Wednesday, October 3, 2012

30 Days of Photography - Day 21

Wow. I'm FINALLY to the point where I have less than ten days left on this challenge. It's only taken me the better part of a year.........

The theme for Day 21 was "faceless self-portrait". Today when I got home from the gym, I decided to take advantage of the 25 degree weather and the sunshine, and eat lunch outside on the grass. Course, the back garden hasn't been mown in about a month because I'm not allowed to use the lawn mower (last time I did, I ran over a concrete phone doohickey and nearly broke the mower...), so it kind of looks like a jungle.

So I figured that I may as well take the opportunity to cross the next day off the list as I sat in the front garden, which wasn't at ALL weird. Aaaand here you go - a faceless self-portrait!

Also, this is the only time you will ever see me wearing leggings. YOU'RE WELCOME.

K xx


  1. Jungle grass makes for the best backyards.

    1. It really does. Although at least I no longer have to worry about the dog refusing to pee when the grass gets too long!


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