Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie Monday: 17 Again

Sometime last week, Emily mentioned on Twitter that she loved babysitting, because it gave her an excuse to watch High School Musical 3, and YAY ZEFRON!! Now, in my mind, there's only one movie that springs to mind when I think of Zefron: 17 Again. I love the CRAP out of this movie - sure, it's super cheesy and pretty predictable. But it's also hilarious, and it's almost a transitional movie for Zefron - a shift away from the singing and dancing he'd done in the past.

Fun fact of the day? Zefron's first film role was playing Mini Simon Tan in Firefly!! See??

ANYWAY... Back to the point.

Reasons why 17 Again is awesome:
1. Zefron as 17 year old Mike. He's absolutely hilarious in this, playing a 35 year old father of two trapped in the body of his teenage self.
2. The epic fight - complete with light sabres - that happens between Mike and his best friend, Ned, when Ned sees 17 year old Mike for the first time.

3. Matthew Perry as 35 year old Mike. He's obviously miserable with the way his life has gone, but you still get all those fantastic moments and facial expressions that you only get from Matthew Perry.
4. 1989 Mike dancing with the cheerleaders. HILARIOUS.
5. Thomas Lennon as Ned. Holy Hell, this guy steals the show every time he's on screen. He's brilliant.
6. The ridiculous Ed Hardy outfit.
7. Michelle Trachtenberg. No matter what she's in, I can't think of her as anything but Dawn Summers. Still, she does a great surly teenager in this.
8. Peacocking.
9. The scene where Mike's son Alex has been taped to the toilet by bullies.
10. Mike's douchey boss.
11. Drunk Scarlett poking 17 year old Mike's face.
12. A gift-wrapped school bus.
13. The brilliant scene in the cafeteria, complete with Zefron's obligatory basketball spinning.
14. Alex accidentally catching his pants on fire at the bowling alley.
15. Scarlett's awkward attempts at dancing in front of the mirror.
16. Ned testing the wine when he finally convinces the principal to go out with him.

17. The awkward sex ed class.
18. 17 year old Mike attempting to give his daughter's friends a pep talk about self respect.
19. The 'letter' Mike reads out in court. It's kind of adorable.
20. Conversations in Elvish.
21. Scarlett's bitchy best friend, Naomi.
22. Ned playing five different computer games on five different screens at the same time, all while blaring 'Danger Zone'.

Plus, the following quotes:
- "You look like a douche." "I do NOT look like a douche!" "What a douche..."
- "Well of COURSE I want to live in the past. It was better there..."
- "I think our hands just made a baby."
- "Are you now or have you ever been a Norse god, vampire, or time-travelling cyborg?"
- "Think of it as us saying 'You're just too valuable to promote'."
- "Come on, man! Don't you ever wanna go back and do high school again?" "No. I'm rich and no one stuck my head in a toilet today!"
- "Hi Mike." "Naomi." "NAI-omi." "I don't care."
- "I'd shake your hand, but it's taped to my ass."
- "What are you eating?!" "I don't even know. I just that I'm hungry. ALL the time."
- "Well, that was fun. I haven't been to Happy Hour in like...a week and a half."
- "Peacocking? Really? You think that's going to work??"
- "Do you dance with ALL your friends' moms??"
- "You can plunder my dungeon any time." "I'll bring my longbow."
- "Okay, that's not safe OR sanitary. That's your can now. We'll label it like that."
- "You! Are a weirdo little man child."
- "To the Ned Mobile!" "Ned. Wait... Pants."
- "Hey, Mom. This is Mark, Uncle Ned's bastard." "Wow............" "I know, someone had a kid with Uncle Ned..."
- "But Jane, how can you be seen with me when I'm wearing...a cloak of invisibility?"
- "Carnations? What a douche!" "Mark!" "That's okay, I'm a single dad. It's totally normal for sons to feel weird with their mom's date. Stepping into their dad's shoes, protecting their castle." "He's not my son." "Oh. Then that's weird."
- "Wow. This is some other dad's problem..."
- "We HAVE to go shopping. Your shirt is bedazzled." "Bedazzled with RHINESTONES!!"
- "Okay, you wait here. I'm going to go smell him." "No, no, no. Sweetie, you're not allowed to smell teenagers."
- "You're the man. Captain of the basketball team, dates the pretty girls, high school is your kingdom. But people, Stan is a bully! Why? It'd be WAY too easy to say Stan preys on the weak simply because he's a dick. No, no. Stan here is much more complex than that. See, according to leading psychiatrists, Stan is a bully for one of three reasons. One: underneath all that male bravado, there's an insecure little girl banging on the closet door trying to get out. Two: like a caveman, Stan's brain is underdeveloped. Therefore, Stan is unable to use self control. And so he acts out aggressively. And the third reason: Stan has a small wiener. Don't hurt yourself, big boy."

So. Thoughts? Also, do you prefer singing and dancing Zefron? Or serious mopey chick flick Zefron?? Because I have yet to see him in any of the latter, and I don't know if I can bring myself to do so...

K xx


  1. Believe it or not, I STILL haven't seen this film yet. I love the movie Big with Tom Hanks and this seems like a more modern take of the same tale. Ah, gotta get around to watching it.
    PS Firefly rocks! Go mini-Zac/Simon Tam :)

    1. Oddly, I've not seen Big (possibly because I have an irrational level of dislike for Tom Hanks), so I can't help you with how similar/different they are! It's definitely worth watching though.

  2. I really love this movie! and want to watch it again now :) I recently watched the lucky one and wasn't a fan of him in it. I don't think the serious role's suit him xx

    1. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I've held back on watching the movies where he has serious roles. I think he's much better suited to stuff like this, where it has serious elements, but is lighthearted overall!

  3. Basically - Zefron? Yes. I love him singing and dancing (especially in Hairspray), I love him as a 35 year old in a 17 year olds body, AND in the sappy movies. I haven't seen The Lucky One yet, but that other one about the kid ghost and stuff... yup. Loved him. And just... I love this move. You made my Monday (yet again). I love that I inspired you!!!!!! Oh! I also liked him in Me and Orsen Wells. I felt like that even though it wasn't a big hit, it was a good transitional role for him. And yay for being on Firefly. When I watched that episode I was all "OMG IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS????" And let's not forget his boss poster in A Very Potter Musical.

    1. I only made it part way through A Very Potter Musical before I had to leave for class, and I've never gotten around to watching the rest. One of these days I'll do so!!

      I love when people inspire me in my Movie Monday choices, because it saves me having to make a decision ;)

  4. Another one I haven't seen. Always wanted to, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. It's definitely worth the watch when you want something that requires absolutely no brain power!!

  5. I only watched this because a) Chandler is in it, 2) When he was on Conan he said that Zac Effron actually played Matthew Perry's character rather than his own and I found that intriguing, and 3) I was on a 14 hr flight to Japan. Less than 2 hrs later I was completely in love with him and the movie.

    1. Right???? When this came out, I was all "Ugh, Zac Efron?? But it has Chandler in it, so I'm gonna go see it anyway". AND THEN AWESOME HAPPENED.

  6. I've been meaning to see this film since, well, FOREVER but always forget. It always made it seem as though Efron was very charming and funny in it, and now you have me convinced. Plus I ADORE Chandler (I mean, Matthew Perry) so, you know: no-brainer! xo

    1. I swear, one of these days I'm going to kidnap you and not let you go home until you've watched every single movie I've covered that you've said you haven't seen. BECAUSE OF REASONS.


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