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Blog comment carnival: September 2012

Uh, how is it the last day of September already?!?!?!?! YO NO COMPRENDO, YOU GUYS. Anyway, the end of the month can only mean one thing - it's time to link up with Jessica for the blog comment carnival!!

On last month's blog comment carnival:
My favourite comment on my blog this week was from The Zadge something along the lines of "Is being a little bit Jewish like being a little bit pregnant"

Of course the answer to that is...Yes. And also like being "a little bit allergic to gluten"


I literally DLed this an hour ago to watch tonight. Coincidence? OR MINDMELD???
I love how so many times Movie Monday is what inspires my Netflix queue. I love this movie and NEED to see it again. And again. And again. On repeat like Pocket Full of Sunshine.

Geez ... Maybe they both skipped at 'checking time zone in Australia' master class.

I really really really hope you have all your flights booked with no problem. Specially for those ones when you have to change plane, I hope you have enough time to do it. On other note, awesomeness for your holidays.

Giant bitey mosquitoes!
Cut-off suit pants!
Self-inflicted groinage pain!
Steep temple stairs!
Pretty temples!


Love the Ancient History series, it kicketh ass.


A) This movie is HILAR and I find it funnier every time I watch it and

2. Normally when celebs die I'm all 'Oh, sad. Oh well.' but with MCD I am genuinely really rather sad. For more than five minutes. I may possibly have had an inappropriate crush. Just a tiny one. Why do I always find myself attracted to actors over forty? Is this something I need to investigate? Is it some kind of freudian thing that I should be worried about.

Nah, screw it. Older men be hot, yo.

I can't live alone because of the "Oh god someone's going to murder me feelings." There are a list of things that make me paranoid for no reason: Being alone at night. Showering at night. Showering in an empty house. (I've never seen Psycho, but I at least know the pretty girl gets murdered in the shower.) Also, standing in front of a mirror in the dark.

I also have a habit of reading/watching things I shouldn't before bed. Last night, I read an article about that new movie "The Possession" and how it's based on a true story. You're welcome for the nightmares.


    Also? When I'm alone in the house, I have to pee with the bathroom door open. Because if you shut the door to pee while you're alone in the house, that's when there'll be an axe murderer on the other side when you open the door again.

    A case of the crazies: I has one.
    I have a case of the crazies, too, as shown above. To add to my list of neuroses? I have to sleep with all the doors shut. Bedroom door, closet door, etc. I think it's the whole "the monsters are in the closet" thing from when you're a kid.
    Also, movies are about demon possession are not to be messed with. That shit is real.
    OH MY GOD, LEAH. We're the same person. I have the same deal with the doors having to be closed. But I also hate ANY of the cupboard doors in the house being left open. It gives me a wiggens like whoa.
This TOTALLY happened to me. I moved out at 25 and I was basically like, "Pffft. Parents. I don't need you." Then I realized I didn't know how to take care of myself and I was basically going to live in sloth forever unless I 1) hired a mid because I found an awesome, 6-figure paying job (far too lazy); B) became an escort and found a rich man to take care of me (not a bad idea, BTW. Still waiting on that) or MARMOSET) learned how to be an adult.

Now I love, love doing laundry and actually don't mind stuff like cleaning and cooking. Also, having my own place rules because I get to sleep in and don't have to ask my parents to have friends over. Not that I actually have friends. But you know.

I still run out of chocolate all the time though. It sucks.
Also, this: "When friends tell me they're getting married, my response is "I WILL SEND YOU LINKS TO *ALL* THE UGLY WEDDING DRESSES, BECAUSE LOL FOREVER"."

I cannot wait to get home and see what delights you have uncovered. Thanks ever so.
Awwww. Melting the plastic - that sounds like a kitchen mistake I would make. I'm proud.

I love manatees. So ungainly. Just like me!

I'm also a fan of pottery with monkeys on it.
A 45-min walk into the jungle?! HOLY CRAPIOLI. That sentence made my run blood cold, bahahah. You're right, that DOES sound like the start of a horror movie.

Love your exchange with the guide -- that totally would've been me, too.

Vomit Guy? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Squealy Chair Jumping Dude? Bwahahahahah!

Oh God, that sunburn sounds horrendous. :-(((
So sorry you had to go through that...ugh. On the bright side, no malaria!


Basically - Zefron? Yes. I love him singing and dancing (especially in Hairspray), I love him as a 35 year old in a 17 year olds body, AND in the sappy movies. I haven't seen The Lucky One yet, but that other one about the kid ghost and stuff... yup. Loved him. And just... I love this move. You made my Monday (yet again). I love that I inspired you!!!!!! Oh! I also liked him in Me and Orsen Wells. I felt like that even though it wasn't a big hit, it was a good transitional role for him. And yay for being on Firefly. When I watched that episode I was all "OMG IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS????" And let's not forget his boss poster in A Very Potter Musical.
I only watched this because a) Chandler is in it, 2) When he was on Conan he said that Zac Effron actually played Matthew Perry's character rather than his own and I found that intriguing, and 3) I was on a 14 hr flight to Japan. Less than 2 hrs later I was completely in love with him and the movie.

