Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Challenge recipe 21: Cream cheese and cherry danishes

Now that my parents are overseas and I don't have to make sure everything is gluten free so that my mum doesn't feel left out, I thought it was about time to cross something else off the cookbook challenge list! This is quite possibly the easiest recipe I've made so far - it literally took about 5 minutes to make and 20 minutes to cook.

Here's the book:

And here's what you'll need:
Pretty simple, huh? Technically, the recipe calls for cherry jam. But the best my crappy supermarket could deliver was plum, raspberry and cherry. Same same but different, I guess?!

Start by cutting a piece of puff pastry into four. The recipe just said puff pastry, but I used butter puff pastry because a) puff pastry only came in packs of ten, and I didn't want ten sheets of puff pastry, and b) it made more sense in my head, seeing as it was a dessert recipe.

Place a tablespoon of cream cheese in the middle of each piece of pastry.

Add a tablespoon of jam to the top of the cream cheese. Obviously, this worked brilliantly and the jam didn't at all fall off the cream cheese and ooze across the pastry...

Pull the four corners of the pastry together, and twist. The one on the left at the front (which is conveniently out of focus) is probably the best example to try and copy.

Bake at 200 degrees C for about 20 minutes.

Dust with icing sugar, and serve hot (or, according to the recipe, cold with coffee. But I don't drink coffee, so I didn't test that out).

Be aware that when jam has been in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes, it has the approximate temperature as molten lava... I learnt the hard way. Don't be me.

The verdict? They're pretty freaking good. Especially for something that takes a whopping five minutes to prepare. But it did end up that one half was cream cheese and the other half was jam, so I think the next time I make them, I'll mix 4 tablespoons of jam with 4 tablespoons of cream cheese, and then put two tablespoons of mixture onto each piece of pastry. I might also try it with different types of jam to see which I like best. The plum, raspberry and cherry combo was nice, but tooth-achingly sweet.

So there you have it. Insanely easy, kind of impressive if you have a friend coming over for coffee ("Would you like a danish? I made them myself!"), and pretty damned tasty.

K xx


  1. You twisted them beautifully! They do look super easy and I'm definitely going to be trying them out when I next have some friends over!

    1. Awww, thank you! And YAY - let me know how they turn out :)

  2. They look fantastic! This totally looks like something I could make.

    1. I have great faith that you could - they're insanely easy!


    Despite the fact my fridge is nearly empty, I think I actually have the ingredients!

    1. If you DO have the ingredients, let me know how they turned out! (Especially if you try out that whole mixing the cream cheese and the jam together thing)

  4. Champ! That looks miiiiighty gewd!

    Which reminds me of that chocolate cake I made for Yogi's bday 5th Aug -- must share it on zie blog!

  5. "Be aware that when jam has been in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes, it has the approximate temperature as molten lava... I learnt the hard way. Don't be me."

    That's why, when Mum & Dad did finally stop and get a bag of those hot jam donuts from one of those little caravans parked along the Princess Highway between Melbourne and Traralgon, they would always keep the bag in the front of the car and not to let us have any for at least 10 minutes.

    Because when you're doing 100kmh down the Princess Highway the last thing you want is a 10 y/old kid in the back taking a huge bite out of molten lava-filled pastry. And as much as you don't want that to happen, you really, REALLY do not want to BE that kid. I learned that the hard way, too.

    1. Oh jeez. Yeah, that sounds like not even remotely an enjoyable experience!!! You'd think I'd know that jam was molten lava temperatures after four years at a university with Donut Van Thursdays. But no... I just never learn.


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