Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ancient history, Volume XXXVII


Our first day in Panajachel, we did pretty much nothing. After the insanely long and complicated bus trip getting there, we just couldn't be arsed any more. So we wandered around the shops and had waffles for breakfast and played a nice game called Spot the Biggest Hippy You Can. Sara and I won with a dreadlocked hippy couple, both dressed in fisherman's pants, and the woman was breastfeeding their THREE YEAR OLD while walking down the street.

We also finally discovered something we'd been searching for throughout Central America. The holy grail of inappropriate snack foods:

Yeah. That's a thing. In case you're curious, it's like a chocolate eclair filled with chocolate custard. It was gross as well as racist. Although in all honesty, what else would you expect from a company with a name like this:

That night, we had a barbeque at the hotel. We hooked up Arizona Boy's computer so that we had music, which turned out to be a rather hilarious idea. The evening resulted in Waterproof Trousers and Irish getting more than a little drunk and singing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" at the top of their lungs. There's a video, which has not gotten less funny with time. But I'm not going to include it for the sake of the innocent.

We also played Beer Pong, which didn't work out so well for anyone playing with me, because I don't drink beer, so they'd end up drinking twice as much as they otherwise would have. But eventually, we managed to lose the ping pong balls in the shrubs, so that idea got abandoned.

At one point during the evening, Sara went back to our room to get something. And in doing so, she managed to break off the key in the door. So when we went to bed that night, we couldn't shut the door properly because we wouldn't be able to get out again. So instead, we barricaded it with a table and our packs.

Ten minutes later, someone started banging on the door. It turned out to be a very drunk Arizona Boy, who wanted to apologise for the fact that he'd tried to scare us by hiding in the cupboard in our room. Except because he was drunk, he managed instead to hide in the empty room next door. And he didn't realise for HALF AN HOUR. Clearly, he's a smart cookie.

The next day, we went on a boat tour of Lake Atitlan. It was completely gorgeous, and included a 45 minute walk between a couple of villages:

Eventually, we reached a small village, and several of the boys took quite a shine to some VERY special local trousers. The trousers were very ornately embroidered with birds from mid-thigh down, and came in either white or mauve fabric with stripes running through it. Sadly, none of them purchased any of the very special trousers, because they were $100, but we DID take some photos so we could laugh hysterically later:

Next up, we head back to Antigua via the markets at Chichicastanango, and I nearly die. Seriously.

K xx


  1. That lake is amazing. And the pants. Oh goodness those pants!

    1. The pants were VERY special indeed. I'm still cross that no one was willing to work out $100 for them...


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