Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ancient history, Volume XXXIV

Previously, tequila was evil and led to weirdness...

The day after the Infamous Helicopter of Love Incident, we were up bright and early (and, with the exception of me, VERY reluctantly) and on the hunt for breakfast. Turns out, there wasn't much within walking distance of the hotel that was open at breakfast time, which is how Sara and I ended up having doughnuts and soft drink for breakfast. Health food of a nation!!

By 8.30am, we were at Palenque, the archaeological site. To this day, I'm fairly certain I was the only person on the tour to enjoy it. Everyone else was hungover and sick of visiting ruins. I, on the other hand, was in my element and nerding it up like there was no tomorrow.

Personally, I found Palenque fascinating because only about 2% of the site has been uncovered by archaeologists. The rest is still hidden away in the jungle. I also loved a lot of the little details, like this door hinge:

Or this carving of Quetzalcoatl:

There was also a museum filled with fun things, which I was super excited about. Eventually, we finished our time at Palenque and headed to the waterfall at Misol Ha:

There was a path that let you walk behind the waterfall, and Sara and I decided that we should go behind said waterfall. That ended about as well as you'd expect:

From there, we headed over to Agua Azul. Now, usually Agua Azul looks like this:
But just after WE got there, it started to pour with rain. And we're talking pouring with rain to the point of the water coming through my Goretex jacket, resulting in us having to hide out in an empty stall waiting for it to ease up:

Eventually, it was light enough that we were able to wander around without drowning. But of course, the rain meant that instead of looking like the above, Agua Azul looked like this:

Sigh. So much for the beautiful blue waters!!

That night, thankfully, was FAR less exciting than the previous one. And the next morning, Palenque gave us one last piece of hilarity: this sign at the bus station:
In case you can't tell, that second point says "No alive
and/or dead poultry".

Wheeeeeeee, Schrödinger's chicken!!

Next up, crocodile infested canyons, releasing evil spirits by burping, and unusual methods of finding a husband!

K xx


  1. Too many ruins are never enough!

    It's a shame you didn't get to see the blue water. I had much the same (although less exotic) experience at the Blue Lake in Mt Gambier, so I can sympathise with you there.

    1. I'm totally with you on the ruins front! I will never understand why people don't find massive ruined cities completely fascinating.

  2. I have to admit, I also get sick of ruins. But only because I get sick of going around them at someone else's that is not my own. You know?

    1. The only thing I got sick of was not - in my opinion - having sufficient time to explore. Speed walking around massive sites never offers enough time to marvel at it all!

  3. Only 2% uncovered?! Man...! Also? Damn you, rain, for ruining the azure gorgeousness of Agua Azul!


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