Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sorry, credit card. Sucks to be you.

Last week, I finally got a chance to go to the travel agent and book my flights to the US. As a result, I am now nearly $4000 poorer. My credit card is sitting in my wallet, crying quietly to itself.

But the trip to the travel agent wasn't nearly as straight forward as one would think. No, it took OVER TWO HOURS. I honestly don't think it would have taken me over two hours to book the flights myself... Then again, if I *HAD* booked the flights myself, I would have missed out on this:

Manager: Hey, [name]?
Travel agent: Yeah?
Manager: What's the time difference between here and Sydney?
Me: What the fuck?
Travel agent: Oh jeez. I'm not sure... An hour ahead, maybe?
Me: No, seriously, what the fuck?
Manager: That doesn't sound right...
Me: No shit.
Travel agent: Well, I know Adelaide is half an hour behind, so Sydney must be ahead of us. But maybe they're only half an hour ahead?
Manager: That must be it!
Me: I can't believe I'm giving you people money. Excuse me while I text everyone I know...

Obviously, I didn't actually SAY my parts of that dialogue. I just made this face:
Take your pick as to which "WTF??" face I replicated. Including Cobie Smulders in
the background. Possibly all three over the course of the conversation. Source.
and thought things really loudly, and hoped they'd pick up on it. Alas...

(Dear America - in case you're confused, I did a screenshot for you:

Welcome to the world of marvelling at just how stupid a question this is. It's not like Australia has a whole lot of cities to choose from...)

Have you ever been baffled by the stupidity of someone you were giving large sums of money to??

K xx


  1. That is a special level of stupid indeed. Here's hoping your flights are actually booked for the right times!

    1. I had to triple check the flights, so I'm pretty sure they're right. Although she DID have to count on her fingers to work out the time that flights left, because it was in 24 hour time........ O.o

  2. Oh thank you for the screen shot. I was a confused American there for a second. Though it was pretty obvious from your reaction that they were both idiots.

    1. I was going to go with a "It's kind of like asking what the time difference between Los Angeles and San Francisco" analogy, but I figured the screenshot summed it up better. I mean, we only have THREE time zones! And they're separated by the state boundaries! (We have 6 states and 2 territories) It's hardly rocket science... *sigh*

  3. Geez ... Maybe they both skipped at 'checking time zone in Australia' master class.

    I really really really hope you have all your flights booked with no problem. Specially for those ones when you have to change plane, I hope you have enough time to do it. On other note, awesomeness for your holidays.

    1. I had to check all the flight times and stuff like a hundred different times and sign a bunch of forms to say I'd done so before they actually booked any of it, so the flights should at least be fine!! If I hadn't had to check them, I'd definitely be concerned...


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