wanted to know:
I am too lazy to tag people, so I'm going to answer your questions in the comments. Also, I think you and I share a brain. ALL OF THE FACTS. Well, apart from the drinking thing.

1. I always ship non canon pairings, therefore this for me, is the wonderfully weird returned from the veil Sirius Black and an older and wiser Hermione Granger.
2. I would show The Doctor around Wellington and do lots of crazy stuff I would never dare to do otherwise!
3. I honestly can't think of any Halloween related movies, so I'm going to say the Halloween eps of Community.
4. A BUNNY! No really, I would probably be a Sloth. I'm already the human equivalent.
5. Cupcake, simply for the icing:cake ratio
6. Probably 'Demons' by Sleigh Bells
7. Art. No contest.
8. SO MANY CHOICES. Except that we only got one TV channel in the nineties at my house, so I'm going to have to go with the show that I enjoyed the most when I was visiting my nana and granddad - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
9. Not technically a superhero (super soldier) but Max from Dark Angel. If it HAS to be a superhero then I would say Tony Stark/Iron Man. Just because he is fucking awesome.
11. Being tickled, and unexpectedly losing access to the internet (yes seriously)

There we go, cheats way out over!
Some items:

1. UM. You were drunk when you were 6?! WHAT EVEN.
2. Yay for library books!
3. Who DOESN'T have an irrational soft spot for Abba?
4. UM, Celsius? I'm American. We're dumb and aren't taught to convert.

On Challenge recipe 22: Churros:

Mmmmmmmmmmm, so good. I wanna!


Melted dark chocolate. ::drools::

On Dead men don't tip, Agent Scully:
I think the creepy no-leg Indian dude is Deep Roy, the guy who played all the Oompa-loompas in the Johnny Depp re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Yes, he is - I just checked. Also, you may be interested to know he was in 7 episodes of old-school Dr Who :-)

On We all have the potential for greatness:
Tina Fey is a huge inspiration to me. Don't get me wrong, I will never be a comedy writer or doing improv but she is marvelous at what she does, writing movies, writing books, starring/directing/creating her own show. She is funny and smart and works her butt off, something I should try for once. She is just so damn good and pretty!

And then there's my grandma. She is the strongest person I know. She has seen too many family members pass away but she is still here and has always cared for me. She is as much of a parent to me as my Mom was. Gran is a big part of who I turned out to be as a person.

As far as fictional characters go, I'd have to go with Buffy as well for all the reasons you wrote!

So that's my list :-)
Oh! My love of Maggie Smith grows and grows! She was amazing in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel...and then I was reminded last night that she was in Sister Act!
Oh my word, and a google search tells me she is actually a Dame! OH! And she's 77!! Bless her!!
LOVE her!

Ahhh, the end of high school! I so thought I would be a grown up by now, at my high school age! Silly girl! Ha!
Yes to Buffy, yes to Joss. This Tom Hiddleston dude, I really need to look him! And Maggie smith is a dame in all the best, most awesomesauce ways. Fabulous woman! xx

On Movie Monday: Strictly Ballroom:
I have an embarrassing confession. I love this movie (not the confession) - and have seen it many many a time. And watched it when I was quite a young thing in America. WHERE I DIDN'T REALISE IT WAS AN AUSTRALIAN MOVIE.

I just figured they talked funny.
I have been known to tell people to stop what they are doing because "it's not Federation". They almost certainly think I'm insane.

This is a brilliant movie. Why did we stop laughing at ballroom dancing and instead, turn it into primetime TV??

And it's been far, FAAAAR too long since the last time I watched it. Must remedy this post-haste. I, too, have a slightly unnatural soft spot for it, on account of the fact that it was one of the first Aussie movies I saw upon arriving in Oz July 1994 (the other one being Muriel's Wedding, which was and still is one of the most brilliant and heart-wrenching movies I've seen).

Gia Carides is also Anthony LaPaglia's wife! And I kind of love him.

The paso doble, OH the paso doble...!

Yes, Paul Mercurio was hot in this movie, but I also see him as today's Paul Mercurio...I mean, he's still a handsome man, but he's...not the same, eh? :D


On Ancient History, Volume XXXII:
Stuff gets weird? Like things haven't already been strange on this trip!? :)

Horse and carriage always does sound romantic, but man, they are bouncy and genuinely a bit uncomfortable.
I'm just bumping around some new blogs. Your pictures are gorgeous, even if they were shamelessly stolen from someone else. The cenotes look so beautiful. I would totally be the one floating around down there without a care in the world until I finally realized that I might not be able to climb out again.

Still, there are worse prisons!

On Movie Monday: Hocus Pocus:
Best Halloween movie ever! (Also, I JUST found out about the Thackery/McGee thing. Mind. Blown.)

And, I flipped the hell out when I figured out last year that Thackery Binx was Timothy McGee. I still cannot believe it.
I too am shocked about the whole McGee thing, but that just makes him more awesome :)

Also I haven't seen this movie in ages! I think I need to fix that.

On Pride and Prejudice:
I know! I all fan-girl squealed yesterday over the LBD. And then I watched it twice!
Aaand today I visited Chatsworth House, site of the Matthew Macfayden version of P&P. I wasn't as awesomed out as at Lyme House but it was still pretty awesome :)
I'm so with you - the bbc version is the only version. The end.

I love you guys like crazy for all the genius comments you leave me every month. I'm sorry in advance for all the blog posts that are going to be coming your way this month. (Hopefully some of them won't suck...) And don't forget to go and link up with Jessica for the blog comment carnival! 

I'll see you all tomorrow.
K xx


  1. Entire posts of just David Tennant are 100% fine with me. :)

  2. Ahh I love the blog carnival! :)

  3. I am humbled by mentions of me, as always. I am not worthy! ;-) Heh heh. Meanwhile, I'm starving and about to leave work to join Yogi for some Grill' nom nom nom! xx

    1. Mmmmmmm, Grill'd... And you are TOTALLY worthy!

  4. Ha! I said to myself I was going to try and make a record amount of appearances this month - apparently I did the apposite. I fail. I blame uni and Doctor who...ok just Uni..I can't blame the Doctor...he's too awesome.

    1. Uni is always to blame for slacking off on such things! And I wouldn't be able to blame the Doctor either.

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