"Be aware that when jam has been in a 200 degree oven for 20 minutes, it has the approximate temperature of molten lava... I learnt the hard way. Don't be me."

That's why, when Mum & Dad did finally stop and get a bag of those hot jam donuts from one of those little caravans parked along the Princess Highway between Melbourne and Traralgon, they would always keep the bag in the front of the car and not to let us have any for at least 10 minutes.

Because when you're doing 100kmh down the Princess Highway the last thing you want is a 10 y/old kid in the back taking a huge bite out of molten lava-filled pastry. And as much as you don't want that to happen, you really, REALLY do not want to BE that kid. I learned that the hard way, too.

It's clearly a psychosomatic ailment on NP's part - driven, I've no doubt by resentment at your clear favouritism toward non-NP. NP knows the other is your favourite, so NP is determined to live down to your expectations, undoubtedly thinking the plant equivalent of "you'll be happy when I'm dead, I know that!"
All of my plants are needy plants. Oh wait, that's a lie. I'm just an awful plant mother. I'm only allowed cacti nowadays.
Dear god I have a needy plant. I don't even like plants but in expecting a child in 3 months I'm determined to make this bastard live in hopes that it will make me a good mother lol.

You are a queen -- that MS Paint image made my day. Brilliant, I tells ya!

Three hours on a bus in WET CLOTHES?! Holy shit. I'm glad you didn't get pneumonia, eeeeek!

The Mayan ruins in Tulum look beautiful, offset perfectly by that crazy-awesome turquoise sea...ahhhhhh! Tell me y'all swam!

Also, Attacking Karaoke Monkey should totally be a band name. (Or a name for SOMETHING...)

In other news, MISSED YOUUUUUU!

It's so gorgeous! The colour of the water is amazing. Plus, once you add ruins to any given situation, you automatically end up with exponential levels of awesomeness.

This sounds terrible but the day that Julie Andrews and Dame Maggie Smith leave the world, I will cry ugly tears and then eat my body weight in chocolate ice-cream. Julie Andrews is the epitome of perfection in every role she has ever been cast in. If Australia ever becomes a republic, I demand they make Julie Andrews the Queen of Australia (yes I realise the error in my statement, but lets face it, where there's a will, there's a way)

and yes, I love this movie. The more I watch that gif of her falling, the more I agree with you - they couldn't have possibly scripted it so well.
I just texted my mom to tell her to bring this movie when she comes to visit this weekend so we can watch it after I move into my new apartment. So there's that.


It's just so... so.... it's this movie! I love everything about it. AMAZEBALLS.

And that whole falling on the bleachers thing- not scripted. I can't remember where I heard that, but I remember seeing that or reading it somewhere.

And with debate as a class, it all depends on the school. Some schools have it as an elective, others you don't. Some school have it as a club too. We also had debate in our history and current events classes.



I believe the correct nerd-term for female hulk is "She-Hulk", yes, because that's how creative that decided to be...

"So Bob, what should we name Hulk's female counterpart?"
"Er, She-Hulk"

In other news, I want that screw driver. And the K9 I saw advertised on Ebay. And the 500 year diary.
I've never backed up a hard drive, ever, in over six years of having my own computers. RIDE INTO THE DANGER ZONE.

It should comfort you to know that Americans also frequently hulk out over the existence of pennies. Although, I do frequently feel bad for them. I mean, they're kind of the annoying member of the family that nobody really likes and probably feels really left out. If pennies were people, I would feel bad for them.

Wow. I actually just wrote that, didn't I?
Harry Potter world!! The only reason I really want to visit Florida lol. I propose a specified blog devoted to that visit. I may or be not be a crazy Harry Potter fan.
I'M SO EXCITED YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Part of me feels like I need to pay Alice a visit for her birthday too... but we'll see how my money stuff works out.

Once again, I love you guys like whoa for all the awesomesauce comments you leave me. Don't forget to go and link up with Jessica if you write your own post!! 

And double don't forget that you've still got time to ask me questions, and I'll vlog the responses in my 500th post in a week or so!

K xx


  1. Hot dog I made it twice! Sidenote: my needy plant fried in the sun.

    1. Damn that needy plant!! Mine is currently drooping again, but this time it's apparently due to TOO MUCH water. Yeesh.

  2. ::hug:: ...thaaaank you, dearest! :-)


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