Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Monday: Whip It!

It took me a REALLY long time to decide which movie to watch for this week. I spent hours debating between Stardust, Maverick, and Ten Inch Hero and still couldn't come to a decision. But after seeing a bunch of tweets and Facebook status updates from the CRDL over the weekend, I changed my mind completely and instead went with this:
It's like She's the Man or Bend It Like Beckham, but with roller derby. WIN.

Reasons why Whip It is awesome:
1. Ellen Page as Bliss (aka Babe Ruthless).
2. Hip checking the bitchy girl at school.
3. Drew Barrymore as Smashley Simpson. She stars in it AND it was her directorial debut.
4. The soundtrack. It's pretty phenomenal.
5. Kristin Wiig as Maggie Mayhem.
6. Smashley Simpson's rainbow striped hair. AWESOMENESS.
7. Juliette Lewis. She's FANTASTIC.
8. Playing 'Marco Polo' in the wheat field while looking for Oliver's keys.
9. Jimmy Fallon as the derby commentator.
10. Turning up at a beauty pageant with blue hair.
11. Razor, the Hurl Scouts coach.
13. Bruise comparisons. If you know any derby girls, you'll know that this is a fairly common occurrence.
14. Eulala Scheel as Bliss's little sister. HILARIOUS.
15. The hilarious aprons Bliss and Pash wear at work.
16. The team names.
17. Bliss' dad's sneaky watching-football-in-his-truck plan. Genius.
18. Daniel Stern (aka Marv from Home Alone!) plays Bliss' father.
19. Smashley Simpson's broken nose and her team mates' reactions.
20. Giving Bliss' little sister a goth makeover.
21. The scene where the Hurl Scouts turn up at the beauty pageant.
22. Jumping over the whole Holy Rollers team.
23. The leg whip. I couldn't find any footage from the movie, so here's some real derby girls instead:

24. The scene with her dad hammering a "Babe Ruthless" placard into the front lawn.
25. ROLLER DERBY. Sure, it may be full of illegal hits and moves that would get you sin binned for life in the real world. Also, it's banked track derby and in Australia (as far as I know!) we only have flat track. But as a way to introduce people to the sport? It's pretty great.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "I just wanted to tell y'all're my new heroes." "Well, put some skates on. Be your own hero."
- "Shoes are a gateway drug."
- "I'm Maggie. Maggie Mayhem." "I'm Bliss. But I can change that." "...Yeah, you'll have to."
- "You don't have the balls." "I'll grow the balls!"
- "I like smart girls. That's why I married your mama. Well, that and I knocked her up."
- "So, are you ready for your big debut?" "Has anyone ever thrown up on the track before?" "...Yeah."
- "Yeah, let's celebrate mediocrity, that's great!"
- "You're gonna have to roll over, you smell like a dead goat."
- "We deserve better villains."
- "Let's go apeshit."
- "Play number 8. You ready for the whip?" "Put your arm out. I'll be there."
- "So what, are you like...alternative now?" "Alternative to what??"
- "Have a swell day at school, sweetheart."
- "I feel so stupid for falling for it." "That's why I like a good fondling, you know? It's much simpler."
- "Screw you and your grandmother's Chevy Celebrity!"
- "One day, you're going to thank me." "Yeah, in my suicide note..."
- "What's your derby name?" "Pocket Rocket. What's yours?" "Jabba the Slut."

Have you seen it? What did you think? Also, have you been to a derby bout? Because you really should. Not that I'm biased or anything... ;)

K xx


  1. I have not seen it - my relationship with drew barrymore is complex.

    1. That makes me a little bit sad. Because I, for the most part, LOVE Drew Barrymore. Except for the part where she married Tom Green. Because BLURGH.

  2. Personally, I don't this movie gets NEARLY enough credit. I LOVE IT. Also? I always get SO ANGRY when what's-his-assface turns out to be king of the douchebags.

    1. DAMN. I forgot a word in there. Pretend that the word "think" is there in between the words "don't" and "this." I'M SO DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF.

      Also also? HER MOM IS SO ANNOYING I WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE. Anyone. It doesn't even matter who.

    2. At least her mum redeems herself in the end by being all supportive and whatnot?? And YES. I get angry over what's-his-assface too. SUCH a douchecanoe...

  3. This is awesome! I do love this movie! So hilarious! Thanks for letting me in on it!

  4. Nope. There was an episode of Psych that involved roller derby, and that's as far as my experience with it goes.

    1. Wait, there's an episode of Psych that involves roller derby?!?!

    2. Yeah, I don't remember what season, but Juliet goes undercover investigating a roller derby team. I remember it mainly because they used a shot of her derbying (rolling? what's the right verb here?) in the opening credits for a while.

  5. I haven't seen that movie in a while. Might have to watch it again.

  6. This movie did make me briefly consider joining a roller derby team, but then I remembered how injured I get already just going about my normal life! I'm pretty sure I'd end up in hospital :P

    1. Yeah, I thought the same when I first saw it. But then I went to a real derby bout and was like "Uhhhhhh. Maybe not...". Because I'm a giant wuss.

  7. Haven't seen this movie yet but now I have to, thank you very much! I mean, how could I not, when Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon are in it?!

    1. I honestly didn't realise it was Kristen Wiig until I rewatched it this time. Same with Jimmy Fallon. I'm not sure if I'm really not observant, or if they're just well disguised......

    2. As I now watched it, I can tell you that at least Kristen Wiig was very well disguised. I only saw her because I was expecting her. Oh, also? Maebe from Arrested Development was in it as Bash, another plus.

      The movie was really good but I was expecting nothing less considering how many times I watched Juno just because of Ellen Page and despite the fact that I dislike Micheal Cera so much.

  8. I clearly need to watch this movie. I have learned that you and I have very similar taste in movies, so my list of Movies I Need To Watch has grown much longer since discovering your blog.

    1. I kind of love it when people tell me that they've watched some of my favourite movies as a result of me blogging about them. Especially the kind of obscure ones...

    2. I finally watched it and I loved it a ton! Babe Ruthless is such a badass :)

  9. Can you tell me please at what minute Bliss says the quote ''One day, you're going to thank me." "Yeah, in my suicide note..."

  10. Can you tell me please at what minute Bliss says the quote ''One day, you're going to thank me." "Yeah, in my suicide note..."


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